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“UNCHAIN∞WORLD” (Endless Frontier EXCEED Theme Song)
February 9, 2010, 1:47 pm
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Album: Silent Bible
Artist: Nana Mizuki

01     Silent Bible    
02     Polaris    
03     UNCHAIN∞WORLD (Endless Frontier EXCEED Theme Song)
04     undercover

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Oh YEAH!! Nana Mizuki again?!

Comment by EXkurogane

i know Silent Bible is the theme for that psp nanoha game. but i never realize there is a srw song in there. well, that explain the hot-bloodness… ALL 4 SONG IS AWESOME!!!

Comment by quasadra

Goddamn. Was hoping it might be Perfume again. Oh well.

Comment by Wolfe

Man, I miss “ANIKI and His good old Jam Project SRW theme songs”

Know what I mean..

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

Full set download (all 4 songs & pictures), rar folder:

Comment by EXkurogane

love this song, all hail Mizuki nana.

Comment by Toya Shuin

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