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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental official site pre-open
March 11, 2010, 11:26 pm
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Grand open on March 15th 2010.


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now that not fake

Comment by lunar79


Comment by Banjo

if it’s fake how it can have official site?

Comment by Seabook

It’s amazing to think that they’re bringing back LoE once again. Sure it’s low budget and no voice is a major minus, but there’s hope in seeing them in PS3 glory.

Movie, needed, now!

Comment by Anonymous

umm, i hope they can add character’s voice in this game, like mugen no frontier ^^

Comment by Seabook

It was already confirmed by Terada that the only voiced portion is in the map attacks.

Comment by Anonymous

Confirmed in his latest blog post.

Comment by Anonymous

at least there is many map attacks here 😛

Comment by Banjo

MAP attacks?! That’s random!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

But still, it’s better than nothing. I still don’t see why they’d choose to voice the MAP attacks. I’d rather have them voice the normal attacks.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Aren’t you afraid that this game won’t work ,alot of roms this year freeze without any solution sonic race and collection 😦

Comment by sanboukou


Comment by Daizengar

I hope it gets picked up buy Atlas quickly

Comment by Daizengar

sanboukou: not really since I plan to buy it.

And you shouldn’t be worrying about freezing, I’m sure that someone will discover a way to make the rom work.

Comment by Anonymous

i hope they extend the gameplay and include asakim and shurouga heheheheh

Comment by setsuna15

@sanboukou: eemmm dont worry, im plaiyng EF EXCEED with emulator if you need help ask it 😀

Comment by D4rKoV4

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Anonymous and D4rKoV4 Thank you to comfort me, about exceed guys here fixed it but the problem is about sonic games I need help to run it on ttds or r4 or any emulator can anyone help but not from they want to put 100 pages with no solution

Comment by sanboukou

see.. no fake.. damn.. gotta have that..

Comment by Sei

Hi Super Robot fan, it’s me Terada! Our team is soooo lazy to add voice. Don’t need to get angry, PS3 SRW gonna come next year lol

Comment by Terada

All those saying fake are a fucking retard. I mean it was even confirmed. Stop being delusional, this game is coming out for DS and there is no console SRW announced yet.


Comment by shady123

Dont really care anymore…..

Just another forgettable game to pass time….

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

voice only on map attack?

i can only hope, no voice = more battle animation

everytime i see a static 3D model on a 2D background = static animation >_<

lets hope not

Comment by crispy3242

Kindly, I need to know what is the best DS emulator for SRW now a days.

Comment by Kaiser_Sword

no$gba work fine with most SRW game on DS

Comment by nanonanopuding

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