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Gundam 00 Movie new screens
February 20, 2010, 10:57 pm
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Updated more screens.

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Comment by Zeronos

Awesome! I hope that blue MS at the bottom belongs to our good friend Graham. It seems as though Gundam is all about transforming blue MS these days, what with the ReZEL in Unicorn and everything. Thanks for the post.

Comment by ArkeotheHedgehog

Wow the bottom MS is Flag upgrade + GN Drive I never thought that Flag only use in Ground to for space

Comment by timesyndicate

wow, i’m sorry but i already hate the suit designs, especially that overload of bits for cherudim/whatever it would be called.

it only makes me like dynames’ design more i guess.

as for the overflag looking one, that’s about the only thing that caught my eye in a positive manner.

Comment by ant1ph0n

sexy… is that a new flag i see? LOL hoping for some graham win!

Comment by ...

why did they tired Themselves I bear witness
that the series was enough instead of that make crossbone or hathawy 😦

Comment by kyoski

wow talk about cool looking ms

Comment by Q_Q

all of the ms look very very awesome!!

Comment by Amuro

Waiting to see clip
thanks for news ^^

Comment by Ixion

Ngee Khiong has a couple of extra pics up now. The new GNX looks very good. This might be a good year for Gunpla yet.

Comment by Amon

Cool but I agree, Crossbone and Hathaway would be great also.

Comment by LM

Hell, at least Crossbone is a manga. Not too mention it’s fully translated (including Skull Heart).

Hathaway is a NOVEL. I would die to see a OVA or at least even a manga of Hathaway (unless I’m not aware of this). I also want to see CDA animated.

Comment by shady123

The changes are much better, makes them look less scratch builtish like how they were before in the very first teaser. Can’t wait for the trailer!

Comment by Zero

Hathaway’s Flash is not canonical. He didn’t actually become a terrorist after CCA. Those events are from an alternate timeline where he is the one who kills Quess. Sunrise considers animated contents to have precedence on contradicting portrayals.

Comment by Amon

[…] sempre dalle pagine di ngee khiong,due immagini ben interessanti,diverse da quelle segnalate ad esempio su SRW hotnews che pure ha segnalato per tempo le […]

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Wow, the designs look better now, especially for Lockon’s Gundam. I hated the early design’s shoulder armor but they changed it.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

I don’t think that’s Zabanya actually. It looks like a modified Dynames. It’s just too different. Only the back binders match with Zabanya’s design.

Comment by Amon

If graham gets into that flag, wouldnt that be a downgrade from his Susanowo (unless that Flag has a real GN Drive)

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Yes! The Rezel is in this movie too! Oh wait…
It looks like the Orange one has a METEOR/Dendrobium thing going on. That would be cool.

Comment by InjuredPelican

This green gundam is the Dynames Repair? because doesn’t looks the first image of Zabanya

Comment by Shura Excalibur

um, am I imagining things or does the new GN Flag look like it has 2 GN Drives, look at how the particles spread out, it’s like Reborn’s

Comment by snakechimera

It’s Zabanya, the 1st Zabanya you saw wherever is the early design, this is the latest design we have.

Comment by zato

I’ve heard that specific GN Flag is Setsuna’s. Perhaps it’s something he gets before the 00 Quanta?

Comment by DarkCode

Hathaway’s Flash is indeed canonical. Mafthy Rebellion is in the offical historical timeline of UC. Although theres a difference in the novel and movie, it was still Quess’s death that might have affected Hathaway.

Comment by mlmonster

dynames was salvage in the first season… do you think Zabanya was the upgraded version, that is using the original salvaged dynames as the main frame… same goes for quanta too being the upgraged version of exia(since it was salvage too)

harute looks good.. reminds me blade liger using its extended blade to slice enemies…

Comment by coodie

raphael is using the bazooka from grm gundam???
the massive shoulder cannons doesn’t have any wire like the one in the first trailer…
the first zabanya trailer has a different skirt armor… as i said it is really close to dynames…
ESF did really capture CBS mothership… is that a mobile armor between the gnxs and the carrier…

Comment by coodie


Who said Exia was salvaged? there’s no word on that. If Zabanya is the upgraded version of Dynames, it would still be Dynames + another name next to it.

Quanta being the upgraded version of “Exia”? where did you get that from again? It was already confirmed that 00 Quanta is a successor unit to 00 Gundam itself, as it’s confirmed to be a 5th generation unit as well. So no, Zabanya is a new unit itself, as well as 00 Quanta.

Comment by zato

I’m betting the 00 Quanta is a combination of parts using the 00 Seven Swords with some of that of Exia. Just a guess, but I think it’s a pretty good one.

Comment by DarkCode

lol, they change the design again (!?). who knows when they’re gonna change again later, its still a long wait till september. so what does this mean? all this trailers are not from the actual movie clip? so we haven’t seen the real thing yet?

“celestial being lost their funds supplier, so they have to cut cost in designing new gundams etc etc”….

i guess we have to wait till they settle down with the final design before any model kit from this movie get release.

Comment by 00 hater

It’s pretty simple for 00 MS design, isn’t it? When Mizushima and his band of 00 queers are bankrupt of ideas, the only way to do is to combine and rehash all old designs from previous 2 seasons into new ones. If you combine both broken Excia and 00 parts and borrow Nu’s fin-funnels, you get Quanta. Combine both Kyrios and Archer together with Wing Zero’s twin buster rifles, you get Harut. Rehash both old Dynames and Cherudim, you get Zabaniya. Reuse the old broken Gadessa, Seravee, Seraphim and borrow Psycho MKII’s rocket flying fists, then you get Rapheal! It’s so easy to cheat 00 fags since previous old 00 designs are easily forgotten by them because none of any 00 designs has any sense of originality. All the 00 MS designs aren’t just part of GundamWing cliche’ but also the whole 00 franchise is fucking GAY with all those YAOI elements and crossdressing acts. Tieria’s transvestite role still make 00 fags getting 4 hours erections and they just can’t stop talking about that trap! Gundam 00 truly is the most GAY Gundam title after G.

Comment by codename:v

help gundam unicorn first episode released where can I watch it online or download it for free please help S.O.S 😦

Comment by msahishi


Comment by GN001

About Unicorn…It’s not a long search in 4Chan’s Mecha threads.

Comment by DarkCode

Also, Between Unicorn and 00. This year is going to be amazing for Gundam.

Comment by DarkCode

4Chan’s Mecha site was locked in my country any other suggestion please ?

Comment by msahishi

why CV only react negatively for G00 than unicorn? can someone tell me?

Comment by setsuna15

typing zero-raws Gundam Unicorn might be a start.

Also, Setsuna 15, CV is what you call an idiot and has an innate UC bias to the point of stupidity. It’s best to ignore him.

Comment by DarkCode

Yeah, best bet is to ignore CV entirely.

Since, if you’ve seen one post, you’ve seen all,
just idiotic rambling about him secretly being gay and whatnot.

(Read between the lines πŸ˜‰ )

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower


please don’t say that. it may divert people hate toward UC which is innocent in this case.

just ignore cv.

Comment by 00 hater

where to find first ova of unicorn with sub that torrent was raw only, help

Comment by msahishi

SRWHOTNEWS – Streaming ^__^

Comment by Debris

Subs aren’t out yet, best be patient.

Comment by DarkCode

anyone know when other episode of unicorn will release ?

Comment by kotobukiya

Awesome! I love the screenshots! Looking forward to the movie and Unicorn episode 1!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

first episode was useless when unicorn want to transfer to super mode the show end, the next episode when will release on 12 march ?

Comment by kotobukiya

No don’t call it useless, it’s just an anti-climax for us so that the other 5 OVAs will have some suprise elements for us to buy the blu ray / download it / streaming it.

& ignore cv.

Comment by sbhboi

Now I’m more interested in the new Flag than the Quan[T].

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

liking the improvements, but doesn’t this remind you of SEED with all the backpacks?

Comment by blank

Slight similarity to Seed maybe Blank it would be alot strong if most of them weren’t just flight packs in 00.

Comment by RT

@00 hater
its not i don’t like UC gundam series or somesort. i like though. but everytime i read CV’s post. he only comment 00 not UC. but as you said, i’ll ignore it

i guess these MS from the movie also receives a 2nd version. i mean its different design compare to what i watch on the 1st teaser. hahahahaha

Comment by setsuna15

Setsuna from what I have read it looks like only newer version are going to be used in the movie the first teaser had versions they decided not to go with.

Comment by RT


The ones from the 1st teaser are early designs, the ones we have now are the latest ones. Who knows what they might change more, we’re still far away before the movie gets showed.

Comment by zato

Can we just declare Tieria no longer a trap, but a reverse trap now?

Comment by Ed

Reverse traps aren’t guys though. I guess if you think a hologram has genders is the factor here. He could be either. Or none. That would suck though.
As for the new Zabanya, I hate the waist and new legs. Prefered the old Plutone style legs. New design looks good though. The shoulder sensors remind me of the Sadalsuud.

Comment by Amon

is this sumeragi? looks like her to me.

Comment by TJ

my 1st thought it was neena trinity….
and why is maria ismail in the movie? she has no role in the anime i don’t think she will have any role in the movie nor do i want her to have any. 1 movie is short to show so many cast…

Comment by 00 hater

I thought Nena Trinity too, but she’s DEAD after all

Comment by HeatPhoenix

new trailer is on nico

Comment by srwax

i want setsunaXmarina, even its impossible. hehehe

@new GN flag II (the blue color)
its seems it combines the design between GN flag and susanowoo. what do you think.

and grahah aker joined CB???

Comment by setsuna15

so graham is piloting the gn flag II… it’s just a guess about nena… she also has clones like devine and bring… just a guess…

Comment by coodie

Why is Tieria in the blue pilot suit? Weird…

Comment by Wes

To better clarify…
Why is Tieria in SETSUNA’s old pilot suit?

Comment by setsuna0520

to better clarify…
why is tieria IN a suit? he should be naked…

enough with the joke, i thought tieria is now a hologram?, cant he just make the helmet dissapear ( as if he needs a helmet…)?

Comment by 00 hater

Nice Picture

Comment by Patty

@HeatPhoenix &TJ

No, That’s not Sumeragi. This girl has red hair, yellow eyes is MUCH shorter than Sumeragi and is making Nena-ish poses and Expressions. Her hair is also wild like Nena’s and her facial features look like Nena. Gosh, you know… I think that IS Nena.

Picture of her in a spacesuit togetehr with Billy again. See red hair?

Dying is not a problem if you can access Veda like Ribbons and Nena was able too.

Comment by Konka

Codename V’s just a biased piece of crap, whose words hold no relevance to anyone except himself, considering how much his thoughts are centered almost solely on his ideas.

Comment by AU_Gundam

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