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March 17, 2010, 12:58 pm
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New SRW OG Saga Lord of Elementals info in next week’s Famitsu.


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They should add voice acting

Comment by Nadz

Next week: Oh, we reconsidered and it will have voice acting now.


Comment by Anonymous

where is the iso of Gundam Assault Survive it should release before one day of releasing as usual foolish google

Comment by gronpas

You want voice?? Ok you got it

Comment by Terada

terada said voice is only for map attack stop complaining about voice like kids who hear you think terada is your father or you work with him at least say thank god that he make this game for you and don’t deny the grace

Comment by henry

Voice acting in a NDS game? Is it possible? I don’t know so much this console, the only games I ever played, using an emulator, and they looked very similar to Gameboy Advance games! SO I think voice acting is not possible even ’cause the size of the ROM are really small.

Comment by MazinKaesar

@MazinKaesar: Yes, it is possible, however the level of voice acting in, say, OG Saga is a lot smaller than the amount required for an average SRW.

It would require one of the larger size DS cards, like the 2GB one, and that would cost a lot more to produce. Which means it would cost more for the consumers.

I’ll take it unvoiced, please. SRW games are already expensive as hell.

Comment by Hiro

In my previous post, where I said “OG Saga,” read that as “Endless Frontier,” because this remake is also an OG Saga game.

Comment by Hiro

Forget about SRW, that Hokuto game looks awesome!!

Comment by WATA

An urgent message to Mr. Terada :
if you’ll add voice or not it’s your choice we don’t need voice any thing you make are welcomed take your time and Stay tuned even if you’ll make Ice cream of srw we will download it I mean we will buy it, Terada Move forward and our money behind you, and for those who are complaining about voices time to say to them go and drink from water of sea 😉

Comment by Rafayel Anderson

Speak for yourself, amazingly there are some who gives them money for their work (which doesn’t include Mugen series, that’s for sure…).

Also we can demand whatever we want, Terada isn’t doing anyone a favor, he’s doing it for the money.

Comment by Anonymous

Voice does not make the game any better than the DS can handle….

so i see no point waste money on it….

that Faggot Terada anint no IDIOT….

He know wheres the big bucks is right now…”PS3″

And he is just milking these sub games for the head of it to careless about what FAN want…

Kinda remind me of all those BS kindomHeart games….
I mean…wheres KH3….

Comment by CV:IsGAyLikedSMfck

Terada already made clarification that there will be no voiceover except for MAP attack.

Comment by Srw mania

bakamonome where is the ISO of Gundam Assault Survive the blame on you srw hotnew you are the reason of this Delayed

Comment by Captin Kroz

@Captin Kroz
I think you did not try hard enough, I found many of them including torrent… bakamonome

Comment by LM

if no order on you put the link here I’ve searched on google the only fake sites got it

Comment by Captin Kroz

Voice Acting isn’t a good idea sometimes. Voices of characters might not be ones that we imagine, hell some characters might be ruined because of VAs…

I don’t wanna experience another nightmare of Mizuho…..

Comment by mlmonster

Why is this an article? Obviously there’s gonna be news about it in next week’s Famitsu, why not write an article next week when there actually is news to report about.

Comment by wings of words

Actually, this week we didn’t have any new news in Famitsu, so it isn’t obvious that we would get “news” next week , which most likely will be nothing new to whoever knows the game, except graphics and the announcement that they decided to add voice after all (I wish).

Comment by Anonymous

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