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February 17, 2010, 8:46 am
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 Gundam Assualt Survive (PSP)

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (NDS)

New game cross review:
[NDS] Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED – 8, 8, 8, 8 (32/40)


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unlimited fanservice

Comment by annonymous

what-ever sells, it worked….obvious!….just look at the scores….
I bet those are the sizes of the girls in the game….if you what i mean….LOL…..

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

…….They just want to show all the girls with their pants+breasts in this two-page preview? >_>…At least show some new storyline screens or something…

Comment by HarpLarx

Yeah, endless fanservice and EXCEED. Not that I don’t like it though.

Comment by LM

good by to morality…

Comment by kawaguchi

they’ve gone all out with screens this time and pretty much admitted that this game is just a fan service title to moe blobs with no other merits whatsoever. Hey, no problem with that, just keep such antics confined to the mugen titles, keep the story self contained and don’t waste characters like roa in this piece of junk and I’m ok with it.

Comment by Anonymous

yeah i like it too but though fesaico is better than this

Comment by PSP Games Download

Guess I’m not the only one who is kinda offended by the fanservice (not offended the OMG NUDITY way, but more that they are trying to get us to buy this by showing bouncing “stuff”)

Comment by HeatPhoenix

A thirtytwo is a great score.

And yes mucho skin and many T&A shots, but remember which Shots to use in the layout is Famitsu’s sysing not Banprestos, the mag just decided to go the Softcore-Porn way. XD

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

8888, now what do all these numbers actually mean? Well, if you tilt each 8 to either left or right, then you get all 4 boobs! Now that’s some review from Famitsu and this time, they hire ronery pervert geeks to do the review. Why not? After all this shallow porn game was created for losers like them and it seems their highest point is only 8.

Let’s face it, SRW fags are never into mechs and it’s all shallow boobies and 2D cartoon waifools inside their tiny skulls. I bet these desperate faggots are coming out to harass couples in the streets this Valentine.

Comment by codename:v

Only 13 year old boys with no experience in relationships dislike boobies. I, for one, would love to click on that pic. Too bad I’m at work. 😦

Then again, I do agree that mecha games should be about mecha.

Comment by Anonymous

“Let’s face it, SRW fags are never into mechs and it’s all shallow boobies and 2D cartoon waifools inside their tiny skulls. I bet these desperate faggots are coming out to harass couples in the streets this Valentine.”

Nah, we prefer to stay at home and fap to gamess like this.

Now seriously, if you don’t like it, go play some mecha games, like… Hmmm… Which one you DON’T hate?

Comment by E5150

LOL codename:V in his distorted mind liking boobs makes us fags, anyway 32/40 is a pretty good score but I would love this game regardless of what they think, can’t wait

Comment by Khari

@E5150 : CV love barbie.

Comment by Amuro

32 is a good score based on what? If we base on the fact that Vagrant Story or FFXIII got a 40/40 then, you know, isn’t worth much.

News about the strengthening of the relationship between Bamco and Kadokawa:

So if you think Bamco is not in bed with Famitsu, which is published by Enterbrain, which is a subsidiary of Kadokawa then more power to you.

Comment by Anonymous

Ah, CV strikes again. I would post something in response, but from reading his previous entries, I learned his only language is “troll” which is rather normal, only everybody else becomes a “fag,” “ass,” or “retard. In other words, DON’T FEED THE TROLL.

Moving on, this page looks promising, since the game got solid 8’s in all catagories. Can’t wait for it to come State-side!

Comment by ESP

I Love what you said.

It’s obvious V always think about ero-ecchi things. Even number 8, he describe it as ‘boobs’. what a f^&k’in retard. I believe he see words 00 in 00 gundam as boobs

Comment by Epsilon_013

Goddamn spelling is awesome on this post 😀

Comment by Ed

CV needs to learn how to count. 8888 is not 4 boobs. It’s 8 boobs.

Pairs and singles ain’t the same thing.

Comment by ZeroBusterXX


It should come as no surprise that CV has never seen any boobs. It’s not like any women besides his mom come down to his basement room.

Comment by lol

@Anonymous : this is ONLY nds, stupid! don’t compare it with ps and ps3!

Comment by Amuro

[…] this week’s Famitsu scan (via SRW Hotnews)  is totally showing off Exceed’s quality to exceed (pun intended) the previous […]

Pingback by » More on Exceed’s… Features

How much Banpresto had to pay to Famitsu guys for this review? 😛

Comment by MazinKaesar

@MazinKaesar : shut up!

Comment by Amuro

I don’t think Banpresto/Bandai had to pay anything, since they’re scratching their backs mutually.

Comment by Anonymous

they didn’t have to pay them because the game deserves it and much more 😮
I don’t care about the boobs neither the ass(Im a “faggot” as some ignorants say here)
The game is awesome because of the clever character desings and the combo sistem *0*

Comment by Thomassmash

You are the same guy from the Gamefaqs boards XD

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Yeah *0* I have seen you here almost always:P
I just wanted to prove people that softcore porn is not what this game is all about(well almost XD)

Comment by Thomassmash

People still think scores from famitsu are legit?
are you people fucking stupid?

Comment by Socom

Please keep insults to yourself 😦
We already get way too much of those from CV.

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

I didn’t see your comment when the Bamco defense force called names:

@Anonymous : this is ONLY nds, stupid! don’t compare it with ps and ps3!
Comment by Amuro February 18, 2010 @ 11:27 am

Comment by Anonymous

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