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March 10, 2010, 7:43 am
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Updated HQ scans.



Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental [NDS]

Release on May 27th, price 6090 yen. 90% completed.

New game cross review:
[PSP] Gundam Assault Survive – 8, 8, 8, 9 (33/40)


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HOLY CRAP IT’S REAL!! Hell yeah LoE!

Comment by F97 X-1

so its real but whay not on ps3

Comment by lunar79

Now that its officially confirmed…this time their collaborating with Winky Soft again.

Comment by mlmonster

>their collaborating with Winky Soft again.


Comment by Magitek


Comment by SRWFANMAN

Banpresto – Lazy!

Why won’t they make a new SRW game for console? Lazy!!

Comment by Nadz

does any one know Banpresto e-mail please ?

i really need to send an e-mail to them so does any one have it ?

Comment by lunar79

fuck banpresto i want srw for conole not portable

Comment by deathriders

I can’t understand why people are complaining for a console release. Its only about a year after SRWZ Special Disc and 6 months after NEO.
It’s impossible for any games to be completed in just a couple of months.

Comment by mlmonster

at last, now lets see when they announce something for the ps3

Comment by Banjo

hey SRW do U know Banpresto e-mail we are the fan would like to send an e-mail to make them know how does we feel right now .

Comment by lunar79

C’mon guys… some of you are making me start to to understand why CV has devoted his “life” to troll you…

Comment by Virgo

cybuster got two sword !!! coool man!!

Comment by

Re: People who want a PS3 SRW

This is only the first of three likely SRW announcements. 😛 Terada said he would be remaking one, so this is it. The console one will be announced in the next couple months, I’m sure.

Comment by Kat

the guy who leaked Lord of Elementals also said there was a new OG game coming to PS3 so stop bitching geez

Comment by Bob

>The game is real.

JESUS CHRIST THAT IS AWESOME NEWS. We might just get it here in the US

>OG game for the PS3.
F*** S*** GODD*** IT! Not that it won’t be awesome, just that there won’t be much of a way in hell we’ll be getting that.

>People whining about no console SRW news.
Neo just came out, and Console SRWs take more time and money than a portable one.

Also the reason why EXCEED and this are coming out so close is the matter of two separate teams working on them.

Comment by Duran

People who want a PS3 SRW

no i don’t want ugly 3D

Comment by A...

Its that Masaki’s starting Mech? b4 phyBaster

When games are not satisfyingly fans, or it just not good enough. they want or demand a NEW one. just that simple.

It didnt happen like that when alpha2 or 3 was out. I rarely hear people says, “Oh, dame when is the next console game comes out” ….

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

just to counter on you people calling us “bitching for a PS3 SRW” ..

1- Yes,we have all the right to do so,it’s been more than a year that a new SRW was announced for playstaion trademark.

2- Neo was an awful joke from Terada,and he knows it (at least I think he does),otherwise he wouldn’t counter it with so many DS srw titles,I mean how many are their now ? 7 ? 8 ? (3 of which came AFTER Neo !)

3- Yes,having a handheld SRW game is a blast,but ignoring good consoles like PS3\360 (though I hope it stays PS3 exclusive for the Bluray storage capabilities) is just stupid on his behalf,it’s like he doesn’t care,and XO for 360 which is also a port with some tweaks,was also terrible !

and you’re calling us bitching ? for having a “decent” 2D (F***ING 2D TERADA !) SRW for PS3\consoles ? <— I would even settle for a 2D SRW on the Wii

Then yeah,I will be bitching,until Terada stops teasing us fans with stupid DS titles ..! (not entirely stupid,but still !)

anyways..whatever man

Comment by YaMi

@ CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

EXACTLY ! have you ever heard people asking so much when good SRW titles hit shelves ?

Even when SRWZ was released,I forgot everything that the world around me meant and just kept playing the heck out of Z (and still playing it from time to time) even though it wasn’t AS great as the earlier titles ! but it was STILL fun !

and again,SRW on DS has no voice
so,I win 😛 <— Just joking

Comment by YaMi

There’s no mention of Winkysoft anywhere in the article.

Where do you people come up with this stupid, baseless myth that Winkysoft somehow owns the Masoukishin characters?

Comment by lol

Winkysoft is mentioned in this scan, tough I can’t read the entire phrase

And some years ago there weren’t people whining around because SRW was even more underground than now, and most of the kids trying to look “oldschool” by criticizing new SRW titles didn’t know the franquise at that time.

PS: Sorry about my poor english.

Comment by Virgo

God I can’t wait to see Mio come back and kick ass with her two retarted ducks in Zamzeed. As much as I love Ryune, I could never get enough of Mio no Jongara.

Too bad it’s for the DS though. I don’t have a DS, but I guess I can buy one now. I so wish this SRW had voices. Seeing games like Love Plus on the DS gives me hope that voices can be added to DS games, so please let voices be in this one. Voices in SRW games are so much more awesome during the battle cutscenes.

Comment by shady123

the fact that LOE was an actuall release makes me wonder if that fake Z2 ad was created using actual leaked screens. after all, that would explain why it was such a high calibur fake.

Comment by GaleRenegade

@ Virgo

“And some years ago there weren’t people whining around because SRW was even more underground than now, and most of the kids trying to look “oldschool” by criticizing new SRW titles didn’t know the franquise at that time”

Well,I am 27 years old,and I knew about SRW since playstation 1,and I “think” I have all of them,if not most of them anyways ~

And I even went back and played the nes and snes games (but didn’t like them as much and I think you know why) ..

So if anything,I wouldn’t call myself a “whining Kid trying to look “oldschool” by criticizing new SRW titles”,since I consider myself pretty much old school to be honest,I was raised in the 80’s,that’s how much old school I am dude 🙂

PS : Your English is pretty good actually

Comment by YaMi

@ Everyone

This game is going to be AWESOME when its comes out but do all of you guys knows and remembered about this remake LOE who was the final boss in this Game? Do you all think its Granzon again like SRW OG Gaiden? or some random original monster in this game?

i have played years ago with the past orginal LOE game and i stuck at some stage in which i cannot go to next stage and could not complete the game fully and i give up so easily during my brat/teen/punk years sorry guys and correct me if im wrong this and thanks heaps

Comment by TransformersFreak

Terada are laughing at who said this game is fake

Comment by Captin Kroz


Comment by JustPassingThru

how many stages in this game?

Comment by Banjo

this is flowchart of stages :

Comment by Brosk

if its the 2 parts together, it will be great 😛

Comment by Banjo

nm it is, cool !

Comment by Banjo

what is different between part 1 and ?

Comment by Brosk

Games that come out for DS sell more copies and are easier to develop. Logical? Banpresto is a business, one in terrible shape right now. There’s no way the higher ups would green-light a PS3 game unless it’s sure to sell lots of copies.

I.E. Geass, Gurren-Lagann, and all those other “popular” anime you all hate so much.

Comment by wings of words

@ Everyone for wanting OG3 for PS3 and for me for double post

If everyone wants OG3 to be made in PS3 why not wait for it NDS version before it get remade into PS3. the reason i say this is because here’s my point of view E.G.

1. 2 SRW OG game first came out in GBA first
2. Those 2 SRW OG get remade into one SRW OG game for PS2 after 2 years or so.
3. OG Gaiden was made to continue after OG2 storyline.
4. Wait for them to remake, reset and adding new stories of OG Characters From SRW MX again, Compact series, LOE series, D, J, W, K, Z and Neo and the future SRW Series games.
(I’m also for one cannot wait for the new SRW series)
5. When the time come after they add all of OG Characters in the continuation of SRW OG Series in NDS games with the OG characters theme songs from each SRW Series.
6. Years later they will remake the SRW OG Series games again but this time PS3 where you can hear the OG character’s remix theme in which it will be F***KING AWESOME to hear those songs again.

One Last thing for now in my theory the best top 3 robots from all srw series so far are:

1. Vanguard from SRW W because Its a Gigantic version of SRX that uses his giant high fingered launcher and also reminds me of TF G1 Fortress Maximus in which it needs the core(Valhawk) to function the giant armor.

2. Solrivias Rex from SRW K because of his final move are simliar to Valzacard with involves sending his opponent in another dimension and destroys his opponent within that dimension. Also uses his sword simliar to R-1’s Final move T-Link Sword and pludge into the opponent and explodes.

3. SRX from SRW Alpha and OG Series because of its high finger launcher, Dominion Ball and Tenjo(heaven) Tenge(Earth) Slice and Explodes and Tenjo(heaven) Tenge(Earth) one sure shot kill.

Comment by TransformersFreak

they want to wait until releasing of gundam 00 movie ,important anime like this didn’t appear in srw until now ? this will never happen As long as
the head of Bandai breath air

Comment by Captin kroz

I guess this game will explain the Events of the Masou Kishin storyline after 4 and after Alpha Gaiden and will answer a lot of questions to the fans why they aren’t involved in Alpha 2/3.

Comment by don't mind me

ITT: newfags know nothing about SRW before SRW Alpha.
And I’ll just won’t listen to you and enjoy my favourite original characters in better graphics.

And, by the way, there are not too many characters in LoE. So we may have voices this time. At least for finishing moves.

Comment by Rune

What about psp!! Y_Y

Comment by klitkung

srw got bigger after the alpha series, don’t be gay with the fans 😛 I think some people rather wait for a remake of the old games instead of playing them now

Comment by Banjo

I prefer remark of old srw istead of making new foolish game how about remarking alpha 1 macross is awesome

Comment by Captin kroz

Screw all the bitching, I’m really geared up for this after being heavily disinterested in Endless Frontier and SupaRobo Gakuen (and I did try the first Endless Frontier and Gakuen, too!)

Comment by Robert Weizer

yes plis I also want to see macross and if possible meet’s the xenogears want it verryyy much 😀

Comment by JakBoy

If you want a title to be remade,I would go for F & F:Final,alpha had it share really ..

imagine SRW F & F:Final + new series’s added in = a very very very awesome SRW game

only a thought

Comment by YaMi

I would kill everyone and everything for a super high new version remake of SRW F & F Final

Comment by itamaki

remark f and add all endless waltz ms not bad

Comment by shirakawa

f final is fine, but if is just boring, haman boss is stupid too :p

Comment by Banjo

I think Neo was basically a “Kiddy SRW for a Kiddy system”

Comment by Duran

Ok stop complaining. If you guys had any sense you would know that they are in fact working on a SRW for the ps3, they just haven’t anounced it yet. Every main SRW has been a step past the presious and with the different in power between ps2 and ps3 Banpresto is obviously going for 2 or 3 steps past SRWZ. So be patient and wait for the incoming sexiness that will be the next main consol game.

Comment by Drew

“I think Neo was basically a “Kiddy SRW for a Kiddy system””

No, it was, like every SRW, aimed at people nostalgic for shows people watched as kids.

It’s just that, in this case, it was a bit earlier then usual. All the shows in Neo are from the 90s. Which means that it was aimed towards 20 somethings that the Wii is popular with in Japan.

Comment by Pata

Do you guys have ANY idea how much money Banpresto would lose on a PS3 SRW?

Here’s a hint.

It would be a lot.

Comment by Vent

>“Kiddy SRW for a Kiddy system”

Guess what?
If it was going to be “kiddy SRW for a kiddy system”, then it had to be for XBox or PS3 and feature Gundam 00, Code Geass, TTGL and other popular now shows.

Comment by Rune

Newfags are newfags.

Comment by Anonymous

I would rather have an epic SRW/Gundam G Generations game to take with me everywhere I go, rather than having to play it at home.

Comment by otarolgam

“C’mon guys… some of you are making me start to to understand why CV has devoted his “life” to troll you…”

I rofled at this comment, because it seems so true. Srsly just wait. What comes come and what doesn’t doesn’t. Anyways, Some old school Lord of Elemental ftw!

Comment by Sora no Kaze

To be honest, I am also kind of sick and tired of SRW coming out on NDS. All of them almost sucked super hard compared to the console ones and even the PSP ports. Go ahead flame me, but that’s all I am saying.

Comment by gvgn

do you mean just SRW in general on the DS, or are you including the crappy spinoffs

because with just SRWs, DS has only two games, W and K

Comment by Robert Weizer

What’s wrong if they release it on NDS ?

Not everyone can afford or bother to buy PS3 or PSP !

Comment by SRW_LOVER

At first I didn’t like this crap but now I’m more optimistic. I’m still worried how the DS will pull off the animations. Just hope its not clunky as hell and the movement is smooth.

Comment by glemtvapen

Terada : hello guys I read all your comments on srw hotnews and I see most of you are talking about remarking of old srw so I’ll release srw collection contain f,4 and alpha I’ll remark them all, of course this game will be on PS3 and for who didn’t buy ps3 until now or face trouble on money it will release on ps2 all that on 27 july have fun….
frisco weak up   しまった!!!!!!

Comment by frisco

Yeah! Hope this game will do good!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Just another stupid remake!!! I have enjoied the SNES version years ago, I will not play this …

Comment by MazinKaesar

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Cybuster with 2 swords ?

Comment by Sei

battle view looks different.. the enemy view is from behind?

Comment by everywhereyougo

[…] rivista Famitsu ha annunciato in questi giorni il ritorno su Nintendo DS di SRW Lord of […]

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