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New Gundam VS. Series to be announced at AOU 2010 Amusement Expo
February 10, 2010, 6:18 pm
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The official Gundam Vs. website has been launched with a countdown timer that is due to end on 19th of February.

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Hmm… It’s hard to guess what’s coming up…

Comment by EXkurogane

Didn’t they just release Gundam Vs. Gundam Next?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

no problem for gundam vs series but they must add crossbone , hathawy, on gundam wing gundam 04 and 05

Comment by Sozoki

usually they’ve included only animated series, it will be hard to see Hathaway’s Flash or Crossbone Gundam. I suppose they’ll add more Unicorn and maybe something from the 00 movie; yet to make any speculation we have to wait for the release date, especially I wonder if there will be an huge difference in the release dates of the arcade and console version like it happened with Next

Comment by Hyper Shinchan

Here’s hoping for PS3 port after Arcade release

Comment by amuro0093

Maybe it is time for 00 series.

Comment by Nt01

I hope it will not be on Arcade any console I’ll buy it but at first must I know the characters

Comment by Mikizo

How I wish it was included for ps2 platform.

Comment by sbhboi

I hope they Announce Gundam VS Gundam Featuring Double 00.

Like the Battle Assault Feat. SEED, that would be sweet.

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Wohoo.. For the next consoles maybe?

agree with Sozoki.. They already added it at Climax UC from PS3 (Crossbone) so, why not?

Comment by MaftyNavue

Gundam Seed VS Astray :-/ maybe

Comment by timesyndicate

I feel like we’re getting a vs. series based on 00. That’s just a feeling though.

Here’s to hoping for next gen console releases, hopefully PS3 and Xbox 360. Just imagine the content they can include in those consoles.

Comment by zato

Never played any of the “Gundam Vs” series yet, i’m not into portable games that much, but i do know they’re good, but i really hope this one’s a next-gen release -PS3-, the last great gundam game i played was “MSG SEED Destiny: OMNI vs ZAFT II Plus” and i still play it on occassion, eventhough i’m clocking too many hours playin’ my PS3, jus’ imagining a game like MSGSD:OvsZIIP with the roster of “almost” all the Gundam Universe in HD is jus’ sweet 🙂

Comment by ryuu

the game is maybe for gundam uncorn .

Comment by ikki28

Gundam unicorn? i don’t think so, 00 has higher chances

Comment by zato

8 Days left and we will know..haha…but It would be good to put more manga series especially Astray, Crossbones, and also Sentinel!! And for V..add Gottrlatan+Rig Contio…and Sinanju!!!

Comment by Gnitx

hope they’ll add rezel, dynames, astrays and bd

Comment by Balgora

Hmm… judging by previous titles from Bandai or anything Bandai related, I’m guessing the title to be something like Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs Gundam Final… then the consumer release would add the word PLUS to it… XD

They need to be a little bit more imaginative in my opinion, but I don’t really have anything against the title name.

Gundam vs needs more Graham in it… XD

Also needs Stargazer (Stargazer was in OVA but still not in game, which is weird) and most especially needs Crossbone then Sentinel, but it most definitely needs Crossbone… XD

Guessing this might be in PS3… I have a little feeling they’ll add more into the GvG other than just additional suits. Perhaps interchangable supports and perhaps supports now can also be played… Let’s just hope they don’t go lazy on us… XD And I hope they change the Freedom’s support to Justice. Strike Rouge isn’t the appropriate support in the SEED timeline.

Comment by JustPassingThru

Seppuku time if this really is just adding more 00 =3=;
It would make far more sense to add in non-animated series like Sentinel/ Hathaway’s Flash etcetc than to just add in more 00 MS.
We already have 4, and have covered everything needed, especially with the suits that are in Next PLUS mode.

Then again could be something crazy like Gundam vs Macross :/

Comment by Ed


If they were to release something like that, then the title “Gundam vs Macross” would be too long… I’d just name it “Massacre”.

Comment by Virgo

look the sun is behind the earth!!!
this scen is from gundam unicorn look like this :

Comment by ikki28

Hoping for an Unicorn based game, myself.

But more importantly? Let’s see this series FINALLY leave the System 256(PS2) hardware behind, and move to System 357(PS3).

For Gundam Vs. being Bamco’s other money-making arcade franchise, much like Tekken, I think it deserves the same respect.

HD-quality, Gundam Unicorn Vs. Gundam game please! ^_^

Comment by TreIII

[…] un’iniziativa davvero nuova la Bandai Namco ha stabilito di effettuare un vero e proprio Countdown per il lancio del nuovo gioco dedicato al mondo del Gundam: GUNDAM […]

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I hope it’s not another Gundam crossover game. I would like it to feature just one particular gundam series like the Vs. Zeta games and the Vs. Seed games.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

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