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New kit review: Mass Production Model Gespenst Mk-II Kai (Albero Custom)
March 23, 2010, 10:20 pm
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Woah! It looks awesome!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Not very impressive…

Comment by Amon

hope they make guest mecha from 4 and f

Comment by micky

Does anyone know if these models are vastly different from the Gespenst Mk IIs from before (don’t know when they originally came out, but I got a blue one in 2007 that sucks as far as stability and posability)?

Comment by alex

Yes, the new Gespensts are far removed from the old blue Gespenst Mk-II. They’re really great kits, I have the green Kai version. Very stable and with great posability

Comment by Hiro


Comment by hans

as far as i love SRW
the quality of Koto’s models … i dont like it
like quality of plastic
poor articulation
and prices are god wtf…
sure it srw but heck it doesnt feel fun to make koto models

Comment by Ereos

Thanks, Hiro.
I may have to think about getting this and Kai’s (for some Gespy Kick action). As far as non-Gundam mechs go, my favorites are:
1) Alteisen
2) Eva-Unit 1
3) Gurren Lagann
4) Gespenst
5) Tetsujin 28

Comment by alex

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