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HGUC ReZEL (Commander Type) boxart
February 19, 2010, 7:56 pm
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the EFSF and whatever Zeon opposing group has come a long way from their earliest mobile suits. [inside, i’m crying like that indian in that one commercial]

Comment by ant1ph0n

yeah, finally, a mass produced transformable “gm”.

Comment by 00 hater

Bacause it’s impossible to suck if a person is piloting a transforable MS. It’s a law of Gundam.

Unless it’s Sting.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

The Methuss was also transformable. It sucked. Almost as much as its pilot.

Comment by Amon

I’m not really a fan of transformable MS, so I’ll pass this one. The only transformable MS i liked is the Zeta and the Savior. Even so i hated Zeta kits, even MG 2.0 -they’re fragile, and the ankle joint is pathetic.

A Transformable MS pilot that sucked? Methuss! Sting was pretty good in the beginning but he gets worse over time, for reasons i don’t know… =.=

Comment by EXkurogane

Green sensors are such a bad excuse to try to make it easier to tell Riddhe apart from the rest of the ReZEL. Come on Sunrise, do you think UC fans are that unobservant.

Comment by da_guy

The Methuss sucked because of its dev. story. It’s basically verniers and a cockpit bolted together just to test some transforming technology.

And yes both its pilots were not very high on the scoreboard.

Sting and Chaos, however, had no excuse to suck. But suck they did. Heck, the Chaos doesn’t even do much transforming; it just folds forward.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@ da_guy

riddhe pilots a REGULAR REZEL. open ur eyes b4 u open ur mouth.

Comment by john smith

Yup. Riddhe’s suit is just a common ReZel.

Comment by Amon

@john smith

Saw that post date? It was before I got to see the RAW episode. I always thought he was gonna be in the “commander version”

Comment by da_guy

That’s not much of an excuse. The trailer has his take off scene and you could clearly see it was a regular type then.

Comment by Amon


I didn’t watch all the trailers. He is supposed to pilot a ReZEL that uses a beam launcher anyway when Full Frontal shows up in the novel. So he will probably still be in a commander type eventually when he is actually in action. The point is changing sensor colour for no reason is silly.

Comment by da_guy

All ReZel units have red sensors. Where’s the change? And just because the standard type doesn’t have a mega beam launcher doesn’t mean it can’t be equipped with one when needed.

Comment by Amon

commander type has green sensor, fyi, there is more than 1 commander type out there. not just 1 rezel with green sensor…

more importantly there is no meaning in this arguement, green sensor? red sensor? so?????

Comment by 00 hater

oh jeez guys, u like red, buy red… u like green, buy green… u dont like anything? shut up. dont sit at home and rant…

Comment by john smith

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