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Bandai upcoming new hobby kit
February 28, 2010, 10:56 pm
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MG Wing Gundam

HG 1/144 Gundam X

HG 1/144 Gundam Astraea Type F

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god,need 2 X and 2 astraea 😦

Comment by GundamAria

Type F is packing!

Comment by Zero

Nice try Bandai but it shoule have been better to release this guy before MG Wing ver.Ka.

Looks like the new line of HG will HGOS (High Grade Old School :D)

Comment by annonymous

Hmm, the Astraea just type-F alone? better wait a while for type-F kai

Comment by Rekkou

“New” is rather inappropriate for these latest Bandai faggotry when one is actually a retarded version while the other 2 simply got smaller and less detailed. The correct term for these craps would be “STUPID” because these are made for people who has bad tastes in mecha, especially GAY people!

Comment by codename:v

It doesn’t matter if they release this MG Wing Gundam before or after Katoki ver. people who have wait for this will get it it’s a matter of preference I would get MG Epyon or Heavy Arm Kai(EW) if there happen to made them.

Comment by LM

Now there is the real CV, note the stupidity and redundancies. He calls himself a mecha fan, but a mecha hater is more appropriate.

Anyways, I might have to snag the X and Wing. It’s nice to actually see those series get some spotlight way past their time to shine.

Comment by DarkCode

Yup DarkCode that’s definetly the real CV.

The Wing Gundam looks nice I might get that I hope they also release an Epyon and a Tallgeese MG eventualy.

Comment by RT

there really should be a headline in this site that would notify everyone in advanced that we should not pay any attention to a person called “codename:v”

I hate the fact that he even has uses the name of a really good character from one of my favorite novels too… X_X

Comment by JustPassingThru

I’m glad that MG Wing Gundam was released now rather than having it years back, better late than never. MGs of today are well proportioned and have great articulation. HG Gundam X is a must get too and who knows MG might come soon.

Comment by Quantum

I’ve already got MG Wing on my Hit List. The Gundam X looks OK, but I’d rather hold out for an MG.

The add-ons for 1/144 Astrea F are interesting. I hope they release a 1/100 kit that includes the extra GNHW weapons missing from the second season’s Gundam OO 1/100 mecha kits.

Comment by Hanzkaz

I thought they were gonna make a HG God Gundam too?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

@HeatPhoenix: HG X Gundam is the first in the series announced (April release), HG God Gundam is May and HG Gundam ZZ this June, so maybe we should all just wait for the goddamn pictures and press release from Bandai, right?

seriously, you noobs want everything laid out and spoon fed to you pronto, not even a modicum of patience in your lot.

Comment by noobkiller.exe

Wow Codename V, I really pity you.
How badly do you want people attention, that you always make a fool out of yourself?

Back to topic, I hope they proceed with re-making old school 1/144.

Comment by Chip

the astrea’s gonna be sweet!

Comment by ant1ph0n

When someone starts criticizing other’s “taste in mecha”(lolz), it really makes me think: O WOW, WHO GIVES A SHIT??

Get a girlfriend or something CV. Better yet, get a friend, period. Your tiny plastic Gundam model does not count as one.

Comment by Nos

Personally, the MG Wing Ver.Ka does stand out comparing to the latest MG Wing. However, I realise that it does gives off a nostalgic feel for the hardcore fans out there. Either way, it is a good kit and as mentioned before it has alot of articulation and posability. I am surprised that they brought this out as oppose to V2. Guess that way they will keep us on our toes.

Comment by amurorei83

Wing Gundam i m in!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by

yes, I wish they would release Epyon and Tallgeese too! Or Mercurius/Vayeate would be nice!

Comment by pulge

I wish they’ll release A MG Heavy Arms Kai or MG Sandrock Kai ha ha that be sweet! or More grunts like MG Leo, MG Taurus or better the MG Vayeate and Mercurius which leads to MG Virgo ha ha

For the X series, I’ll go with the MG Leopard or MG Double X

Comment by Tiamat


Comment by Ed

bandai, just release mg for ALL ms for ALL series and ALL will be happy except one….

or just hg for ALL ms.

Comment by 00 hater

I’ll be happy if they release ALL series in HG though, save more space, but tough job to paint. =)

Comment by sbhboi

Codename V calls the NEW MG wing retarded. What kind of mecha does he like? I’m guessing a robotic penis to stick up his ass.

Comment by ZR0

Wasn`t CV banned a few months ago? What happened?

Comment by randomguy

“The correct term for these craps would be “STUPID” because these are made for people who has bad tastes in mecha, especially GAY people!”
you mean like yourself?!

Comment by Epsilon_013

Astraea F will be in my list. lots of weapons for 00 kits series season 1

Comment by Epsilon_013

What does this mean?
Why is bandai sudenly giving Hajime Katoki the finger?
And please why is Gundam x always a HG? Where the fuck is the MG version? What does this mean? Does it mean go buy cross bone instead?
And what’s this with bandai’s 30 anniversary kits, why are they so fucken cheap quality? For example they replaced the golden inner frame with a cheap plastic shit color frame (, nice going bandai we already feel happier.

Comment by The Spoiler

@The Spoiler

It’s the regular version of course it’s just plastic not plated.

And HG Gundam X. At least we get a HG version not even more waiting.

Comment by Anon

Bandai giving Katoki the finger? Really now? Last time I check, there’s a bunch of announced HGUC from Unicorn Series, not to mention the GurenLagann/Albion ver Ka.

Comment by guarayakha


that is the normal ver of mg strike freedom which does not come with gold coating. it is not the FBM mg strike freedom…btw, the FBM does not have full gold coated inner frame, so it will not look good with clear parts anyway.

Comment by 00 hater

It’s a shame that bandai hasnt released any MGs from After War X yet… But well, this HG is better than nothing. Not really itnerested in the other ones.

Comment by Harver

@Anon “It’s the regular version of course it’s just plastic not plated”
Yea I already know that, do you think I am a fool. The FBM has the Golden plate.
What I was saying that it is not golden plastic instead it looks like cheap shit color plastic.

And guys I am not complaining about the HG Gundam X, it looks terrific and has details as a MG kit, but simply placing it with my MG kits doesn’t help, the scale is different.

Comment by The Spoiler

@The Spoiler :
at least the proportional is much better than both old HG scale (1/144-1/100).

Comment by Epsilon_013

Please Bandai, make an MG epyon next!

Comment by ulquiorra

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