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Gunleon resin cast kit (non scale)
March 2, 2010, 8:03 pm
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Gunleon on sale in Wonder Festival 2010 Winter. Prototype production by RAMPAGE Ghost M.



Vargola to be coming soon.

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It will be amazing if Gunleon can transform.

Comment by Raven

@Raven: It’s a resin kit, so that’s unlikely.

If it was transforming, too, you can bet the price would be around $500.

Comment by Hiro

I’m glad it doesn’t transform. That shit was the huge black mark on an otherwise-awesome Original.

Comment by Kouban

Everyone knows that custom made garage kit are all looks and no substances, not mention the super expensive price tags garage kits makers put onto their homemade kits.

Here we have a Gunleon and a Bargora made in Z name of Z where faggots cry EMO tears like that Varuch-Ben copy cat and the school girl who always get raped in fagfic. Seriously, I’ve seen Yuusha Police Build Tiger toy and I think that is 10 times better than this tear jerking EMO mech who is only cry tears to gain sympathies. Same goes for that Bargora school girl whore who is willing get raped to alter reality, what a bunch of attention seeking whores Z has! Looks like it takes to be fag to love these 2 whores…

Comment by codename:v

Normal Gunleon blows. Genesic Gunleon is an awesome homage and looks far better.

Comment by Amon

Looks very nice but the price is too much as always.

Comment by LM

Looking very good, i just got my Raftclans that made by the same studio, it’s very detailed and quite articulate

Comment by Rekkou

i saw V’s art has something look like this. But this one is better than his.

Comment by Knights

I’m usually a Gundam only guy, but this design is pretty cool. Gritty but still stylizied enough to be cool.

Comment by InjuredPelican

Is it just me or is CV’s grasp on the English language breaking down alongside his grasp on reality? I remember him making a lot more sense than this.

Comment by RRS


Comment by Anon

fuck CV

Comment by Amuro

CV has never had a grasp of anything other then his portable joystick in his pants

Comment by code

finally, they have the balgora model however.


Comment by setsuna15

Has anyone wondered about where’s Gunleon giant Wrench weapon that he carries all the time and is it transformable weapon or stuck in one mode like this Gunleon toy now?

As for Balgora’s weapon i wonder how can it transform from a long block into a monster cannon like the game?

Also i guess that its pretty hard to make those 2 transformable original generation characters(OGC) toys from SRWZ and it will be way too damn expensive to make it i believe

Comment by TransformersFreak

can it transform?

Comment by gindu


Comment by John Bubuz

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