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The first seven minutes of Gundam Unicorn OVA
February 13, 2010, 6:15 am
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shit!, im hyper-ventalating.

Comment by Da-Virginizer

how did you get this?!?!

Comment by 00 hater

I prefer to watch the full anime to be surprise, when do you think ova 2,3,4,5,6 will release ?

Comment by Sozoki

It’s the same as the manga version we released… Imagine that.

Comment by Deacon Blues

So this happens after Seed Destiny? Where is Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice? I hope Kira shows up somewhere.

Comment by GimmeMoniez

Deacon, ur dum.

Comment by Sergio

@ gimmemoniez

lol your joke is sooooo funny…for a second i thought you were serious.

Comment by 00 hater

It won’t play when I download it

Comment by Gundam Sol

That one minute mobile suit battle was better than anything that i saw in gundam 00.

I’m fucking hyped up for this.

Comment by Socom

@Deacon Blue

Yea, it almost seemed like they expect the viewer to have read the novel. Some of the interaction between the terrorists should have been shown though. They are reveal quite a bit the state of the world when UC is declared. Maybe they will go back to it some more in flashbacks somewhere.

Comment by da_guy


Well it is just an OVA with a limited number of episodes, so they might not be able to fit it all in. But if they did, it might be like Stardust, where everyone complains that there’s too much talking between fights, even though the politics makes every Gundam series better.

Comment by Ed

the 7 minute clip suddenly washed clean all the 00 in my system and now i’m damn excited..

Comment by Redux

many thankz to SRW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i saved video in my blog ^^
U N I C O R N ^________^

Comment by guNjap

Excellent, can’t wait. It seems to operate at a pace that will fit everything in and only skimp on things that aren’t entirely necessary.

I love how people talk about how 00 was the end of the world. It was easily one of the best AU series.

Comment by DarkCode

yeah! gundam oo he’is not verry iterressing but he hase the name of gundam…
well this first 7 min is verry ultra giga super hhper beutifule i love this and i sholde realles the other oav fastree and i wholde he realles a 2nd gundam unicorn or gundam unicorn 2….maybe

Comment by ikki28

thank’s SRW hotnews for this news

Comment by ikki28

UNICORN…the most super robo powerfull gundam has coming:
-Mobility that you can’t see it and your newtype power useless
-can hack enemy funnels
-make barrier that can block Laser colony beam
-battleship is lifted by one hand
-atmosphere secedes while holding the battleship from the ground

with “Existence power near god that exceeds person wisdom” of unicorn, why for beat Shinanju (speck down sazabi??) must need help from Banshe…stupid barnage linx…good job for full frontall (Char aznable’s dregs…)

poor Marida death by missfire of Banshe that piloted by berserk Riddhe

….what the hell..with miracle of unicorn barnage can seeing vision “The End of Universe Century”…and prologue to turn A???…his body /soul melted in psycofield..what the heck…shinji Ikari wanna be??…

Comment by god unicorn

ohh one question, is Angelo Sauper……Gay???
is it trend nowadays?
…oh my god..

Comment by god unicorn2

Hellya, Angelo Sauper is fucking GAY and so are the rest of the 00 fags who always post GAY pictures of Tieria, Setsuna and the rest of the GAY 00 shemales. Why are you so slow? It’s obvious that FAGS DON’T READ and that’s why they always ask dumb questions

Comment by codename:v

@ codename:v
What the FUCK are you bringin in 00 gayness for, you retard. Angelo Sauper is a character from unicorn. He has NOTHING to do with 00, just like you have NOTHING in that skull of yours.

Cant someone ban this trolltard!

Comment by ZR0

[…] ad una segnalazione di SRW hotnews abbiamo la possibilità di mostrarvi i primi Sette Minuti della serie Oav Gundam Unicorn – The Day Of Unicor ( il Giorno […]

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See, CV always posts about 00 because he finds himself sexually attracted to all the dudes in it. It explains why he talks about in every post. (A clear mark of an obsession)

So he denies it every chance he can as a sad attempt to legitimize his “hatred” for it.

Comment by DarkCode

@god unicorn

Err, Nu gundam more or less pushed axis away. Those other stuff Unicorn did is pretty small fly compared to that. It’s actually the psychoframe and the combined will of people that is doing all that stuff though. A bicycle made of psychoframe could probably do the same thing when overloaded.

Comment by da_guy

who will win? the ultimate coordinator: kira yamato and strike freedom or the new type destroyer: banagher links and unicorn destroy mode. what do you think

Comment by setsuna15

You know I used to think that internal Gundam fighting was restricted only to Seed, Wing, G, and 00 but I have been proven wrong by you guys 🙂

I mean wow, is it just a front that UC fans are united? Or does it go that most UC fan hate every series but UC and THEN hate their own universe? I mean I have watched every gundam series and I am pleased to say I enjoyed every single one. (Except Wing, but that was my first gundam series so….sigh what are you going to do?)

Also, is there some kind of Gay phobea in Gundam fans. I am not gay but if a character in a TV series is…I am fine with it. In fact some of my favorite characters in TV shows are gay. Just take Sam Adama from Caprica for example.

In fact Gundam reminds me a lot of Battlestar Galactica (the new version) and Caprica. Why?

Because each show has underlining themes that relate to todays culture. Strong but flawed characters and a powerful story line that makes it unique compared to most shows out there. Notice how I don’t mention the action in a series. ALthough important, action doesn;t make every Gundam series. Look a Turn a Gundam for example, which is one of (if not the best) Gundam series out there.

If a series relines on action and explotions to make it cool then Gundam is no better then power rangers or Tranformers.

I mean c’mon people we are Gundam fans! Unicorn is going to rock and I think we should all just get along. I mean who cares if the 00 characters look a little feminie OR that Seed copied Mobile Suit Gundam at times. THEY are Gundam!

You may not like them but you sure has hell better respsect them! They are all quality series that used to have quality fans too. However as time goes on it just seem like more and more children run their mouths and bash Gundam series demanding like a bunch of flith that they should have MORE of everything!!!

This really makes me wonder if the real reason Tomino took a brack from Gundam was to get away from all the haters out there who seem determined to hate everything that these directors come up with.

This is just how I feel, but to be perfectly honest it makes sense. Can anyone really say I am wrong? Anyone?!

Comment by Connor Dino

@conner dino

i agree with you on most of your points. and that is also why i hate GSD so much: bad storyline, focus on action. i never hate seed because of it copying 0079, i hate it when people who don’t want to admit that fact.

for 00 case, is the action as well with the overpowered 00 raiser, story was ok for S1, S2 = code geass R2, some like the story, some don’t. some say 00 raiser overpowered , some explain it with theories (which not all people can accept). that is why there are people who like it or hate it.

bottom line, you want all gundam fans to get along?!?! not even UC fans can get along with each others….and with AU, you get what you see where. just sit back, watch the series, then join the bashing or just ignore them, enjoy your peaceful life and watch other series. nothing you can do here.

Comment by 00 hater

Man, 00 hater, I really enjoy your comments. Which is really jarring for what kind of flame-inciting name you uphold.

You can never change the haters, It’s fun to try once and awhile, but then you have idiots like CV who you thought was kidding to be funny or something, but after awhile you realize is actually on a crusade to prove some stupid point that isn’t actually true because he’s twisted the facts into some hideous, gay-hating monster.

Comment by DarkCode

well, that’s v is. his hatred to gundam series ,started with G, are do pointless.

Comment by Epsilon_013

This is just how I feel, but to be perfectly honest it makes sense. Can anyone really say I am wrong? Anyone?!

@Connor Dino: Well, CV hates everything, so I’m sure he could(and would) tell you that you’re wrong and then proceeds to indulge himself with his boy-love fantasies.

Comment by guarayakha

It seems all comment pages here are doomed to become AU hate-fests. You’d think people would get tired of telling everyone how much they hate something over and over again. Anyways, I am excited about Unicorn, and its because I love Gundam. Not because I hate something else…

Comment by InjuredPelican

Actually, I think 00 is one of the better AU alongside G and X and Turn A if you count it as such, and wait untill V starts bashing Turn A playing in line with his homophobic mindset. And also V stop bashing people for not being able to read the FUCKING UNICORN NOVEL! It hasn’t been released in the west so STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT! I haven’t read it because of this, but I would read it all in a heartbeat if I could. You are ruining my anticipation for the series so can you please stop posting and making a ass of yourself online?

Comment by Uc fan

Gundam 00 was better than i expected when it started.. it just fell flat come season 2..

Comment by Redux

UC Gundam is true Gundam, word

Comment by Anonymous

everything if labeled with “U.C” always good, epic for all of you…you just “half U.C”…really

come on…if you U.C purist you must have standard in your taste …. not every U.C is good,epic, bla..bla

Comment by i'm U.C purist, you're not

i suppose i’ll put in my 2 cents. for me, the AU stuff tends to be stigmatized not because of the show itself but because of the retarded fans [not all but yeah].

i enjoyed seed/destiny for a time, i actually enjoyed 00 very much and then i started reading nitpicking comments and other negative straw man defenses and i started to “hate” it as well, but after i reassessed my thoughts on it, i figured my perspective was just being clouded.

so in conclusion, i do like AU stuff but i most definitely prefer UC because it’s got a damn long time line =b and its mobile suit designs just has that feel to it. i can’t explain it but it just does.

Redux: yep, i enjoyed season 2 of 00 lots too, though i hate cherudim’s design, i like dynames’ armor plates and rifle better.

Comment by ant1ph0n

see that!!…. a good example for fans that don’t have standard…be “like or dislike” because other opinion…

Degree of gundam fans:
1. UC purist..Tomino’s work..= noble fans

2. AU purist???..if this fans exist..good for their consistency…although doubt about their taste..

3. the worst..”half UC half AU”…a blind fans..very low taste…everything in the name of UC is good, you call your self UC fans just because you play UC game, read manga/novel not tomino’s work, watch stardust, 8th team, or unicorn..bla..bla..come on, not so simple to become “the truly UC fans”
…don’t have consistency..very cruel in case to abuse AU, you said dont like AU, but you watched till the end..what the heck

4. neutral wanna be…= you’re not gundam fans!!..your comment not have value.

where are your position…???

Comment by i'm U.C purist, you're not

Having goosebumps while watching this! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by julian3183

i had no idea you had to prove how awesome you were while enjoying a gundam series.

someone has insecurity issues. ;]

as for that little “standards” jab.

i actually do if you cared to analyze and go farther than taking my comment literally at face value.

but let me reiterate for your little insecure fanboy mind.

you can be influenced in any way shape or form, you’d be a liar if you said you weren’t.

sticking to your own opinion even more after reading someone else’s comments is you being influenced, regardless if it changed your stance or not.

2nd, i’m not on the fence, clearly i stated i prefer UC because of the long ass time line [i’ll spell it out clearly, the characters, their nuances, ms development history, political climate, etc.]

3rd their suits just have that feel to them. the only actual suits i like from seed/destiny are, well destiny itself, i. justice, bucues and i hate freedom because its dragoons look retarded nothing else, and that includes whatever fanboys rebut with.

4th is that a good enough explanation oh god of all UC fans. please do not caste me into the category of a “no standards fan”. i will repent and follow your opinion truly and in verbatim!

p.s. your coupled insecurity and elitism makes me a sadpanda.

Comment by ant1ph0n

all hail the almighty “i’m U.C purist, you’re not” bow down to your king and repent your gundam sins

Comment by i'm number 3

i totally repented first…

Comment by ant1ph0n

Ugh, U.C. purist is so totally channeling a Titans mindset. Go be a radical somewhere else.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I know, this site attracts the most colorful variety of…characters.

Comment by Uc fan

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