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February 23, 2010, 10:28 am
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Chogokin -Anima- Super Evangelion

SRW OG full action figure – Compatible Kaiser


MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color + MS CAGE



MG Wing Gundam – April, 4,200 yen

HG 1/144 Gundam Astraea Type-F – April, 1,890 yen

SDX Wizard Nu Gundam

Wave – Tomahawk 1/72


Soul of Chogokin Tobikage

VF Hi-Metal YF-1J

VF Hi-Metal YF-21

DX Chogokin VF-27 – Tamashii Web Shop Limited

MG Wing Gundam – April, 4,200 yen

MG Shin Musha Gundam MK-II – May, 6,300 yen


HG 1/144 Gundam Avalanche Exia – June

– HG Across the Universal Sentury –

HG 1/144 Gundam ZZ – June

HG 1/144 God Gundam – May

HG 1/144 Gundam X – April, 1,890 yen


G.F.F. Metal Composite 0 Gundam

G.F.F. Composite Ver.Ka Lancelot Albion

G.F.F. Composite Ver.Ka Gurren Lagann

SDX Captain Gundam

New SDX series



SD Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

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ok, so HG 1/144 god gundam is another additional kits. i wonder what will be next? HG 1/144 wing gundam

Comment by setsuna15

wooww.. they’re on the roll right now..
MG Shin Musha MKII
HG Avalance Exia, X, God, and even ZZ..

Comment by MaftyNavue

awesome news just awesome!!!

Comment by warsong

I see Katoki has now appeared to give some justice to the Code Geass designs…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

oh my god! shin musha mark 2! i’ve been waiting for that blue one!

Comment by ant1ph0n

gurren lagann??? lol….katoki involve with a super robot type mecha…

Comment by 00 hater

Thinking back, it would be really nice to see updated model engineering used toward older series. I’d love to see a modern gunpla engineered gundam wing kit.regular or endless, bandai has sure come a long way since those old kits. I’d geek out all over to have a 1/144 wing zero custom that was updated.^^

Comment by C.R.

MG Wing Gundam? Interesting!

Comment by DarkCode

MG Musha MkII! OMG dream comes true!

Comment by Mendagu

why not HG gundam wing ?? I hope to see Hg wing zero and hg for all of crossbone and hathawy

Comment by kotobuka

Wing Gundam ver ka is still better than this…but MG Musha MK2 is AWWWESOME!!

Comment by Hans

Will there be any chances for MG Epyon and Deathscythe?? MG Musha MK2 look badass O.O but a pity Bandai will recycle the MK2 frame -.-

Comment by atlans89

HOLY SHIT! Gurren Lagann Ver. Ka? O_O

I so gotta have that…. O_O

Comment by JustPassingThru

FIGHT DA POWAH for the Gurren Lagann Ver. Ka! \m/ And his version of Lancelot Albion is very slick. Just give me Gawain and Lelouch fans are happy…

Comment by don't mind me

ok, forget what i said bout HG 1/144 wing gundam. its MG. but where is GX series MG or MG 1/100 00 raiser?

Comment by setsuna15

where is HGUC Sinanju T_T

Comment by Leo_Cantus

Well I don’t mind Musha Mk.II re-use mk.II ver.2.0 frame, since Shin Musha also re-use RX-78-2 ver.1.5 frame. What’s important is that big horn & dual katana !

Comment by sbhboi

MG Wing Gundam? Eww. It’s ugly as sin.

Comment by Amon

That’s the order for MG Unicorn SP Version cancelled.

Gundam Wing was the first Gundam series I watched, but the MG Wing Zero kits were a bit disappointing compared to other MG offerings from other series.

Now that we have an MG Wing, I’m hoping for:

MG Deathscythe Hell Custom

MG Epyon

MG Heavy Arms Custom

and MG Wing Zero Custom 2.0 (tiny head problem fixed, MG Infinite Justice style)

Musha Mk-II is also a must-have. I’d almost given up waiting for it. I suspect someone at Bandai has been reading my Wanted List. In case they missed some of the other entries, allow me to mention MG Gerbera Tetra, MG Crossbone Gundam X-2, MG Sword Strike-E, MG Launcher Strike-E, MG Out Frame, MG Testament, MG Blast Impulse, MG Justice, MG Sword Calamity, more MG GN-X variants, MG (all three) Throne Gundams, MG OO Seven Sword…

That’ll do for a start.

Comment by Hanzkaz

a little question…

why is ZZ casted out of HGUC ???? O_o

Comment by JustPassingThru

mg wing doesn’t look good imo. why keep the oldskool look

Comment by mike

“Gundam Wing was the first Gundam series I watched”- me too and maybe most people here coz if not for gundam wing i wouldn’t know the others (especially u.c.)

i think that gundam w deserves to have an mg for this is the series that brought many new fans to the world of gundam. suddenly wing gundam looks good to me again just like the old times.

Comment by wave rider

Nice upcoming HG. Need moar….!

Comment by Epsilon_013

Why do 1/144 always get the most love?

Comment by glemtvapen

Cheaper to produce, cheaper to buy. Where’s the doubt?

Comment by Amon

what ??? HG 1/144 God, X, Avalanche Exia… ooohh.. gotta have ’em all… and, i’m a Gundam Wing collector, so.. can’t miss that MG one… ooohh

Comment by Sei

and, let’s hope that Bandai release all members of The Shuffle Alliance in HG 1/144 ! (they were released as 1/144 kits in the past though, i bought one, a plain 1/144 God Gundam) that’ll be the coolest re-release… action poses in dioramas… 😀

Comment by Sei

That musha definately looks awesome 8D

Still waiting for a 1/100 007S to come out though. Every month i sit and wait for these updates and so far have been kinda sad with now 1/100 007S =[

Comment by Andy

its been a trend of bandai to recycle molds… let me guess, they found another way to recycle old molds?? just a few additions maybe? XD LOL.

Comment by reusers

“i think that gundam w deserves to have an mg for this is the series that brought many new fans to the world of gundam. suddenly wing gundam looks good to me again just like the old times.”
But they already touched Wing kinda by giving it the ver Ka treatment. Not that the Okawara’s ver looks bad i just prefer Ver Ka more so..

They shoulda did X imo cause then they could jump in the air and be like “We finally touched all the friggin universes to date!”.

Comment by Zero

Looking good with all the new 1/144 HGs! ^^
But still no HG Sinanju… T_T

Comment by Raisha

Looks cool that the Wing is getting more special casted hands like the aftermarket B-Club ones for the rifle hands and such. Very good idea, I kinda miss the old one piece fists and stuff that the older MGs came with…

Comment by Ed

If Bandai just couldn’t be more stupid than ever with all these rehashes…

I feel like laughing out loud when I saw this MG Wing-which was designed by Okawara back in 1995 and since Katoki’s much more detailed MG Wing Ver.Ka has already out for about 10 years ago, why the fuck Bandai regress it to more than 15 years backwards? This isn’t an advancement, this is retardation!

Another example of retardation would be the GFF 0-Gundam from 00, in 1/100 metal composite too! 0-Gundam is downright the most retarded design in 00 where everything is heavily borrowed and copied from Wing and other UC titles, so what is so great about this Okawara’s senile work that it deserves Metal Composite status while the Excia is still an ordinary 1/144 scale GFF? I bet many 00 fags who are Setsuna’s whores would cry foul over this double standard faggotry while Ribbon’s whores rejoice. What a piece of GAY crap!

Codegeass and Gurren Lagann definitely has larger fanbase than 00 does with their hugely popular animes, so it’s no surprise that Bandai would make Katoki to remold these 2 under his “Ver.Ka” brand. But honestly, I still felt that all these are done in the name of YAOI and GAR homosexuality…

Sounds like a very GAY year ahead of Bandai merchandise if you ask me, but somehow I still remain hopeful that something else better will come out of all these GAY heap of craps. One good example would be the MG Musha MK-II, which will be based off from a Gundam MK-II Ver 2.0 like the previous MG Musha Gundam in an OYW mold. Not bad for these pair since they are my favourite war machines in Musou series. Also, let’s not forget that Unicorn OVAs are airing this year and there will be more UC based gunplas made since Unicorn is arguably the best Gundam title after years of SEED retardation and 00 sodomy.

Comment by codename:v

You are fucking kidding me right now, yeah ?
Gurren Lagann Gay ?

You sure as hell said some effin’ stupid shit over the time i’m here now but, what in the world…..

I urge you to go get Proffesional help, there is something very wrong with you.
I won’t insult as usual since i feel a certain amount of pity right now.

That won’t stop me from killing you on sight tho, if we ever were to meet.

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

lol, he prolly doesn’t know what gay is… XD

I wanna kill you too cv… ^^ I most definitely want to now…

Comment by JustPassingThru

We’ve got new 1/144s and MGs coming up, but what’s next for the ‘regular’ 1/100 kits?

Are Bandai done with Seed vs Astray? I’ll admit I found some of the revamped Seed kits a bit odd to start off with, but now they’ve mostly kind of grown on me (though I did wait for Nix Providence to get discounted before I bought it).

I was hoping for one more variation of the Seed Zaku 1/100 kit, though.

There could also a line of kits from the Gundam Unicorn era (1/100 Kshatriya or Stark Jegan, anyone?) or they could revamp the existing OO kits to come out with the likes of Cherudim Saga, Arios Ascalon or Virtue Physical.

Comment by Hanzkaz

(That won’t stop me from killing you on sight tho, if we ever were to meet)

(I wanna kill you too cv… ^^ I most definitely want to now)

I can see that both of you are really fucking GAY in real life, especially with names like “Just-Passing-Thru” and “Nova MK X aka Major Firepower”. Ah, whatever! Faggots always say the most stupidest things when they rage and don’t even have the guts to do so. And it’s pretty hilarious to see they rage like mad bitches. These 2 GAY faggots sure need professional help more than anyone else here because their minds are fucked up with GAR and YAOI.

GAR is GAY, YAOI is GAY and both 00 and GL are fucking GAY!

Comment by codename:v

your endless fucking yapping is what’s GAY, C:V.

Comment by noobkiller.exe

CV is already gay himself…

He had no idea how fucking popular Gurren Lagann is up to the extent people dig their bank accounts for every single Yoko PVC figure, some which costs up to RM 1000 (USD $300)… Now the Ver Ka is a good add for the fans… The price is out of my reach or I’ll get one for sure, because I’d prefer that amount for a PG kit.

Gurren Lagann, Code Geass and SEED actually has a larger fan with fan groups, organiztaions and forums all over the world more than Gundam 00. People nowadays could care less how well the series went, and what theme/genre it is as long everything is well-designed.

Comment by EXkurogane

In short, everthing anime related, be it characters, mechas or whatever is just GAY to CV. With this kind of mentality, leave everything about Japan once and for all.

Comment by EXkurogane

Oh I know why he’s such a Unicorn fag, he probably wants that unicorn horn shoved up his sorry candy ass. You’re probably craving that unicorn now are you? You probably wanted a unicorn back when you were a kid right? But only girls can have them… boohoo. Well now that you see a boyish toy named Unicorn, you go crazy about it as to now you can play with that unicorn and shove it up your ass just like all those friends with you.

You assume too much of everything, just shows how much of a kid you are as you don’t know of the world you live in. Don’t think I ain’t have the guts to do so. You’re lucky this is the internet.

Comment by JustPassingThru

You guys seem to actually enjoy CV’s trolling. And he is having new materials now.

Comment by da_guy

He’s just a dumbfuck, ignore him.

Comment by Uc fan

masaka masaka……MG GUNDAM WING!!!!!!MG UNICORN SECOND REVISE THE ONE IM LOOKING FOR AFTER CHEATED BY KADUKI HAJIME!!!!!!damn i bought the 1st unicorn mg and is ******… the way since g gundam hg is going to be release i wonder when they will ship to 1 U…….by the way why dun they make 1\144 f91 instead of zz gundam……….i wonder that they will make 00 Q kit when……

Comment by blazerhell

I’m tired as hell of all the rehashes of anything Evangelion but goddamn that SOG Super Evangelion is too damn cool to pass up.

Comment by glemtvapen

yay for 1/144 Astraea… though it will most likely be molded red, atleast, my Dengeki Hobby Astraea can finally have the GN Launcher, GN Beam Rifle, GN Proto Sword, and the shield. And some new weapons: GN Pistol, GN Bazooka, GN Hand Missile, and the GN Hammer. 🙂

Comment by berNERD

at least the gunpla is not loser like your artwork,V

Comment by Epsilon_013

Whoa, what is this super eva that i see and where can i get it?

Comment by leakymilky

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