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Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn CM (PlayStationStore)
February 12, 2010, 12:40 am
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Meh, already have the BR on pre-order.

Though is this just the JP store?

Comment by Bob

Soon it will be out

Comment by Daizengar

So Gundam Unicorn will be a Tv Serie or a OVA?

Comment by GS

@GS – yup, after nearly a year of promoting this OVA release, it’s finally been confirmed as a TV series.

Comment by TTN

Uh… no TTN, it’s an OVA.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Yeah, it’s an OVA.

Comment by LM

Yeah, it’s called cynicism.

Comment by TTN

Me thinks you may want to look up the definition of that word since it doesn’t work as an excuse in your case…

Comment by Deacon Blues

Not to really fan any flame here, but the word he was looking for was probably sarcasm. Looking at the original post, it was definitely what he was aiming for.

Comment by DarkCode

It’s technically both. He was being sarcastic and cynical.

Comment by Amon

Actually something that I noticed only yesterday is that Ikeda is going to dub Full Frontal; it was expected but someway I’m finding it exciting.

Comment by Hyper Shinchan

I wonder who they’ll pick to do Bright… 😮

Comment by Deacon Blues

(@GS – yup, after nearly a year of promoting this OVA release, it’s finally been confirmed as a TV series.
Yeah, it’s called cynicism.)

HellYeah, and it’s also called stupidity because TTN doesn’t even know what sarcasm means.

Whoever pick to voice Bright Noah, is the next voice star in the making

Comment by codename:v

bright is in unicorn?! wow….hope there will be some slapping…

Comment by 00 hater

what IS the difference between sarcasm and cinisism anyway (dont wanna steer this offtopic though)

anyway unicorn is gonna be the best thing evver!!!

Comment by gotho_fan1

same as the difference between having a brain and having a hollow skull.

Comment by john smith

Shut the fuck up already about it. you guys are acting like bitches.

Comment by Socom

You are the one who Shut the fuck off if you don’t know anything about gundam then get the fuck out

Comment by timesyndicate

think of sarcasm is a very light comment and a temporary moment version and cynicism, being a longer and permanent [albeit ignorant at times] belief.

i suppose an example would probably be better.

hey, i just found out my hands get 3rd degree burns when touching a hot tove! oh reeeeeally?

d00d, girls on the internet do not exist…bummer

Comment by ant1ph0n

Sarcasm: A mocking, often ironic or satirical remark intended to wound.
And now Cynicism: An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity. Having no faith that things will turn out for the better.

Can’t believe people don’t know what these mean. -_-

Also Unicorn is fucking awesome, very very VERY patiently awaiting the next episode.

Comment by May

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