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February 18, 2010, 8:34 pm
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HGUC Stark Jegan

SRW OG Fairlion Type-G

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Sorry OT from
Gundam VS in Gundam Unicorn Focused..

Comment by Debris

sweet! since the FA Unicorn conversion seems iffy on the transparent parts/casting [] i can now use Stark Jegan’s rocket pods and i think some other CCA HGUCs to make a 1/144 FA Unicorn =]

as for the gatling gun, i suppose i could salvage parts from Quess Jagd Doga and kotobukiya parts.

Comment by ant1ph0n

don’t want to wait for actual release of hguc fa unicorn?

Comment by 00 hater

“If” it would get release. =)

Anyway, like that darker green than previous Jegan color though.

Comment by sbhboi

What does HGUC stand for guy?

Comment by Agol

Seems like it only has one trigger finger hand for the handheld mounts. I guess it safe to say you cant let it hold both the beam rifle and the bazooka at the same time.

Comment by Raisha

hguc is just hg model kit for the uc series

Comment by 00 hater

It looks like the shoulder joint has even worse movement range than stock Jegan. The Stark Jegan looks like it’s in need of quite a bit of modding to look nice. It’s disappointing that they didn’t include a rifle mounting side armor so that there is a place for it to put it’s rifle.

Comment by da_guy

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