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Endless Frontier EXCEED Limited Edition Package
February 24, 2010, 1:29 pm
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Looks like someone has the game already.


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That mean ROM is coming, right?.

Comment by Annonymous

It’s supposedly out, but it could just be trolling.

Comment by Nerem

It’s been on the streets for a few days now, a guy’s even been streaming it. The problem is that none of the release groups have been able to get their hands on the game yet.

Streaming site for anyone interested. He’s not broadcasting right now, though.

Comment by Duke


Comment by 00 hater

Ahhh… need to withstand temptation to watch…. >_<

Damn, i dont want to spoil the game for me..

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Lucky dude that got his hands on this. But its so so close until its properly released. I can almost hear Aledy and Arc-On punching each other to pieces.

Comment by F97 X-1

damnn im looking forward for the room i cant wait to do firee dragoon

Comment by compital-kaiser

Bought the original EF but didn’t go on to buy this one.
A tinge of regret, so nice packaging for the LE T^T

The original EF don’t even have an LE, I think.

Comment by iron2000

anyone found download link for this and sonic race ?

Comment by gono ishigawa

[_[ That looks awesome 😮
I want to play it NOW :/

Comment by thomassmash

(Looks like someone has the game already)

Yeah, and that someone is a true closet faggot who is obsessed with 2D cartoon waifools; daydreams of playing knights in cyberspace; easily overwhelmed by GAR-is-GAY hotbloodness and superficial heroism; play anisongs all day; attend JAM concerts and yell “ANIKIIII” like crazy bitches and pay more attentions to shallow things like soft porns and YAOI. All these are similiar traits shared by most faggots I’ve seen here, mechatalk and 4chan. What the heck, faggots will be faggots and they are fucking GAY. Next time you ever come across, call to them “YOU ARE FUCKING GAY!” and watch them rage shit. It’s hilarious!

Comment by codename:v

I’m more interested in the drama CD. Anyone know if it was ripped yet?

Comment by Anonymous

Is it worth it???? I do it if it has a art book or something, not just the book that comes with it.

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck


Yeah, its almost as hilarious as someone who puts a lot of effort posting comments no one gives a fuck.

You almost make it sound as if you were raped while your rapist was playing this.

Maybe you should leave your keyboard and go outside for a while, there are healthier ways to discharge your rage.


So now what really matters:

No word about american release yet?

Comment by Armagun

Does anyone know where we can find the OSR of srt og saga exceed ?

Comment by guest

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