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Gundam Ace Magazine (May)
March 23, 2010, 9:23 am
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New MS from Gundam the Origin.

ARX-014 Silver Bullet from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn BANDE DESSINEE.

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what the fuck is that hideousness?!

Comment by ant1ph0n

Looks OK, it’s the leg and the feet that I hate.

Comment by Terrorhunt

it looks like the gundam mark V

Comment by dan

why do I have a bad feeling about this gundam in unicorn gundam?

Comment by MaxHD2490

it’s a gundam mod of the dooben wolf mobile suits ued by Glemy Toto’s army in ZZ

Comment by red9

It looks like the Mark V because both designs are based on the Doven Wolf.
It looks alright. It looks really simplified compared to the Mark V though. Is this even by Katoki? The design style looks similar but the colour palette looks set for an animation version rather than Katoki’s usual more faded colours and intricate detailing, unlike the manga version in the pic which has pretty much all characteristics from what you’d expect of a detailed lineart version. How curious. I doubt this will even show up in the OVA unless in a cameo of sorts so why the dumbing down?
You’d think the drawn version would the dumbed down product to cut down on time spent drawing it but it’s the other way around in this.

Comment by Amon

your trying to say this gundam is based of the Mark V and the Doven Wolf? The one thing I know from those two mobile suits is they have incom weapons basically wired funnel but allows non-types but I not sure how effective incom weapons are compare to funnel types.

Comment by MaxHD2490

^non-newtypes to control the Incom weapon system

Comment by MaxHD2490

Holy shit, are those the origins version of the GM?

Comment by DarkCode

hope to see full scan of gundam ace

Comment by gronpas

good luck to sellers this month they started to sell manga before 26

Comment by sanboukou

MaxHD2490 : Of course it’s based on the Doven Wolf. It’s exactly the Doven Wolf except silver white painted, with less details and a Gundam head tacked on. The Mark V is basically the Doven Wolf proportions but Gundamfied much more effectively.
As for incom weapons, they need to be sent electric signals periodically or they get shut down pretty easily. That means they need to be attached by steel wires to the unit sending orders for convenience and retrieval. This makes them simply less effective and much less versatile. The advantage funnels have over conventional weaponry is their small size and ability to strike from any angle. The Kshatriya
wouldn’t be half as deadly if it had wires attached to its funnels that limited their range and attack positions.

Comment by Amon

this is your festival who want doben wolf kit mg or hg this new design is on road it’s just A matter of time

Comment by Tomson

@Amon: Doben Wolf is zeonified MkV, at least in-universe.

Comment by gefp

That’s true but in the real world the Doben Wolf came first and the Mk 5 was based on its design.

Comment by Amon

torso to legs quite similar to ZZ

Comment by Epsilon_013

How I wish there’s a full scan of every gundam ace mag.

Comment by sbhboi

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