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Bandai Hobby Sales Manual April 2010
March 4, 2010, 7:14 pm
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MG Wing Gundam – 4,200 yen

HG 1/144 Gundam X – 1,890 yen

HG 1/144 Gundam Astraea Type F – 1,890 yen

SD Gundam NT-1 & Gundam GP-01Fb  – 1,575 yen


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I still don’t see the point why bandai is gona release the MG Wing Gundam kit when already MG wing ver.ka is much more superior.
Instead they could have put an effort in releasing a MG Gundam X kit (or is it that hard for them).

Comment by The Spoiler

Bandai is just releasing this stuff just to piss CV off..

Comment by Redux

The Spoiler:
When you’re talking about taste, there’s nothing superior to other, there’s a lot of people who actually likes Okawara’s Wing rather than Katoki’s

Comment by Rekkou

I probably won’t buy this new MG Wing Gundam when it comes out, but that’s not to say I don’t prefer Okawara’s designs from the series to Katoki’s redesigns, especially those of the Wing and Wing Zero Gundams. Now, if only a MG Tallgeese or Epyon (still my favorite Gundam since I first saw it on Toonami in the 7th grade) THEN we’re talkin’.

Comment by ArkeotheHedgehog

Rekkou, unless you’re talking about the literal taste of shit versus candy i suppose.

Comment by ant1ph0n

I don’t know about the Wing Gundam (probably my least favorite of the original 5), but I definitely like Okawara’s TV Wing Zero more than Katoki’s EW Wing Zero. The badass Neo Bird mode is superior to “Angel Wings” in my book.

Comment by KyriosArios

I know where this is going, so i chose to not properly replying someone without respect for someone’s work

Comment by Rekkou

Strawman CV has a point in this. The MG Wing isn’t exactly what fans have been expecting since the surprise of the Victory Gundam last year. It’s great that Bandai is finally giving some older designs more love but MG Wing over an X MG gunpla is a slap in the face of the fans who’ve been wanting any of the X variations for years. Wing has two MG kits, soon to be three, X is the only series without even one kit of any kind. Not to mention that after how the Victory was so extremelly well crafted in its frame transformations and mechanisms that it’s a setback to make the Wing Gundam which is a pretty simple design without any real special features, moreso than the Katoki version which is crammed full of tiny details and looks more like a true transfoming Gundam than the original.

Comment by Amon


wing ver ka is not the EW ver. it is just wing. it may have some parts “similar” to WZC but it does not have the angel wing. the WZC is another mg which is not ver ka. i agree that angel wing looks weird on a ms.

i’m sure this new mg wing will have some good points since its a new mg from year 2010 and all. compared to an old 2004 mg. at least now they change the fingers, it can hold the heavy guns better , i think? oh come on! wing is >10 years old and cant we just have a mg wing which follow the anime design? look at strike and exia!

Comment by 00 hater

“Oh come on! As a market leader in toys-games industry, Bandai should at least lead by example by inspiring instead of just milking cash out of mindless fags.”
So, why don’t you tell Bandai about that. i hope they’ll listen you (i’m not expect to be true)

Comment by Epsilon_013

“but MG Wing over an X MG gunpla is a slap in the face of the fans who’ve been wanting any of the X variations for years”

stop whining will ya? you’re not the only gundam “fan” here. if you don’t like it then don’t, nobody’s forcing you to buy wing and you can’t stop bandai from releasing wing or any mg from other series that they want. we should be thankful that finally they’ve made hgx and perhaps maybe later we could have mgx. if there’s wing mg then i don’t see any reason why bandai’s not going to release x mg unless it’s the end of the world. we just have to be patient enough to wait coz they’re the one who make kits and not us.

Comment by XX

Quit ye’re bitching. Neither the wing zero custom or wing ver.ka were from the anime. This new kit shows that bandai may actually be serious about releasing kits from older series.
Victory last year, wing in a month and maybe X before the year is out.
Dont expect them to stop at one kit per series, many more to come in time.

Comment by ZR0

I don’t know, the Wing aint too bad. If I have the time I’d have gotten it… damn busy life

Comment by realgundam

i really dont understand the concept on “milking” bandai comes out with something (either new or not so new) its the consumer’s choice to buy it,and most of the time they buy it because they want it. if you realize buying something was a mistake then thats really your fault isnt it? aside from my bitching hope astrea or plutone gets an MG treatment soon

Comment by aker


yes its the consumer choice to buy or not but we are never told that there are gonna be a better ver coming out. though we CAN estimate it “from experience”.

mg unicorn ver ka -> ver ova
hg 00 gundam -> …..
arios, cherudim, seravee – > HW ver.
mg strike -> ….
mg son goku -> super saiya mode
zaku ver 2.0….

one of the common thing is bandai is reusing the parts from older kits, add something new, new color, and they sell it with higher/same price due to the upgrades.

rich people will buy the better/newer ver and they got milked. poor people like me cant afford to buy all the ver and can only envy the rich people. yes, its our fault to fall into bandai’s plan, but that doesn’t mean bandai is not milking.

saying bandai is milking is = saying bandai is earning from us, with little effort ( changing the color and reusing parts). at least that is how i interpret it. take note that i never say milking is illegal. bandai is doing business. but how is saying “bandai is milking” is wrong is beyond me.

“oh wow, mg unicorn ova ver with cage! those people are sure dumb to buy the ver ka 2 years ago. its their fault! they should not have bought it and keep the money and with confidence thinking that 2 years later there will be a OVA of unicorn, and there will be a new improved mg out of it. dumb people are dumb!”

Comment by 00 hater

00 hater:
It’s not Bandai’s fault that you are not a rich people, the real idiot here is people who actually think they HAVE to buy everything that bandai released. And it’s an egoistic person who thinks Bandai should just release something that they like, do you actually think everyone like Heavy Equipment add on? do you think people wanted to pay over 2000 yen for a cage that they don’t need?

Comment by Rekkou

LOL@all the whiners. You guys are actually crying about anime Wing, which is making it’s first appearance as a MG, but no one makes a sound when all the countless RX-78-2/Zakus/GMs and Ball MGs.

Comment by Guara

Yup, i don’t understand one thing: MG Wing releasing and there are still people complaining, but they don’t say a thing about how Bandai bashed the RX-78 frame since the 1.5 (even the 2.0 now gets a titanium ver.) and the worst: Zaku!!! I seriously hate these 2 being in the catalog as new items over and over again… =.=

Comment by EXkurogane

The Spoiler is so wrong that MG Wing Ver Ka is superior. In terms of kit engineering, the 6 year gap (maybe more?) will make a huge difference between this new one and the old one. The Wing Ver Ka is basically a “semi-MG” in today’s standards, because the only sections that kit has an inner frame is the torso and legs… like the old MG GP02A and so on… old “semi-MGs” only focus on the legs when it comes to inner frame details…

Comment by EXkurogane

Maybe they didn’t want to announce two different Gundam X kits at the same time. They want this HG Gundam X to sell, after all, and it would certainly sell worse if it was released alongside a MG of the same suit.

Comment by Hiro

lot of people dunno about this and still the fake fact that say “Wing is Okawara original design” ,but i want to correct about what ArkeotheHedgehog said.”Okawara’s designs from the series to Katoki’s redesigns”.Okawara is the one who redesign not Katoki,Katoki’s Wing is the 1st Gundam wing art and its rejected by Sunrise(i dunno if its tomino or sunrise) because its too modern for an anime on that year (and i think is too modern for a plamo that year too) just want to share the real fact..

Comment by ARIA

The folks saying that people haven’t protested the RX-78 and Zaku variations clearly have been living with their heads inserted into their anal cavities. Every single such release is always, without fail at that, met with a hail of brimstone and fucking thunder directed at Bandai for trying to shamelessly milk us dry. I’m more interested why the same people complaing about not having people complaing don’t mention how the Strike has 6 fucking kits by itself. I guess Seed can have the right to hipocrisy and the barrel 78-2 doesn’t?

Comment by Amon


i was thinking the same thing…but felt pointless to say it out due to obvious reasons.

lol at “countless” gms and balls. how many mg gm( THE gm) we have so far? 2? and how many mg balls so far? 2??? lolz….

how many mg exia within 1 (or half) year?

well of course it is better and easier to bash rx-78 and zaku which start to have its 1st mg since…1995?

Comment by 00 hater

seems i miss 1 mg ball, so it should be 3 mg balls so far

Comment by 00 hater

I love the Wing TV Ver more than the Ver. Ka. The Ver. Ka reuses too much of the Wing Zero Custom for my tastes.

And as such, seeing as I’ve been dreaming of a MG Wing TV Ver, this kit made my day. Also, I’m in the same boat about all the Zakus and RX-78’s. Some people have been wanting a MG X, some a MG Wing, etc etc. A MG X should happen sometime in the next two years. Now, me? I’m waiting on a MG Wing Zero TV ver…

Comment by Theron

me too. since i already got Wing Ka and Wing Zero Custom, and Wing tv ver gonna release shortly. Now i waited Wing Zero tv ver. that will complete MG Wing Variation

Comment by Epsilon_013

Looking for information regarding bandai sales department for importing model kits into the U.S.

If someone could point me in the correct direction that would be great.


Comment by Vincent Dellaperuto

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