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Gundam 00 Movie new images
February 10, 2010, 5:04 am
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Zabaniya DOES have a rifle. Sweet.

Comment by ninjaclown

Shit! don’t tell me that’s another Ribbons clone.

Comment by Hallelujah

Hot damn, the Zabaniya’s rifle looks pretty damn awesome.

Comment by DarkCode

Seem every Gundam been paint altered, Harut a bit more white, Zabaniya more green, and Raphael’s chest plate seems to be purple.

Comment by Hallelujah

nice gundam…zabaniya have sniper riffle…but still harute is my favorite…

Comment by costriker

CV’s favorite anime is ASTRO PLAN!!!!:

Comment by anti CV

Looks like Zabanya’s back containers are shields. They look like bits too.

Comment by Amon

Is it just me or does that innovator guy looks like that one dude that died during the first Memento Mori attack?

Comment by Person

WTF I though Zabinyas new rifle had a taser bayonet

Comment by Gunstray

Still can’t figure out why Tieria seems to be more popular than Lockon ._.
Well at least the new designs look alot better than the S2 ones. Seems by removing the grill on the face parts makes it look more modern, or at least less stereotypical.

Comment by Ed

cuz’ he’s a hermaphrodite? xD

the movie seems to come in september… i thought May… T.T

expect CV strike any minute now…

Comment by EXkurogane

Yeah, AstroPlan is antiCV’s favourite show. SHe wouldn’t post the link here if SHe didn’t dig it. I simply don’t see how great AstroPlan is all that original since China is well known for making counterfeit materials while riding on the popularity the originals are enjoying, spamming is the nature of any unscrupulous businessmen and that also applies to HarmonyGold’s Robotech since they started the whole spam trend back in the 80s.

Even by holding the copyrights for the original Gundam, I can see how FAILED and how bankrupt of ideas Bandai can really be in the last 10 years with their non-UC Gundam materials. First, the rehashing and repackaging of old UC materials copycats in the SEED franchise target marketed to younger generations who know nothing about Gundam except Kira, Athrun and Lacus. Now the rehashing plagiarism continues with 00 and this time, by copying the same idol boyzband formula from Gundam Wing with a new twist of homosexuality and transgenders. Now you can understand why Tierria and LockOn are so popular as chippendales like how Zengar and Elzam are in SRWOG. All these YAOI eyecandies are made to attract more female, GAYboys or shemale fagbases within the otaku circle, I’m not surprise that Miyazaki called otakus embarrassments and Tomino denounced video games as evil. Otakus are afterall, the bane of animation, comics and games!

Comment by codename:v

i agree with codename:v.

Comment by Socom

cv,but all that you said has nothing at all related to this news of 00 movie…swt
i lol at the 1st pic where the “macross frontier” was cross out
lol lockon was reborn and became a pilot in astro plan!!!

Comment by 00 hater

@CV No one digged into the Astro Plan crap. Anti CV mentioned it and everyone knew about it cuz’ Ngee Khiong posted bout it quite a while ago… =.=

Comment by EXkurogane

wow, zabaniya’s rifle looks freakin’ cool. yup they also altered harute’s color scheme a bit. can’t wait to see what raphael really loks like.

my nose is still bleeding, didn’t understand what cv is rating about.

Comment by flamerounin

CV, Who cares that much about UC right now? Sunrise didn’t either, the proof is that they keep releasing thearical movies out of UC (Gundam F91, CCA), and short OVAs instead of making a good 50 episode series. What good did Sunrise did by re-releasing a ZEta movie remake in 2004? Just for sale purpose on thier HD Edition gloss MG kits of Zeta, Hyaku Shiki and MKII, and the Blu Ray discs. When did we have a full series out of UC since the last one? I think 2 decades? UC kits gets rehashed the most and i think there are around 2 dozens of different MG Zakus…

Sunrise would be stupid enough not to cater young generations or they’ll be finished -business is about following the latests trends, or you’ll lose out in the market and competition with other anime/merchandises, not CV’s pointless squabblings…

Comment by EXkurogane

it is a sad thing but what you say is true…the zeta movie was so bad, they din’t even remake the whole scene, oh wait, they ONLY remake SOME scene, though there is ONE new ms from this movie, haman karn’s Gaza-C….

i don’t really mind bandai stop releasing new UC series, the good UC that i want are already there, unless of course they release advance of zeta anime ?!? or make a frekin movie out of sentinal! the new pretty boys zeon academy manga was so shocking, i will beg bandai to leave UC as it is…

Comment by 00 hater

just wondering when is this movie coming out???

Comment by bering


Comment by zato

If there is one anticipation that I can ride on without having to worry about it disappearing, it’s Gundam Raphael’s surefire alternate MS mode.

Well, I hope. Hey, maybe the backpack are parts for a Gravion-style combination. X)

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

WTF!!!!!!!! September!!!!!!!!.. Somemore Need To Wait For The DVD Then Can Start The English Subs.. Next Year Already La.. Happy Waiting LaLaLa.. I Thought That It Will Come Out Around Spring But Then It Seen Like Need To Wait For 7 Months Just To See 2 Hours Gundam Movie!! What A Waste Of Time!! Can’t They Make It Early Like Around April Or May!! They Let Us Wait Until So Long For What!!.. Like That People Already Don’t Want To See!!.. They Like DunNo How To Make Money!!

Comment by FeNg

omfg I wan t to see that movie!

Comment by Teh Epic Ninja

Hell YEAH! Sniper Rifle for Lockon at last… XD it would have been bad if it didn’t have a rifle in it.. XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

actually they are VERY VERY good at making money, i guess only la, they dun wan the movie to crash with unicorn, by sept maybe unicorn edi finish most of the ova (aka selling most of the kits), and 00 of course won’t stop right here, i guess they will make some more 00 mg?? perhaps? say astrea? since if the movie is out now, ppl gonna buy the hg for the new gundams. bandai is trying to get a steady flow of income, means they don’t want to suck us dry straight away, but do it slowly bit by bit…

Comment by 00 hater

Raphael has an awesome head sculpt. =D

Comment by Raisha

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