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Gundam Unicorn episode 2 Coming in 2010 Autumn
February 23, 2010, 4:41 pm
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The first episode started on February 20 at five theatres in Japan. And on the last page of the pamphlet says the next episode 2 “The Red Comet” is Coming in 2010, Autumn.

Pamphlet available at the theatres.


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Thats longtime .’

WHat is the duration of an episode.

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

2 episodes/year? Hei! The world will end in 2012!!! Hurry to end Gundam Unicorn!!! 😛

Comment by MazinKaesar

the first one lasted around 57 minutes including the credits. Well for me its worth the wait.. damn still getting goosebumps after watching the first one..

Comment by Redux

I thought that the 6 episodes will release together in one blueray on 12 march but this news was like a shock to me, no problem at least Iam still happy with MG and HG of old mecha;)

Comment by sozoki

kawaguchi: やられた!!!!! unicorn 1-6 wasn’t included in the bueray that will release on 12march ?then what it will include? the first episode only? that all of us watched? then it’s useless who will buy it ??

Comment by 川口

foolish news + foolish AUTUMN + foolish blue ray of 12 march = foolish unicorn that you will watch it on 2012 😦

Comment by Tomson

2 ova a year? OMFG by that time i woulda lost all interest in it

Comment by Ereos

Of course it will never be interest now you watch episode 1 you will be Excited to watch episode 2 but when will release you’ll forget all events of first ova and episode 3-6 so on

Comment by John

reminds me of hellsing ova….how many years has it been, yet its still far from end. unicorn may finish before it.

Comment by 00 hater

it’s really the eye of foolish

Comment by selver

DAMN, who the hell would buy a really expensive blu ray WITH ONLY ONE EPISODE

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I’m gonna buy it. It’s the first time Bandai does a worldwide release of a show. If it doesn’t work, don’t expect them to ever try it again and enjoy waiting 2 years before DVDs/Blu-Rays come out of Japan.

Comment by AirMaster

They’re not releasing out of Japan, they’re just putting subs on the japanese DVDs

Comment by HeatPhoenix

haha, all these comments make me laugh. you’re all very bad liars [and obviously to your own self]. if you truly felt that way you would not even bother sharing your thoughts on its very own comments page. especially if you only remotely knew about the whole unicorn buzz goin’ on and if that’s the case, you’d be wise not to give out opinions on things you barely know.

as for me, if the world doesn’t blow up due to magnetic pole realignment in 2012, i’m probably just gonna wait for a whole box set of all 6. [yeah it’ll happen, it’s bandai related, c’mon. hell there’s gonna be a special coating version of the blu-ray in the works now too i bet]

i also agree with airmaster’s comment, besides the 2 years it comes out of japan, i don’t like that part.

Comment by ant1ph0n

What’s your problem with only 2 episodes a year man? It has far superior animation quality than any other weekly TV Anime, so it worth for the waiting.

Comment by akp47


Not at 2 episodes per year. I’m sorry but that is too much time to wait on a six episode show. One month is quite enough time to get excellent quality for every episode.

Seriously, who wants to wait on a Gundam show that take years to complete? Look at what happened with Hellsing Ultimate? Three years in the making and still no end to the story in sight, and most people lost interest because no one can remember what happened in the last episode. 😦

Comment by Daizengar

Daizengar is right and if all of us make Boycott to bandai they will have to release all episodes in march I feel that they finished all episodes but they don’t want to release it in one time thinking that on this way they will gain more money 1 blue ray is enough for 6ova if one of them only 564.41MB

Comment by selver

i’m quiet agree with akp47, didn’t you see in this year sunrise has 3 gundam project? Don’t forget this factor too: budget

maybe for this year only 2 episode, but maybe after 00 movie and sd sangokuden has ended they can make the progress quickly, if there’s no newa gundam anime next year

Comment by Seabook

boycott bandai? good luck wit that!

Comment by ant1ph0n

[…] Secondo concordi informazioni che arrivano da Gigazine ,Ngee khiong e SRW hotnwes […]

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Too fucking long. Also, people complaining that the DVD release will only have one episode don’t know how OVA’s work. OVA’s take much more work to produce than an episode and cost much more. Action scenes are ridiculously expensive and horrid to animate. Gurren Lagann wasted 60% of its whole budget on the last six episodes. And that’s a TV series.

Comment by Amon

SRW hotnew: for NGEE KHIONG Eps 2 Unicorn Full Frontal, debut,title The red Comed.

Comment by Debris

Thats problem OVAs they are not the broadcast kind of anime. A example of that is Gaogaigar Final with content that not ok to broadcast compare its TV series (I’m not bashing the series but just an example) Not mention they tend to have very high quality animation. There are few Gundam OVAs however.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Well, I may be in the minority here but i really enjoyed watching the show i may buy a dvd/blu-ray for my collection purposes and a way to support sunrise, i just wish they could release the novels in english too..

Comment by Redux

revisiting universal century

Comment by aker

Come on guys, despite all, it was cool, the thing is is it like 1 episode is 23 min with opening and cast, dose this make this part one 3 episodes and part 2 is the other 3 ones,meanwhile can’t wait 4 the G00 movie and EP 2 G UC, anyways i loved it, getting it on blue when ever it comes out in english, thanks 4 a job well done

Comment by Angel wing

Holy shit. Now I’m totally convinced that this site is full of noobs and kids.

Yeah, two episodes in a year is a little too long wait even for OVA, but nothing to be crying about.

How could someone think that the Blu-Ray would contain every episode? None ever said something like that, plus, it would be just stupid.

Also, the release will be “worldwide”. Simultaneously in Japan, USA, France, the UK, and Canada. That plus the fact of the five languages in the subs is something without precedents in Gundam at least. I’m from South America, so I’ll have to import it anyway, but I will do it, since buying it is the only way Bandai considers an official release to ever happen here.

Seriously, don’t come here just to cry like bitches. It’s annoying.

PS: Sorry about my poor english.

Comment by Virgo

For english speakers like Angel Wing, the Blu-Ray will have both english audio and subtitles since its release on march 12.

Comment by Virgo

PS2: Forgot Taiwan in the countries for the simultaneous release.

Comment by Virgo

virgo, i speak english as my second language but i prefer japanese with subs =b

Comment by ant1ph0n

I speak spanish and obviously I also prefer japanese with subtitles, but sometimes dubs are also interestings to watch. The spanish version of Gundam Wing (the only series that was broadcasted in Latin America, dubbed in Mexico) is really well done given the fact that obviously the dudes in charge didn’t have a clue about Gundam in general.

As an example, for the latin american dub of the shitty Dragon Ball Evolution, there was a campaign to have Goku and Piccolo voiced by the ones that did it for the anime in the 90’s. So even if the movie was totally crappy, one certainly could enjoy it in a different way thanks to the voice actors.

Well, english speakers would have the choice with Gundam Unicorn, to watch it subbed and/or dubbed. I would like we spanish speakers could get a chance like that someday.

Comment by Virgo

yeah i hear ya.

in another rant, it only reinforces my initial notion. people bitching up there are all closet fans per se.

the episode was amazing! [yes i got a torrent and of course i’ll buy it when it comes out]

the quality was superb, and i’m not talking about the animation because that goes without saying. the musical score, cinematography was well done along with the pacing but i mean, i really have no thing to compare it to as i’ve never read the novel it was based on.

Comment by ant1ph0n

check out the manga ver, seems that the ova left out a lot of important dialogs. who would have thought that those astronauts at the beginning was actually the people responsible for the destruction of laplace, and the reason they do so is….all this NOT shown in ova. sad….

Comment by 00 hater

2 episodes per year and the whole length is estimated to be 3 years, for 6 episodes. Hell, I’ll be finish reading all the novel episodes before the final OVA episode airs.

At this kind of rate with such level in 2D animation, I think it’s too slow for a 60 minute OVA episode. Why on earth does each take that long? What are they really been doing during the 6 months duration? Are they been playing each others balls at work place? And why the quality of each OVAs are this low? Gimme a break, Disney did better with their “Princess and the Frog” title within a year or more and GAINAX’s “Eva 2.0” is kinda better than their old “The End” title. So what is Bandai’s excuse this time?

From the beginning, I already felt that the OVA can barely live up to the standards set by the novel and both manga and OVA are definitely made for FAGS WHO DON’T READ

Ah fuck that, I rather read the book.

Comment by codename:v


The OVAs arnt supposed to be theatrical titles though. Don’t expect a movie budget or quality. But I am pretty sure they would have made most of ep2 by now. Just taking their sweet time to release things I guess, to fit with the toy release schedules. I am pretty sure Autumn would be Sinaju, Angelo custom and elite guard type Zulu spam. We probably wont even see Delta plus until ep3.

My own issue with the ova is that some of the stuff they cut out to fit the tight pace are somewhat important. But so far I thought it’s still more interesting than anything that has come out from Gundam since 0080 OVAs.

Comment by da_guy

@00 hater

Wow, I guess it’s that vague to someone that hasn’t read the novel eh. This isn’t good. So this OVA is more or less unworkable for anyone that hasn’t read the novel. It would be next to meaningless to anyone that isnt well versed in UC enough. Though I think they should go back to that scene again eventually in future episodes.

Comment by da_guy

Well, I would gladly, no absolutely love to read Gundam Unicorn Novels… If I could read Japanese. Also would hate to see me misinterpret something and hence it becomes lost in translation.

Anyways, they’re making the quality blu-ray in March. But, who cares about quality, it’s pretty good, plus I care about plot more. Plus, you’re pretty damn stupid for not reading it much much earlier. The novels were done like a month or two before the announcement of the Anime. Oh wait, did your hate for Gundam unknowingly spanned to UC that you forgot, that it could have been a good book. Shesh, you gotta stop judging by the cover. But of course you’re a dumbass narrow minded senile fool who can’t accept anything new past the 80 or 90s. Oh and likes uses the word Fag a lot.

Yesh, that Unicorn novel that you’re going to read will be defiled by your sight, touch and thoughts by. I’m going to see CV start cursing at the novel by the time I see another Unicorn post, which will not be enjoyable.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

@00 Hater

You’re joking, right?

It’s pretty obvious to anyone over 10 years old that they caused the destruction of Laplace. Besides, the “reasons” shown in the manga are meaningless, it’s pretty obvious they were being used by someone else, who planned their deaths in the shuttle from the beginning.

I don’t see what “important” dialog is missed in the OVA with respect to the manga.

Comment by Virgo

actually. without your help, i think i would have figured it out upon 2nd viewing, i was too busy reading the subtitles, but as several people have brought up. it’s damn obvious as he got a “thumbs up” and he was watching the moments before the explosion.

Comment by ant1ph0n

oh noes! “CV: fags who don’t read?” well i’m sorry, let me make japanese my 1st language, my native language 2nd, and english my 3rd. =\

Comment by ant1ph0n

well, i din’t really see they set up “destructive device” in the ova, they might be doing some maintenance. a thumbs up can mean anything. and they were not directly on laplace, more like on the “circular glass” above it. but the “tube”(where all the people are) was destroyed 1st instead of the “glass”, not with explosion, more like concentration of light from somewhere.

their “reason” is not meaningless. they are people that are dumped into space, they cant live on earth anymore because they are “spacenoid”. the same reason why zeon started the one year war, and why char started his counter attack. because some selfish people can live on earth as they please, yet want to control over spacenoids. which is also why i guess this “laplace box” is so important. i din’t read the novel because i hate reading, i cant even finish 2 page of CCA novel.

Comment by 00 hater

I thought it was at least fairly clear they were terrorists. Considering the events of Laplus exploding seconds after they took off was a pretty big indication.

Comment by DarkCode

well then, please forgive me for being under 10yo.

Comment by 00 hater

@CV: V again, you do realize the Book wasn’t released in the west right? Stop bing the dumbfuck you are…

Comment by Uc fan

Well, maybe I rushed in the words I used, I really don’t want to be despective to anyone.

I just got pissed off about so many complains who I personally found mostly unjustified.

Sorry about that, I don’t want to live on bad terms with anyone, well, except with CV maybe.

Comment by Virgo

you didn’t come across as negative to begin with so no harm done, to me anyway and yes on that notion about CV. =b

Comment by ant1ph0n

da_guy, that’s actually a good point. they could go back to that scene where they were setting up the bomb which wasn’t shown.

admittedly i was judging this also as a standalone thing, not part of a 6 episode thing. =b

so yeah, i retract any statements vaguely related to “why didn’t they make it more clear it was them who set up us the bomb!”

Comment by ant1ph0n

The novel cuts out a lot of the backstory as to why the terrorists are there in the first place. What you don’t know about Syam is that his family was kicked off of their land by the Federation to use as the launchpad for the Space Immigration Plan. Syam went back to that area to get a job with the base construction but they found out that his father was a separatist with an underground organization, ultimately spelling disaster for Syam. He later joins an underground organization and becomes apart of the terrorist group responsible for the bombing. Unless they plan on flashing back to this material later on in the OVA, the ending and ultimate discovery of who put them up to this will ultimately be lost. It’s a pretty interesting twist if you ask me. I’d state it here, but alas no spoiler tags.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Err, I mean the animation cuts out… :/

Comment by Deacon Blues

@Deacon Blues

The part with Banagher’s friends drinking and smoking pot in their party (like what some real teenagers do these days) would have shown his personal detachment with his peers more effectively. I don’t know why they changed it to a class/museum scene other than keeping it “family friendly”? Cardeas is going over the history again anyway in the meeting, so the history teacher didn’t add a lot of value to the show other than being vapourized and establishing that Banagher is a student.

That would have shown how the world or UC is polarized when compared to what he sees in Palau.

Comment by da_guy

The problem is that you have to shove a good chunk of text into less than an hour of animation and keep it concise and compelling enough to the viewer. Too much talking tends to wear the old attention span too quickly for most and the time required would be much more than 55 minutes. Too bad nobody is currently translating the novels.

Comment by Amon

Well… 00hater, it kinda was damn obvious when Syam said he needed to make amends what was done. AKA he set up the bomb. I think the drinking part would have been good enough. Smoking pot would have made it more 16 and up. Anyways, I assume their audience target is everyone.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

WTF… why that long? I smell Sunrise’s planning something within that period… =.=

Comment by EXkurogane

fuck all of you Gundam seed is the greatest Strike freedom and Kira yamato rapes all

Comment by Seedinfected

what the hell? go smoke some bud man, go chill.

Comment by ant1ph0n

What is this nonsense!
2 episodes per year!
MG Unicorn ver.ka then Boom Bandai is gona release MG unicorn (anime version) WTF is going on?
I say they made this on purpose so they can sell as much MG kits as they can.
What’s next bandai ? Maybe MG sinanju (anime version), this sucks.

Comment by The Spoiler


What a Faggot.

Comment by The Spoiler

the spoiler march, it gets tiresome reading nothing but rants regarding unicorn OVA releases. also, was it really necessary to call some random person a faggot even though i don’t agree with his post either?

p.s. yes, i believe you’re a closet fan.

Comment by ant1ph0n

@ant1ph0n “was it really necessary to call some random person a faggot even though i don’t agree with his post either?”
My friend i couldnt help it, i hate kira so much, he should have been killed by shin in the destiny series but they changed the story, not to mention how gay he looks.

Comment by The Spoiler

And oh by the way I am a unicron fan, but I am pissed off bandai, I bought the unicron ver.ka and now they will release the anime version, what does this mean? Throw the ver.ka in the bin!
Not to forget the upcoming sinanju anime version (I am sure they will announce it as soon as it appears in the series), maybe I should throw my sinanju in the bin as well.

Comment by The Spoiler

throw it away? that’s non sense, i own 3 unicorn Kas because the 1st was a shitty build, the 2nd and 3rd obviously in their respective modes, also, there’s a tutorial i made on my deviantart page to get the same articulation as the OVA version., link to the GAC group page.

Comment by ant1ph0n

also, that’s surprising that you didn’t go off on me, that was actually refreshing!

Comment by ant1ph0n

lol what happen with sunrise are they running out of ideas that they make this saga, longer. well the first one is good though but in terms of the time it gets just to have that kind of story is not worth it. the time it took to be produced vs. its quality somehow took out its importance because of the length of time it took. by the time the episode 2 will be aired other anime took away the prestige of the saga . during the interval of several months of absence. unlike regular monthly episodes people tend to remember things as part of their schedule but to have a several months of interval, you may forget that this unicorn saga exists, for all they know if they happen to aired on it maybe some of us will be aware after a weeks time. and we cant do anything with that but download on it thru the internet rather watch it live, on a regular basis. business wise it will not be good for sunrise unless they will have a good monthly show like the one we had in Gundam wing, seed, destiny, 00 and Code GEASS.

Comment by bugref

the funny thing is that wen it comes out, each and every1 of you ppl on here r gonna watch it no matter wut

Comment by Jay


Probably Sunrise will od as they said, 2 Episodes each year isnt easy to do so (with Top end Animation).
+ their doing 2 projects atm.
– Code Geass GAIDEN (Akito Story)
– Gundam 00 The Movie (with even better animation than Unicorn’s 1st Episode).

+ soon “Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel” last volume wil be released, and so on new TV Show (since its level of interest is same as 00 / Seed, and also originality).

So in end we have Unicorn, Code Geass, 00 Movie, and Ecole du Ciel. (so it not like they work on Unicorn only).

If you think that i lie, then Google it, Youtube it – for trailers, and you will see resoults.

Comment by Ardexus

its autumn wheres mah gundam >:|

Comment by akimbo

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