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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental PV
March 12, 2010, 7:27 pm
Filed under: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental, SRW (PV format FLV, 10 Mb)

Here are screens capture from PV. (40 screenshots from Famitsu)



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Comment by Banjo

wow very nice 😛

Comment by Banjo

Holy shit,so the pics posted were for real!

Comment by Anonymous



Comment by Anonymous

I just hope they are launching Lord of Elementals saga as they will include it in OG3 …

Comment by MazinKaesar

It looks quite bad, but that Akashic Buster is pretty damn sexy.

Comment by NT

PLEASE INCLUDE ASAKIM. or maybe its impossible bcoz thats a remake.

Comment by setsuna15

PLEASE DON’T INCLUDE ASAKIM, in this or any other SRW, he just plain sucks.

Comment by Anonymous

PLEASE INCLUDE ASAKIM, in this or any other SRW, he’s so amazing.

Comment by Amuro

Banpresto use low money 4 development this game..Graphic is normally
Rom NDS Game some game is 15-25$
but in Next Gen Console Game price
same NDS Game 15-25$
is Graphic is Great more than NDS
if banpresto develop SRW 4 PS3
and that is more money 4 development
in SRW 4 NDS may be use money 4
development Game exsample 5.000.000 yen
but this Game Relese Price 7.500 yen/1rom
yeh may be banpresto Sell This Game
100.000 copy and that Banpresto
Give money 750.000.000 Yen
oh mannnn…is more..

iF development Srw 4 PS3 use money
4 development 100.000.000 yen
but Sell Price 7.500 yen same NDS Rom
hey This is Blue Ray Dise..what..the..
umm and that have risk 4 sell
if game sell 4 Player 55.000 Copy
412.500.000 yen
i know Srw 4 Ps3 it hard 4 development
but is not fair 4 player long Srw 4 Ps3 has come.. – –

Comment by neojube

Hmn, it’s not really up to snuff with W or K, but Banpresto hasn’t done sprites like this since Shin, and never fully animated.

Still, it’s not bad. I’ll think about picking it up.

Comment by Hiro

Download not working, other then that it looks amazing!

Comment by Bas GS

shitty music is shitty
shitty graphics are shitty

I don’t really think i’m going to like this.

Comment by E5150

I know why some people hate the lord of elemental, because the girls here don’t wear bikini and bounce all the time

Comment by Banjo

All in all it doesn’t look bad, but I was really hoping for at least some voice acting this time around, since there’s like a whopping five protagonists.

Comment by TheRyuujinMike

Looks alright but I think they can do better look at how Cybuster use its sword, a static sprite?

Comment by LM

Considering W and K have GBA quality graphics, that’s not much of a comparison to make. And K has such abysmally shitty gameplay that there’s no way LOTE can be worse.


Masoukishin is for the real pervs, what with the bondage and the ballgags and all.

Comment by lol

is the graphics got worst…or they just not good at doing full size …..

not impress at all….but not disappoint neither.

2d animated in full animation cut ins still ROCKSSS as always….why try the “FAIL” again….

This game was never successful was it?

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

Are you guys kidding me, when i saw this game in the super robot taisen page i was like”WTF”and to make a remake so good of this like the lords of elementals it’s really cool, but we need to apreciate bandai namco for this because i always wanted to play this game with better graphics, I know it’s not much because is nintendo BUT it’s still good enough to make me happy with some weeks or even month of work with this games.

Comment by GUNEXIA00


Comment by GUNEXIA00

Aw I love Cybuster and the La Gias crew! Good to see them back in action!

Comment by F97 X-1

Game itself = awesome.

However it continues to prove that for the most part, English-speaking SRW fans are idiots with an entitlement complex.

Comment by Robert Weizer

They’re pretty bad, yeah. Almost as awful as Tales fans as far as entitlement goes.

Comment by Hiro

[…] Lord of Elemental March 12, 2010 at 8:09 pm | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment Over here you can check a trailer for Super Robot Wars OG Saga – Masoukishin: The Lord of Elemental […]

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I don’t know, at least Tales games keep being improved gameplay wise, Graces was “kinda” bad, but you can’t say that they totally screw it…

Comment by NT

@NT: SRW games also keep improving the gameplay. Compare Z and @3.

Graces was also so full of bugs that they had to recall it.

Comment by Hiro

Z had a lot of improvement. Lot of MINIMAL improvements, but improvements nonetheless.

Tales game makes minimal improvements with each games as well except for ToS because of its transition from 2D to 3D which was a big change and improvement at the same time for the Tales series.

Comment by shady123

I hope that by releasing this game again, they will finally be able to consider adding the rest of the LoE crew in OG3.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not quite sure why you all keep bitching about the graphics not being up to snuff, even in comparison to W and K despite the fact that the sprite work (and yes those are sprites not 3d models for those too stupid to notice) and portrait work are clearly better than any portable SRW that we have seen on a nintendo handheld. sure its true that the animations are not quite as fluid as J, W, or K but given the fact that banpresto rarely uses full sized sprites its hard to complain, especially since if i recall this is the first time they are fully animated (the other two full sized srw titles being Shin and the original LOE if i recall.) its also worth noting just how much detail has been put into the quality of the sprites themselves and the cut-ins (let’s face it, the new Akeshic buster looks sexy!) i guess what im really trying to say is stop bitching pointlessly about the game and it not being on ps3 (many of you obviously fail to realise that banpresto has many different teams working on different projects all the time.) and just enjoy the game which many of you will probably download anyway and not even spend the money that justifies your complaints.

also to all those who have read this far, thanks for putting up with my shitty grammar, its not that english aint my born tongue its just that i really cant be bothered to put the time in to make a fluent rant.

Comment by GaleRenegade

I just saw this trailer and its so AWESOME! I cant wait to play the game when it comes out BUT! I am worried that if this game is voiceless then that would be a disappointing to all SRW Fans and this LOE game should have voices like SRW OG SAGA Endless Frontier.

Comment by TransformersFreak

Terada said in srw-blog that no voice in battle cut scene. Only map attack has some voice.
-sorry my english not good.

Comment by everywhereyougo

Hahaha, I knew it. The animation is clunky as hell. Reminded me of old PSX games I played but considering it’s on the DS it was totally to be expected. Putting this on the PSP would’ve done this remake justice.

Not very hyped about this but I guess it’s there just for the SNES nostalgia factor.

Comment by glemtvapen

CERO Rated B

Hmm…..extreme violence?

Comment by don't mind me

give us topic about Interview of Introduction to Gundam Astronomy let’s see how they’ll create colonies they’ve got a great Imagination

Comment by commandos

Can anyone here explain to me if they are really fans from SUPER ROBOT? is that…well many people here doesn’t realize that this is a rare ocasion for them to remake this game. And on top of that WE are talking about nintendo here, CAN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAND THAT, we arent talking in PLAYSTATION NOR PSP language, we are talking in nintendo language. in any means i like the game and i will play it like a SRW fan!!!. I have SRW Z, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha Gaiden, OG, OG Gaiden, MX and A Portable, and all the nintendo tittles. I call my self a true fan but. yeah i can make some extreme coments in games but i still will be a fan of this games. DAMMIT!!!.

Comment by GUNEXIA00


Comment by GUNEXIA00

uhm why cybuster dual wield two swords? not in the pv, but in the scan of famitsu it dual wield two swords…new moves? Cybuster Upgrade?….plz plz make an upgrades for all MASOUKISHIN plzzzzzz. Anyway i like the video it will be a good game like the one for Snes.

Comment by Masaki-OH

Yesss here come the future~~~ yes an upgrade to all masoukhisin will be niceeeee~ and well sience they HAVE made the 3d base~~~ i would really wanted to get all of their Model kit… um the one around the 15cm tall? 😀 yayy~

Comment by JakBoy

best nintendo srw was 64 but I don’t hope to remark it I know if they’ll remark it weapons will be high in number and low of hitting I hate this new system which was begin on alpah gaiden and yes for double moving

Comment by suzuki

In the blog Terada confirmed that the two swords is for Vanity Ripper, the Discutters upgraded move.

Comment by Anonymous

So the stories about legal problems with winkysoft weren’t true? Or have they found a solution?

Comment by Hyper Shinchan

Your guess is as good as anyone else.

Comment by Anonymous

nah i dont think so

Comment by GUNEXIA00

I say if there were a game to anyone, to see with a much better improve graphic it would be W from nintendo ds to PSP, any opinions on this one?

Comment by GUNEXIA00

Does anyone know if this game will talk? i think it’s about time they put mother f**cking voices on this tittle from DS, look at endless fromtier and Exceed.

Comment by GUNEXIA00

can anyone please confirm to me if this games has voices PLEASE!!.

Comment by GUNEXIA00

only map attacks are voiced

Comment by Banjo

It was already answered, voices only on map attacks.

I was expecting an half assed job (lack of voice and sucky animation), yet the fact that the animation far exceeded my expectations (I guess my expectation were rather low) makes the lack of voice a far major dissapointment.

We have 2 months, hope they somehow reconsider it…

Comment by Anonymous

ohh man!! i hope they modify the game because that is a major, BUT MAJOR BLOW OUT. I dont F**cking care about the the sistem but atleast look at endeless frontier DAMMIT!!!

Comment by GUNEXIA00

Come on Terada, this game needs to be voiced…

Comment by Anonymous

is there are manga for og saga ? hope they make 4koma for it ,the problem is that there are no any reference place for Publications of srw manga the only place for it is selling sites what they only think about is ( $ ) what ashame

Comment by commandos

come on guys you will get your high quality srw OG3 later this year, don’t ask too much

terada is too old you know 😛

Comment by Banjo

You want voice! ok!

Comment by Terada


Comment by dygenguard

Hello Tera I wish you a happy life, I Draw your attention that there are no need for original generation 3 ask me why ? as you know you’ve put most original characters on last 1,2 the story finished why do you want to repeat it , I see that OG story,characters,events are very limited it doesn’t bear any repeating then the solution with seed 00 and codegeas right? finally if you are going to make srw anime series I’ll give you small prize it’s 3 millions $ and if you’ll make OG I’ll give you 3 millions also, but don’t ask me 3 millions of what you know what I mean there are 3 millions of Scorpions waiting I Trained them to Bite anyone want to start to draw og robot or characters, thank you and good luck.

Comment by shrimbi

there are(( Gundam Weapons Gundam 00V End of March Release)) put it here let’s talk it’s boring no news this day

Comment by kubayashi

@shrimbi: You mad.

Comment by Hiro

Reminded me of that old PS1 game.

Comment by iron2000

omg LOE remake :D:D:D one of the best snes game i played

Comment by realgundam

look at this one his very retard

Comment by GUNEXIA00

well arent really requesting much it’s just VOICES!!! and they already have them dammit. Why dont they put them? for my opinion is that an american version of this comes and the Americans dont have Mother F**cking Voices like them DAMN USA…DAMN YOUUUUU.

Comment by GUNEXIA00

As an English speaking, American fan of the SRW series, I just have to say that this is a great moment in the history of Super Robot Wars. I will import this game and love it. I loved the Aeon Genesis translation of the original SNES version, but I will gladly buy this game…twice if Atlus or Bandai-Namco decides to translate it for the US.

Also, it doesn’t need voices.

~ ‘spoiled’ American

Comment by Debonaire1

If you dont agree then butt out.

Comment by GUNEXIA00

Well i feel happy for you but we DO need voices man. it is a really good revolution for SRW in nintendo DS, DSi.

Comment by GUNEXIA00

I miss CV. the conversation here is below stupid

Comment by Anonymous

¿Nuevo proyecto de Super Robot Wars?…

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