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Rumor: Super Robot Wars OG Saga – Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental [DS]
March 5, 2010, 6:04 pm
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A retail listing popped up for Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental and then quickly vanished, but not before it was captured by a Japanese blog. The pulled product page says Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental is a remake of the Super Famicom title with a similar name (no Gaiden). It uses the battle system from the original game, but ditches the super deformed look for realistic robot graphics during battle. Somehow, Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental manages to tie-in to the existing OG Saga mythology too.

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental, according to the potential leak, is dated for May 27.


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I love Cybaster and all, but I’d rather see a traditional SRW first than this.

Comment by SupeRX10G

Ugh our Ps3 SRW gonna wait until 2011 maybe.
And the worse thing is I don’t have DS

Comment by amuro0093

I’m just greatful that there will be a remake of Masou Kishin. I’ve heard about how great the old game was so I’ve been wanting to play it.

Comment by mlmonster

nice.., and no ps3/psp srw atm, have they abandoned sony?, its only nintendo nintendo nintendo now…., and no traditional srw anymore =(

Comment by katsumotto

OMG, and it’s not even for PS3?! I didn’t know that! I am beginning to despite Banpresto now!

Comment by SupeRX10G

Very Interesting game indeed and i would love to hear the elementals songs again and later osomeone else can make those songs into remixes and it would be so awesome to hear it again

Comment by TransformersFreak

so when does this story take place ?

Comment by warning316

The fact that it’s for DS is just… I don’t know, I love Masoukishin above all but what’s the interest of a remake that doesn’t feature voices, or decent graphics? Honestly Banpresto’s best DS animations are still crap, even worse is that I can’t remember any game for DS that had decent animation. The game play of LoE is great (except the kehai sacchi stuff, which makes the second half a luck game), but… Wait and see, I guess.

Comment by Anonymous

is this Game is the same news about (Next week: New popular simulation RPG !) ? then all of my hope and dreams killed and may survive next year 😦 バカな!!

Comment by suzuki

id say lord of elemental is f*cking hard!

Comment by riderkick

If they make a SRW F HD for PS3. That will be great. I don’t care if it’s a remake. old SRW still very entertain.

Comment by OLD SRW FAN

I’m playing F right now, and it’s great! I’d play a remake in HD if they made it…
And this Masoukishin will be entertaining until the announcement of OG3 or Z2 or wahterer classic 2D and SD SRW!

Comment by Folka

f is best game on series, story, sequence of events, and have many secret characters and many routes, the only thing is graphics, yes to remark it 🙂

Comment by suzuki


Indeed! In fact, I have beaten SRW Alpha just recently, and now I’m trying to finish Alpha Gaiden. I want to see a new game, not a remake on PS3! It’s been over 3 years since the system came out, and how many Banpresto games does it have? ZERO!!

Comment by SupeRX10G

I’m sure remark of F is 1000000 times better than making new srw like neo and I’m going to buy PS3 console by closed eyes and all Pride

Comment by Tomson

Have you even played any of the DS SRWs? They all (Yes, including the EF games) have great animations. Nevermind that the old standard for SRW was no voices and no animations…

Some people are just spoiled, I guess.

But… LoE was a traditional SRW. Or did you mean one with licensed series?

Comment by Hiro

not that great compared to SRW Z and banpresto is giving attention only to nintendo nintendo nintendo…., its frontier, frontier, Neo, K, the DS multiplayer one, i want a HD srw =(, and srw neo was a big fail in my opinion…., please, a next gen srw, branpresto!

Comment by katsumotto

But Z was the culmination of years of working on the PS2, whereas the DS games are roughly at the same place [measured by the team’s familiarity with the hardware] as @2.

Also, I would argue that there are a couple weak spots in Z where K/W outshine it a bit, but that’s just, like, my opinion.

Comment by Hiro

Spoiled for what? For moving forward? Don’t tell me, you are still stuck in playing with a snes because you don’t care about graphics. lol please

The only DS SRW I’ve played was W, but I’ve went to check K animation after reading about LoE DS and it left me underwhelmed as expected.

Comment by Anonymous

yes i agree, Z went through a lot of work, but, theres alot of time since they announced they would work on a srw for ps3 =(, so tired of waiting =~~, i hope theyre working on something big, something like a srw with all series up to date that have already participated on a srw series, it would be nice to have an srw where you choose which non debut series will have on your playthrough ^^, well, something BIG =P

Comment by katsumotto

srw K,W,J and NEO wasn’t that good on series tomino tirada removed most UC of it that’s the reason, and wasn’t that famous on japan there are few manga of it 1 or 2 but look at srw f there are about more than 15 manga of it ,you can know good srw by number of it manga

Comment by Kidoga

as much I like waiting for further updates can’t anybody at least ask banpresto for SRW PS3? that couldn’t been simpler to ask.

Comment by MaxHD2490

remakes should just be left in the PSP to handle.

DS should just be about what they’re doing with A to K, not counting OG1 and OG2… adding new stuff but in small quantities.

and PS2/3 should just deal with stuff like the Alphas and the OGs… compiling the originals and adding new stuff in big quantities and upgrading of the previous stuff they did.

it gives better control on what console to buy and what to expect in it…

Comment by JustPassingThru

Jumping from the Super Famicom to the PSP is probably too much work for Banpresto to handle for a side-project. The game was never as popular as SRWF or the main series, so there’s no reason to spend that much effort on something they know isn’t going to be a best-seller.

Comment by Psybuster

I think all of you kids need to relax. Terada said that he’s got several projects in the works and according to his blog he said he “may” announce three different games for 2010. This is just one of them.

I think remaking LOE to DS is a great idea. It wouldn’t have made sense to spend all the effort on a next gen console on a OG spin-off since most of you are already going “wtf is LOE?”. It’s obvious that it is targeted toward old SRW fans… The original LOE on Super Famicom was an amazing game.

Comment by Nos


yeah i remember about the 3 projects to announce, im just afraid(based on last year…) that the other 2 projects are to nintendo again…. =(

Comment by katsumotto

this means they are working on the main srw, its hard for them to make 2 high quality games at the same time, so they had to release something on the ds

waiting for it 🙂

Comment by Banjo

I don’t want it to be on DS there are many roms this days that doesn’t work and people failed to patch it like sonic sega star and sonic classic collection

Comment by degim

I thought most of the Masou Kishin characters were licensed by some other company?

Isn’t that why all the rest of the characters from the series(except Masaki, Ryune, Shu) never came out in the OG series after Alpha Gaiden?

Whatever if this is news, I’m going to cum since Lord of the Elemental series is one of the most interesting originals.

Comment by shady123

@degim: So… you’re afraid you won’t be able to emulate it?

@shady123: Terada has denied the rumor of the LoE characters not appearing for licensing reasons more than once, I believe.

I always figured it was because they didn’t want to flood the cast with the LoE characters.

Comment by Hiro

I can’t believe. In only 2 mouths a new game? I believe in a new (old) story of Cybuster, but not in 2 mouths.

Comment by Paulo Shishio

PS3 ? … -_-

Comment by YaMi

something tells me there will be a “BIG STORM” coming after all these mediocre games….
“i guest BANPRES is like here have bread sticks for the FANs and STFU before we can cook up some better food, that will take forever, and by the time its done. we are full of dame BUNs….”

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

@Paulo Shishio
And who said that they’ve just started making it?
Don’t be stupid, if game is really under development, then they started it while ago. And info leaked only now.

Comment by Rune


Comment by z4rd

You’re going to make Masaki cry. Rumors that he’s going to get his own game back, this time with animation, and you deny him? I think you need to apologize.

Comment by Hiro

i dont think masaki deserves a DS animation quality…., it would be nice to see masaki with his own game on ps3 =D

Comment by katsumotto

wonder if they’ll add Asakim in that.

Comment by hiroy_raind

@ degim

our guys are clever their patch Does not disappoint
Unlike guys of sonis who don’t know where god place them so ドンマイ

Comment by kidoga

Ah thanks for clarifying that Hiro.

Comment by shady123

lol newfags don’t know Shuu/Neo Granzon is permanently recruitable in LotE.

Comment by lol

@ Hiro March

Yeah,you might wanna add “silent” before “Masaki cry”,I’d rather have this on my psp,at least it has better graphics,sound and VOICE !

Comment by YaMi

ahh I wrote Hiro “March”…wow
I failed 😦

Comment by YaMi

I’m sorry to pop your illusion but didn’t you see how DS sells? it’s almost a miracle in the sell charts. Obviously Banpresto wants to produce it in the DS because making it on PSP is like throwing a game through the window

Comment by Blueblazer

Exceed was the top selling game since it’s launch, obviously they would make it for DS ^^

I’m so expectinmg this!! 😀

Comment by Smasher64

hmp! PSP? is it a joke? the other PSP SRW where the same shit ported, surely they will port this one from the famicon LOL

Comment by Smasher64

*nerdgasm* I’ll clean it up, but I’m not sorry :X

Comment by mavzero

Guys Guys,I know the DS games are topping the charts like some wii games (aka Super Mario Brothers Wii) topped it for like what,5 to 6 weeks ? (if am not wrong) ..

But still that’s not my point,if the game is made from scrap on the psp,it would have much better graphics,sound,animation..etc,better than any SRW that DS can provide,you’d be living in denial if you think otherwise 🙂

Comment by YaMi

But again, it`s pointless to spend a load of money on a game that you know isn`t gonna do as well as your flagship titles (Alpha, Z, Impact, OG). That`s why they sent OG to the GBA first: to test the waters. After the positive results, they went to PS2.

Comment by Psybuster

@ Psybuster

Well,it’s still a shame that not a single info on a new srw for PS3 is revealed.. =_=

I would kill to have that lol xD
and I agree with what you said,true that nintendo market in japan is far more powerful than sony,though it’s sad that it’s not as much regarding quality…and yes that’s my opinion only ~

Comment by YaMi

Is Bandai ever going to step up and make a PS3 SRW title?

Comment by Bob

They probably are making a SRW game for PS3 with updated mecha list (Code Geass or Tengen Toppa anyone?).

Watch, the news will just fly out of no where and everyone is going to be like “OMFG, BRANPRESTO IS TEH BEST!!”

Comment by shady123

How to be Codename:v

1.- Copy his comments
2.- Replace the names of the mechs witht some other that you don’t like
3.- ?????

Comment by E5150

so how many stages the old Masou Kishin game had? is it hard? :p

Comment by Banjo


HEY! does everyone in the whole wide world would ever know about that PS3 are modified-able yet or not yet? If Not then how to play the new srw games for PS3 if you know what i mean by that?

Comment by TransformersFreak


Dude, PS3 games do NOT have region lock! Only blu-ray and dvd movies do!

Comment by SupeRX10G

The 2ch poster who leaked this also said there’s a new OG game coming to PS3

Comment by Bob

NOW THAT would be GREAT news!!!!!

@Bob, how can we see the entire topic???, i can only see one post…

Comment by katsumotto

found it

Comment by katsumotto

>DS Release
>Original Characters only

I smell possible US release, folks. And unlike the PSP, the DS has original content made for it. I’m almost tempted to say W was near @3 in its quality of animation at times. And voices might be possible in this, look at Endless Frontier.

Comment by Duran

good luck to patch it

Comment by musha

I hope it will be easy patched but No problem if guys failed to patch it I’ll play SNES version

Comment by lord of crespy

@duran, lolno, W’s sprite animation level, and that of K, are of Alpha’s level with abit more finess from @2 thrown in. The DS games have been using the same graphics engine as J which was a GBA game. I love it when people claim DS SRW games are as good as PS2 when the DS has half the resolution and can’t even render any particle effects.

Comment by Anon

But then you can’t deny W’s attack animations are way more awesome of that from @3, even though the later has better graphics.

About the rumour: unsure about it, but if that’s true, count me in.

Comment by BrianGeneral

DS srws are fun, specially W, but of course PS srws are much more better

Comment by Banjo

ï¼ Banjo
 I haven’t play any srw on ds but if you say w is good one and it’s the one which contain voltron I may look for it I hope it’s agood Scenario, thanks for Advice

Comment by Igzective producer

yes W is cool, try it 😀

Comment by Banjo

Unless there is some scans or screenshots involved, I would take anything said on 2ch with a mound full of salt.

Comment by Nos

They’ve been refining the engine from K, i.e. improving upon it your ignoramous. Which is more than I could say about going from @2 to @3, which basically reused all common things in the two games.

Comment by Duran

i will never expect much a thing from a console that cannot even handle a complex AI for enemies, W and K were…, fun…, only if you can ignore the fact that theres no much challenge, which they try to compensate by giving enemies hundreds of thousands of stats, i really miss complex battles.

its really nice to get a unit and make it overpower through max stats and upgrades, but when you get it, the game has no challenge at all, i hope they announce a good srw and make this (possible) LoE with a miracle programming never seen before in older entries.

even so, there’s no much fun on no-voices for cybaster, i would really like to hear akashec buster in a next gen console, so sad…

Comment by katsumotto

ohhohohoh… nice !! if the info is correct, then this will bethe 1st non-SD SRW on NDS. as the original Masoukishin on SNES is not SD-ed… cool !!

Comment by Sei

SRW has never had particularly profound AI.

And hasn’t been particularly challenging in a long time.

Comment by Hiro


yes, thats why i expect something to makes us proud as announcement from them ^^

Comment by katsumotto

GaoGaiGar,GaoGaiGar FINAL,Tekkaman Blade 1-2,Full Metal Panic 1-3,Gundam Astray,Mazinkaiser new version,Shin Getter and no f***ing Daitarn,Combattler or Voltes…well don’t know about what game you are talking about,but w is definitely one of the best srw titles
the sprites and animations are as good as @2/@3 even if they don’t have the same resolution. The only disappointing thing in the DS titles are that there is no voice,but I can live with that if the game has such a great cast

Comment by itamaki

I can see where you’re coming from, but Daitarn and Voltes are my homeboys. Combattler, not so much.

They are pretty intensely overdone in SRW, though.

Comment by Hiro

@itamaki W has among the strongest lists seen in portable SRW if not all of SRW. Far cry from SRW D which had a rather weak one.

But to be honest those SRs have been in various games (And in many of the GBA games), same goes for many classic series. To be honest I can see why they’re classics, but not so crazy about them.

The only thing I have to complain about W is that The Black Selena got gipped of its Boston Jump ability.

And it’s far better than SRW NEO (aka the game with mostly kiddy SRs)

Comment by Duran

everyone keeps bitching that a SRW game on the DS will have no voice acting despite the fact that it has proven on numerous ocasions that it is quite possible for it to accomplish. as for the fact that Banpresto has yet to do so that could simply because they have yet to really realease much for the ds. lets not forget that there are massive differences in the overall graphics of earlier ps1 srw and later ps1 srw games. im really looking forward to a masoukishin remake, i just hope this dosent make Aeon Genisis drop their translation plans on the the original super famicon one.

Comment by GaleRenegade

Well I hope this LoE is translated like the endless frontier. Make it easier to understand. If not need to check on gamefaqs very often

Comment by kerobelle

at least w is better than neo

Comment by musha

everyone keeps bitching that a SRW game on the DS will have no voice acting despite the fact that it has proven on numerous ocasions that it is quite possible for it to accomplish.

Sure it’s possible. But the problem is they’re not doing it.

Comment by amuro0093

Well it’s a matter of cost mainly I suspect, since hiring VA and such would cost extra money. It was mainly voice actor issues that prevented Derka and Cagalli from being playable in SRW Z. The question here is if Banpresto would do voices for this supposed game and could they gather the old cast?

Comment by Duran

Some of you are really blind to even think that SRW W comes even as close as @2,not to mention @3 which is pretty far from it ..

Yes,W was a good game,but it wasn’t AS good as some of you “claim” it is,and comparing it to a ps2 game,that’s just silly to be honest ~

if anything,the game has the same graphics engine of the last titles of SRW that hit GBA in it’s final years BUT improved on it a lot,and that’s not saying much,it’s like saying “hey,the donut I had a couple days ago is the same one am having now but with chocolate sprinkles!”,yes they tried to gimmick the animation style of the playstation SRW games,but it wasn’t as smooth nor as crisp as the ps1 & 2 titles ..

Anyways,someone is just going to keep defending and am just going to keep repeating myself,so nvm

have fun with Lord of the element on DS,as for me ? am going to wait for my PS3 SRW,I didn’t even play Neo yet because I hate 3D SRW,and am hoping it stays 2D for PS3,otherwise heads are gonna fly 😡 !

Comment by YaMi


In the SRW productions, they Leak a production of a new game 4-5 mounth before. No official advert yet in a short time to the supost release day. That’s the reason i don’t believe. If this will be just a port of snes version, maybe. A new version, no.

Comment by Paulo Shishio

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