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MG Unicorn Gundam HD Color Ver. + MS Cage boxart
March 11, 2010, 2:46 pm
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Updated HQ scan.


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Wallets will be dry…..

Comment by Terrorhunt


Comment by frisco

well we have seen 2 box art so which one will come out ???

Comment by timesyndicate

both oh them. This is boxart for HD color + MS cage, when the previous one is for MG unicorn standard version

Comment by Seabook

Bandai!!! why you release this kit when I just bought Astray Red Frame :((

Comment by Clip-Soup

+_+ my wallet fly away~~~~~~~

Comment by โ—Š

wait a minute so the cage will only be released with the HD version? that sucks….

Comment by buff

who knows, maybe 1 new unicorn will be release for every ova…*shivers*

Comment by 00 hater

Well they’ve got the Full Armor and the Banshee left too. And if they decide to release the Green Psychoframe one as a different release, that’s two away from one MG Unicorn an episode.

Comment by wings of words

d00d. my wallets already dry but i need it. i fucking need it. payday come already! as for HD color, i hope that’s just like the HD versions of Zeta and stuff not this plated shit.

Comment by ant1ph0n

for gundam unicorn fanโ€™s here is the OST link:

Comment by ikki28

waiting another milking from bandai, like another version of this unicon (maybe, with other “better” features :P), MG FA unicorn and MG banshee XD

Comment by Seabook

Waiting for a c:v comment but knowing how much of a Katoki fanboy he is my guess is he’s busy “stroking the shaft” of the overrated and untalented mecha designer. Enjoy the milk c:v!

Comment by 555

Personally, I want that display base, but not another Unicorn almost identical to the one I already have.

Comment by Hanzkaz

There are a lot of difference in design from the previous…

But I’m waiting PG ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Krasimir

Katoki designed the unicorn, sinanju, ex-s, rezel, victory, V2 and the some of the greatest redesigns ever.
Calling him untalented brings your taste in mecha design into question.

Comment by ZR0

Katoki untalented? No
Katoki overrated? Yes

Comment by your friend

ZR0 is codename:v when he decides not to be a complete asshole and needs to actually address his opinion in a way people can respond to. Gotcha c:v!

Comment by 555

Thats the worst insult someone could possibly write on this site, its so bad that its like a C.V insult, which means ur C.V, haha.

Comment by ZR0

how about both of you are him! Pretty fair and square. no one to blame. XD

Comment by Epsilon_013

how bout we all are cv?

in a couple of months later, ppl will scold each other cv instead of faggot or gay

Comment by 00 hater

For any of yours who hate gundam, this site is not a place for your to visit and please stop whining.

please click the X button or alt+F4 to close the browser OR you can throw a stone to you computer screen. OR knock your head to the wall heavily as you no respect to others.

Comment by W_W

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