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More clear scans from Hobby Japan April issue
February 27, 2010, 10:20 pm
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I am loving that Gundam X

Comment by HeatPhoenix

i am loving the beecraft-esque proportions

Comment by berNERD

The Satellite cannon looks fantastic. Can’t wait for it hit the stores. Hopefully the DX will follow or Bandai finally wises up and does one of the two as a MG.

Comment by Amon

the point of MG gundam wing imo dumb release
cant wait for gundam DX and Double X

Comment by Ereos

Hoho.. i see Bandai will remake all old G, W, X series. that’s good news, to replace all my old gunpla from that series.

Comment by Epsilon_013

If v talking trash about Bandai milking money, i’m sure it didn’t read gundam-san. And why gundam anime nowadays is flashy. both answer laid behind first gundam anime production.

Comment by codenamevishomo

@ codenamevishomo

Comment by ZR0

don’t mind him. he’s retarted like codename v.

Comment by shady123

its “retarDed”, you retard -.-

I kid I kid. I don’t understand what he’s saying either.

Comment by bob

The gurren lagaan and lancelot doesn’t look like its changed….looks like its just redrawn by katoki…

I also agree the Wing Gundam MG is a waste…

Comment by miyuki


Comment by setsuna15

You do realize that HGUC is only even a name because Bandai contantly releases only UC centered HG kits, right? It’s a name, not a brand label. All HG technology is shared between all HG series. The Unicorn HG series have for example implemented the swing pelvis joint of the 00 series.
Bloody ignorants.

Comment by Amon

Is it really? because I’ve yet to see the neck joint and moving shoulders on non-HGUC. not to remind the difference in quality.

Comment by hiroy_raind

across the universal century…what does that mean?

Comment by 00 hater

No idea why they would put “Across the universal century” on a Gundam X kit

Comment by HeatPhoenix


Comment by gefp

Not enough decal-mad/mechanical details on the Lancelot Albion and Gurren Lagann.

What the hell did they get Katoki on the drawing board for then?!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

aside from GX, I also wish they make HG models of the other mechs in that series, like the G-Bits, Belphagor, the Devil Army from G and the OZ grunts like Aries, Taurus, and Cancer. It’s pretty obvious they’d release the main mechs but I hope they decide not to be lazy this time and make kits for those units. XD

The MG Wing isn’t a complete waste, with my experience with Ver.Ka kits is that they lack a hell lot of poseablity and stability. MG Wing would definitely be worth it. And with how simple the transformation of Wing is compared to the Zeta, I doubt that it’ll be a bad kit. Not that the MG Zetas were bad, they’re just damn harder to transform than Wing is. XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

One word to describe all these upcoming merchandises from Bandai- DUMB

HG Gundam X is the most obvious DUMB plamo for this season because it FAILS to outdo the GFF version or it’s a retarded version of Fix.

MG Wing is so old that it just can’t stand the awesomeness of the previous MG ver.Ka, which is 8 years older than this Okawara senile shit. Retardation at it’s worst.

GFF Metal Composite for that retarded piece of junk made by the senile Okawara for the GAY fuck of 00? Gimme a break, Excia didn’t even make it to 1/100 scale GFF. Setsuna’s whores are going to be so disappointed because Bandai shows favouritism towards Ribbons, who is equally GAY like Setsuna.

If this 0 GAYdam isn’t GAY enough for you, wait till you see the other 2 queers Bandai bags in as well. Yep, the 2 famous GAY anime mechs from CodeGAYass and Gurren LaGAY where homosexuality is so obvious.

So in conclusion, Bandai’s tribute to the senile old man-Okawara himself is clearly understandable since he hasn’t got anything worthy and inspiring since Wing Gundam. So why not give him some credits for one of the worst Gundam animes which marks the day when fanGIRLS ruin Gundam animes and boys turned homosexual over YAOI in 00? Hellya, these DUMB merchandises are made for GAY people!

Comment by codename:v

Old gundam sponsor that day was president of toy maker, kuroba shichirou, and he wanted to make gundam(only) merchandise from it, he not bother about the story as long as he can sell gundam toys. So Yasuhiko Yoshikazu, change the color scheme with bright color, like we all knew. So It can be understood why Bandai doing job like this.
And V it’s your problem v. because old days merchandise not gay enough for you. now you blame nowadays toys for its gay.

Comment by codenamevishomo


“HG Gundam X is the most obvious DUMB plamo for this season because it FAILS to outdo the GFF version or it’s a retarded version of Fix.” ==> well, go and buy the GFF version, instead of wailing your ass out here. see, not everyone has the money to buy the GFF version. and Bandai doesn’t have to make a plamo kit that will outdo a painted figure – it is a MODEL KIT after all, you PAINT and DETAIL it, moron! oh wait, you don’t have the TALENT and SKILL to PAINT and DETAIL, and worst of all, you’re a BIMBO who can’t afford plamo! yeah, that’s right…

Comment by noobkiller.exe

CV is very persistent..

Comment by pulge

CV is a FAG.

Comment by Anonymus

@Codename V
You’re just weird you know? If you’re really hate it so much, why eve bother and wasting your time, money and electric to comment in here?
Man some time i don’t get it.

Comment by AAA

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