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HGAW 1/144 Gundam X boxart
March 6, 2010, 9:29 pm
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boxart inspired by HGUC. i hope they release the FF:

HGAW 1/144 Virsago CB
HGAW 1/144 Ashtaron HC

one purpose, combine them!!!!! hehehehe

Comment by setsuna15

I’m so buying this, which is new because I don’t buy 1/144 kits, this is to show my support for the series and hope that they make an MG version of it and the Double X… ^_^

Comment by JustPassingThru

goddd thanks to my mom she bought me gundam x vcd when i was 4,and thanks god i’m 16 now and i can see my 1st favorite ms released as new HG.and the most important,THANKS BANDAI AHHHH

Comment by ARIA

So they’re hiring Ryohta Magaki now? that’s really new, hope to see more box art done by him

Comment by Rekkou

more please!

Comment by 00 hater

yes yes yo nice one good art


Nice boxart. So this is the new HG line which is only for After War Gundams. I thought that it will be for all the AU Gundams. It only makes sense that the new HG ZZ would fall in HGUC.

Comment by Quantum

Very good boxart. Falls in line with the HGUC stylings, shows off the mech’s design, and generally looks good.

Comment by Hiro

NICE! still not getting it though =/

Comment by aker

I think this kit is only under the “High Grade After War” line since, X is from the AW time line. So that probably means when we see the HG God Gundam, it’ll probably say something like HGAU or HG13TH, making a reference to the “13th Gundam Fight”.

Comment by Theron

More likely HGFC, since G gundam’s era is called Future Century.

Comment by da_guy

Epic win on boxart cover

Comment by MaxHD2490

seeing how HGUC Zaku-II F2 also had “0083 Stardust Memories” written on it, I’m guessing that HGUC has now become an universal HG lineup…

Comment by hiroy_raind

meh they did the same thing with Unicorn’s HG releases. In the end they are all still considered HGUC regardless.

Great to see the other AU’s from the 90’s and possibly Turn A too down the road get the real HG treatment, cause boy did their joints and everything suck ass before in their initial releases.

Comment by Zero

The new Zaku II’s boxart has “0083 Stardust Memories” on it likely because there are multiple Zaku’s already and there’s a need to differentiate between them for the more leyman fans.

Comment by Amon

looks great but i rather get X divider or double X

Comment by Ereos

I@m hoping that bandai will bring back Wing series kits in 1/144 scale. HGAC!!

Comment by ZR0

There needs to be an MG GX.

Comment by lol

New in classic look. Nice!

Comment by pulge

it should be be pack with divider parts. So i won’t need waiting when X divider release 😛

Comment by Epsilon_013

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