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Gundam 00 Movie new PV
February 22, 2010, 7:08 pm
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Comment by warning316

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OMG !!! It’s incredible. I can’t wait !!!

Comment by Vinh9999

Comment by Tanaka

Not bad, Allelujah got himself a manly ponytail!

Dayum, it seems like the human-hatin’ Innovades are back! As well as a few people who should be dead or otherwise physically incapacitated.

Or maybe Setsuna got himself a purple wig to get past Orbital Elevator Cutoms.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb


Comment by D4rKoV4

damn this gonna hit the japanese theaters in September -.-” and the takes 6 months to get released in DVD -.-” MUST GO TO JAPAN IN SEPTEMBER

Comment by Hallelujah

i hear setsuna is roaring pain

Comment by setsuna15

i hope those sword bits combine with that GN sword.
GN Quantum Buster sword!

Comment by Da-Virginizer

I wonder if Quanta is just the icing on the cake?
If it gets an upgrade and we get a Super 00 , I called it first!:)

Comment by 00 kicks ass

The man with the blue suit and blond hair is Graham o_0? WTF with Feltd?

Comment by GS

“Not bad, Allelujah got himself a manly ponytail!”

I wish it should make up for the number of times he crashed in S2..

Comment by Redux


That ponytail allows him to channel Doublelujah more easily.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

wow i really dislike feltd’s haircut… and is that neena i see?! Graham is looking GAR as ever LOL

Comment by aker

Incoming,gay-missile spam from CV in a seconds,
brace for the impact!!
(and yeah, still spamming for the next nine month later)

Comment by akp47

Awesome PV! The movie will truely be epic! It’s just a matter of time! Argh!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Thats either Nena back from the dead or Ali Sacheez gender-bender style. XD

Comment by Raisha

Looks to me, there will be more and more utterly USELESS characters in this movie such as Nena, Ali, Graham aka Mr Bushido(the second person GAY about Gundams after Setsuna)and last but least, the most USELESS of them all-the pauper princess Marina! I seriously don’t see the need to fill in the blanks with so many USELESS characters since they don’t have much key roles in the whole story, which is extremely weak and full of holes. Hence, the name of 00

Then again, 00 has it’s share of epicness with it’s YAOI boyslove scenes and cross dressing acts, which perfectly match today’s YAOI otaku fagdom where homosexuality garners popularity. That’s how 00 goes down in Gundam’s 30 years history as the most GAY Gundam anime which is hugely popular among GIRLS and FAGGOTS!

Comment by codename:v

and the GAY who’s hiding in a fake address strikes yet again.

Comment by flamerounin

i agree with cv on the marina part…

Comment by 00 hater

well…I’ll just ignore what CV says…

Comment by costriker

look freakly awesome can’t wait!! =D

Comment by bering

i’d like to point out that Nena is alive

Comment by VenomGundam

Nena wasn’t useless, they just never made fully use of possible plot in the show. The angst created between Nena and Louise could have been so much better if they had dragged it out over several episodes.

I don’t think this is our Nena though. She might be a clone or possibly the human that the Trinities were based on.

The movie seems to have more of a plot than the second season though so I am looking forward too it.

Comment by Konka

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