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March 3, 2010, 9:16 am
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Gundam Assault Survive (PSP)

Next week: New popular simulation RPG !


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New SRW on the way? Making my bet for the PS3 release.

Comment by Ryovanni

It’s probably Disgaea 4.

Comment by Rayearth

Do not want disgaea 4.

Cmooooon SRW PS3

Comment by Excellen Browning

I hope its not the SRW Z sequel rumor I heard about and not pretty about the screen shots I saw too. (again not I’m saying any further then that)

Comment by MaxHD2490

@Excellen Browning
the only thing we may get is a Wii SRW

Comment by MaxHD2490

Man, Gundam Assault Survivor is not a well made game. I like the concept behind it, but the execution wasn’t very fun. (Basing off the demo, at least.)

Comment by DarkCode

The screen shots floating around on 4chan and other places were fake. Cleverly edited, but still fake.

Comment by Milkman Dan


Nah, nintendo just get the shitty 3d games. After the sales of NEO and wii being death for hardcore titles being common knowledge there’s no chance of them touchig it again

Comment by Bob

so what are the odds of the next SRW? I have a bad feeling about PS3 SRW to most people think would be awesome but thats sort of a white elephant project and better keep that a secret til the right time. thats all I can say main question is which console aside PS3 the next SRW should be in.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Wow….just because it says “POPULAR SRW game” and people automatically jump in and predict its a SRW game.
Now thats truly desperate on how bad people needed a “NEW SRW game”..

Not that i dont want it to Actually be it is.but com-on that just ridiculous. It makes me LOL every time.

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

Simulation RPG? What does that even mean?

I bet it’s another Valkyria Chronicles – unless it’s Disgaea as Rayearth predicted above.

Comment by Anon

There are so many popular SRPG titles out there other than SRW and so far, the short announcement up there didn’t say SRW.

It’s more likely something else more popular than SRW these days like Disgaea, Shining tales, Saga and others. As you can see, SRW is losing its edge as a mecha RPG on the market with the marketing direction shifted towards MOE loving faggots whose fantasy are narrowed down only 2 things: 2D cartoon waifools and transvestites. So what is there left in SRW to show around when everything now are just plain shallow whore materials? I think SRW heading into the hentai YAOI YURI BL AVG field would be Terada’s next step in his cash-milking scams.

Comment by codename:v

They will punch you in the face with SRW NEO 2 muh haha XP

Comment by LM

I thought you were talking about Disgaia from Dancouger damn why there are game like this name >_<

Comment by kidoga

wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Comment by amuro0093

I wish they would just tell us what the game is instead of having us guess which game they’re going to reveal in the upcoming week. Awhile ago, they said that a popular mecha action game was going to be revealed and it turned out to be Armored Core 5. How disappointing was that – not that I hate Armored Core.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Come on! It has to be SRW! If it will be on something other than PS3, then I would like it to be on PSP! Super Robot Taisen S maybe? Not a bad name.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

it could be anything…and i think srw is more on slg than rpg.

but if it REALLY IS srw then please leave it as 2D or something similar to GG wars.

Comment by 00 hater

i hope SRW, or G generation series, still dissatisfied with GG wars, espercially with story and mech, where’s ASTRAY!? >_<

Comment by Seabook


Comment by Epsilon_013

rape cv

Comment by Amuro

Dear Mr.C:V, I ensure you that Disgaea is no better then SRW, with the gameplay, graphic in all the games are being exactly the same. The story is a joke(literally)and the cutesie characters are created especially for otakus and lolicon, if you are into Disgaea, I already know what kind of person you are…

Comment by NT01

And what kind of person who love Disgaea is? It’s a very good SRPG game. Can’t we have both?

Comment by LM

new news about srw 2010
it’s call srw dai-2 Z
On PS2

ooooooooooooooooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!

Comment by بوع بوع

i Have Pic For The NEW SRW DAI-2 Z
BUT i dont now how i applay it

Comment by بوع بوع

thie is the link

to see new srw dai-2 z

Comment by بوع بوع

oooooooooooooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaah

i’m fuking haaaaappy

Comment by بوع بوع

now pepole !!
if any one now about the new list for
srw dai-2 z
what i’v now about the robots includ are

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeas tell us !!

Comment by بوع بوع

It’s fake.

Comment by superrobotwar

I can’t believe I’m been fall for the fake announcement that is too good to be true

Comment by MaxHD2490

بوع بوع لا تعطينا سوبر رووت مزيف انا متحمس واكثر من جذي ما اقدر اصبر مليت بس اقول يمكن لو ان زد تو فان شاء الله يكون على السوني 2 واوفر فلوس بدال ما ينزل على السوني 3 ,يالله بعد اسبوع راح تكون النتيجة

Comment by Sozoki

>current shining series
>better selling than SRW
>NOT moe animu faggotry

You dont even try anymore CV

Comment by Excellen Browning


Comment by بوع بوع

Eye dont know it too good to be truuu…

That Exia looks so fake well, even it’s fake I’m happy to see it though.

Comment by LM

I think Bandai should have an original story for Gundam game. And original design too, similar concept like Armored Core maybe? And model kits exclusively for the game designs.

Comment by pulge

pulge, substitute Kotobukiya for Bandai and you just described Border Break.

Comment by Anon

that pic is from 2ch made 2 weeks ago

very high quality huh..i do hope its real

BUT BANDAI IF MY PS3 Is Rotting And Survived The “fat Curse” And still No SRW On it!!!

Then MY PS2 IS Already MOLDY and fossilsed By Now!!!!

Where the F Is The PS3 SRW…

Comment by Redcomet86

If it’s not a new SRW game on my black beast (PS3)…THEN SO HELP ME GOD I WILL KILL ALL THE ****ING LAZY STAFF OF BANPRESTO & BANDAI !!!!!!


P.S :
yes…am angry…DUH !

Comment by YaMi

ياشباب اشوفكم ماخذين الموضوع اكيد على انها بتكون على ps3 من اللي اكد لكم هذي المعلومه ؟
ولا هي مجرد اماني
كلكم في المنتدى بتقول كذا شسالفتكم

Comment by بوع بوع

ابصم لكم بلألف انها على بلايستيشن 2

Comment by بوع بوع

وقول ماقال بعا بيعو

Comment by بوع بوع

لا إذا قال بعابيعو إذن اكيد, ان شاءالله يكون سوبر روبوت حتى لو كان على اي جهاز ما يهمني مستعد اشتري اي جهاز :Pمن اي محل مثلما اشتري اي طعام من اي مطعم

Comment by suzuki

تعجبني يالحبيب بس يكون افضل من مطعم مكدونلز

Comment by بوع بوع

شتري الحبيب بس يكوهي مجرد اماني
كلكم في المنتدىาเพื่อเป็นการแจกจ่าย

Comment by amuro0093

زين يا شباب الان يريدون ان يجددون لعبة سوبرروبوت موسو كيشي حق الدي اس اللي كانت على السوبرننتندو اتمنا بس لو يجددون سوبرروبوت اف ويجعلونه حق السوني 3 راح يكون تحفة العصر والقرن الواحد والعشرين اذا جددوا راح اشتري الجهاز السوني 3 وانا مغمض عيوني وما عاد يهمني اذا يريدون يصنعون سوبر روبوت جديد ولا ماراح يصنعون انا اكتفي بهذا الشريط ولو ان احتمال فيه شغلات ممكن تخترب اذا جددوه مثل الاسلحة نظام تنقيصها راح يضعف فاقترح يجددون سوبر روبوت 4 لان فيه الكثير من الشغلات الخاطئة لان كثير يستخدم نظام الذخائر حق اسلحة المفروض تعتمد على طاقة الEN 

Comment by suzuki

Guys, do you actually know Arabic? Because if you don’t, then it’s not funny that you’re using it like this.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@ KamenRiderShinzo

Their Arabic isn’t even a good one to begin with
not to mention speaking Arabic on an English Forum\blog site,which is really ridiculous…

But I doubt that someone with the name بوع بوع
would have a sense of reason ..

Comment by YaMi

why we are crying like kids because of arabic and when someone speak with france language we don’t know even how to Reply what ashame

Comment by dragon square

@ dragon square
And when someone speak france they Silence as the beasts ??

Comment by Maik

@ dragon square,it’s kids who aren’t capable of writing a good English sentence without failing so much at it…

As for your French (not france) point of view,it doesn’t matter really,they are at false too in my book,and it’s a biiiiiiig biiiiiig book 😀 !

Comment by YaMi

srw banzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Comment by Ten Ko Shin Ken

this week is too long

Comment by Banjo

How does CV keep getting in here?

Comment by Greg

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