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More scans from Dengeki Hobby April issue
March 2, 2010, 7:33 pm
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SRW OG full action figure – Compatible Kaiser

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There is nothing really useful about this OGG mech, which only made appearances in one OGG title and the rest is history while the pilot-Roa made a cameo in Mamasan Terada’s latest whore scam called Endless Frontier as a sub-character like pokemons. I think the more appropriate name for Terada’s whore scam should be “Mindless Faggotry” because the whole game title is full of MOE waifools and husbandos who are nothing more but faggots fantasies.

Comment by codename:v

Of course, you being CV means you`re ignorant to the fact that this robot first appeard in THE GREAT BATTLE 4.

Comment by randomguy

man i one in chogokin style……..

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

I could have sworn that it was in the Compact series as well. Oh well, could have misremembered that. But yes, ignorant is bliss, ain’t it, and when I say that, I mean that for you cv.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Man I wish that the creator of Compatible Kaiser will remake it into the original Compatible Kaiser toy in which he can separate and transforms into four parts of vehicles like the Super Nintendo(SNES) version then i will definitely buy it for sure “No matter the cost!” -Optimus Prime

Comment by TransformersFreak

I wish there was a way to ban CV from the world.

What a fucking moron.

Comment by lol

@ lol and everyone

well mate the reason why Codename:V can’t be or be banned from this site is that i can think of is because the owner of this website allows Codename:V to say any Gay Dick-tionary words that he/she can think of with his/her honestly on all things in which some are true and some are false in which i lost track to.

Also it will be the only the Owner of this site that can and definitely ban Codename:V & destroy him/her permanently IF someone can bitches about it to the Owner all time until the Owner gives up and do the banning & deleting Codename:V forever but for now NOTHING! has happened and Codename:V been like this for over 5 years from now even before i join to chat about srw and stuff

Comment by TransformersFreak

CV is just some pissed off Chink who wishes China ruled the world, and gets off by trolling people.

He’s also hella skinny and ugly in real life if you’ve seen him on /m/.

Chances are you could get him to tap out pretty damn easy.

Whatever. Fuck his shit. And Fuck him. And Fuck his Chink Nationalism.

Comment by typical

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