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Mass Production Model Gespenst Mk-II Kai (Albero Custom) boxart
March 5, 2010, 12:31 am
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Amazing win. This is will probably be my first Koto Gespenst.

Comment by SpeedStriker

How long the company will monopolize original mecha, I hope to see MG or HG of Bran Schnail

Comment by kidoga

Besides Kai’s Gespy this might just edge its way ahead of the RV to be my second favourite Gespenst ever.

Comment by F97 X-1

Ok, now that all the cool Ges-chans are done, Seigerlion/Armorlion or Laz Angriff next please!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

A Laz Angriff kit would be big, chunky love.

Comment by Hiro

Ah, more OG Goodness, looks like they’ll really gonne go for the MX storyline

Comment by mlmonster

COME ON! KOTOBUKIYA Company please remake SRX’s R-SERIES models again but this time make 3 of them to be transformable into SRX and back or AT LEAST! make SRX Altered “Banpreios” or its 3 new Altered R-SERIES PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!

Comment by TransformersFreak


Are you absolutely, totally, completely sure that there is such a thing as “Altered R-Series”?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

@ Sgt. NoOb

Well there must be variants that make up Banpreios. ART-1 is the prototype which will lead on to the Altered R Series so maybe Koto will make them if those mechs are ever introduced into the OG verse.

Comment by F97 X-1

First of all, let’s compare both Bandai and Kotor.

Bandai is a megahouse in toys-games production, especially with their plamo line where they are able to come up with innovative ideas like the recent MG Victory and MG RX-78-2 Ver.2.0 where full action is push beyond boundaries.

Kotor is only a small time garage kit business whose plamo making expertise is still at infancy and their skills are still limited to making old Bandai 1/144 level.

So what’s the point of asking someone sub-par like Kotor to make you a fully transformable SRX or split the Banpreios into separate standalone mechs? You should ask Bandai to purchase Kotor and Terada’s whore scams first before asking for such a toy. Meanwhile, you are still stick with this Kotor’s sub-par worthless Genspenst Kai used by useless characters like Alberto and Hugo in OGG. What’s the point of borrowing MX characters and mechs when you don’t even intend to make an OG3? Pathetic

Comment by codename:v

@Sgt. NoOb and everyone

The Altered R-SERIES really do exist and not everyone in the world have actually seen pictures of them including me but you can tell by looking closely at SRX Altered “Banpreios” body and its similar to the Original SRX because of R3’s body is the lower torso and legs of both SRX.

SRX Altered “Banpreios” made its appearance in SRWA3 and its was made just in time during the intensed battle between alhpa numbers(which is you) and the Ze Balmary Empire/Spirit Emperor.

After the SRWA3 games which is late 2005 the creators of SRX Altered “Banpreios” were or are having troubles right now that’s what i think. Its because of creating the designs for Altered R-SERIES IF the SRX Altered “Banpreios” have been able to separates into 3 real robots and is depending on what they look like and to see that if we like their looks or not?

Here’s is my theory about what do the Altered R-SERIES looked like:

Altered R-1 with or without powered form: would like Similar to ART-1 i think but more futuristic look on its robot and jet mode aka R-WING

Altered R-2 with or without powered form: would be able to transform into an futuristic Heavy Tank i think

Altered R-3 with or without powered form: would be able to transform into an futuristic stealth/bomber i think

Well anyways lets hope in the future of the new SRW SERIES Game that IF I am WRONG or I am RIGHT

Comment by TransformersFreak

@ TransformersFreak

Hm, good reasoning.

Or they could actually use those possible Altered R-series for a improved Banpreios… There’s too much story to conclude the current OGverse with a trilogy, and if they get the Banpreios too early it’ll be hell to keep it from failing within the storyline.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Isn’t there already full transforming SRX? not sure if it’s a kit and made by Koto though, if i remember correctly the price is around 60.000 Yen

Comment by Rekkou

Comment by Rekkou

wow…60k yen….

Comment by 00 hater

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