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HGUC Zaku II F2 (E.F.S.F.) boxart
March 1, 2010, 10:17 am
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this reminds me, will bandai release hguc xamel?

Comment by 00 hater

Yeah I see that they make the Mobile Suit form Gundam 0083 they just make Gundam 0083 the Zaku II new Version

Comment by timesyndicate

@00 hater:
more likely in future. after Bandai finished HGUC Unicorn series campain

Comment by Epsilon_013

Well UC episodes come out twice a year, and there are new HGUC releases every month, and I think they’re gonna run out of UC MSes real quick since they’ve only got six or seven unreleased left.

Comment by wings of words

They might consider just skipping HGUC until something worthwhile is released

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I Wonder how many model BANDAI have to make more

Comment by timesyndicate

they wasting time releasing two different zakus, the eart feds version more than enough, rather they would released gm custom or gm cannon 2.

Comment by refined77

those zaku just different in color and box-art. So Bandai get no problem mold with it, just like extra finish ver. or clear. Same plate, different plactic color.

Comment by Epsilon_013

Don’t wanna sound rude but all trans-am series used the same scheme , just colors was different. It’s best to wait for a few month’s after model release and wait for compilation.

Comment by refined77

that is what i would like to call, milking.

Comment by 00 hater

after all, this is good news. because bandai announce this two will release together. you can immediately decide which one will you buy.
About trans-am, extra finished, and titanium; (for me)better paint it by yourself (or find someone who can paint that for you). less cost, although taking much time.

Comment by Epsilon_013

yeah, this time we can choose but there was several times when we just bought blindly and later know

Comment by refined77

yeah.. like (not mentioned color custom from bandai) the most milking: 00-00raiser-00 raiser+gn sword III.

Comment by Epsilon_013

and after all, all they doing is re-releasing the same kits, i really like to have those – gm sniper 2, dijeh, nemo, nemo 3, dowen wulf, geymalk, gundam mark 4, gundam mark 5, hamma-hamma, nightingale, psycho gundam mk2 and lot – lots other worth to release as hg kits!! All we got is stupid no grade from 80th, b-club millionaire edition , or not less costing resin from build-youreself series!! WTF?

Comment by refined77

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