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GAIKING Teaser Trailer (HD)
March 29, 2010, 3:26 pm
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Gaiking (remake) unveiled at TAF2010.  (Teaser Trailer)


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So what is it ?
a movie,a 3d movie,a teaser for a new anime ?

It was amazing though,gotta hand it to them !

Comment by YaMi

It’s apparently a test footage for the upcoming Gaiking CGI movie. So that should hopefully mean that Gaiking will be in colour and not the dull metallic one, including the cockpit, the pilot will be a male one based off of one of the anime versions, or at least a male, as I think they suit piloting Gaiking and finally change the pilot suit design into something colourful. But that’s my thoughts and preferences.:D

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I’m looking forward to Captian Harlock as well 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

hmm looking foward the gaiking
maybe its a movie for that kind

but the pilot is woman???

Comment by AshStrike

gaiking is really fat and ugly…


Comment by Amuro


Comment by amuro0093

hope they make seed movie but wait What is the relationship between srw hotnews and gaiking it’s not usually see they put srw Products Especially when it be about kits or figures 😦

Comment by jonson

This looks good, let’s hope it can deliver.

Comment by F97 X-1

Well, if this looks this good… I was worried about Harlock, but now I can’t wait to see it.

Comment by Hiro

What are you saying? If it’s about super robot then it definitely gonna be here. When the news about new Grendizer anime came out it’s gonna be here too as well.

Comment by K'

I heard this is stand alone, unrelated to the two series and that they intend on screening the movie in the US.

Comment by Duran

This is either going to be crap or awesome. I’m going to be positive.

Comment by Nabes

IS ABOUT DAME Time a good show comes out in like since TTGL.

Comment by iwantMySRW4Ps3

wait,,,I’ll take that back…

After show the teaser. ITS STILL SUCKS….and DONT LIKE IT… NICE graphics thought.

Comment by iwantMySRW4Ps3


You seem to have forgotten the new Gaiking series and the new Jeeg series. And how could an SR forget Shin Mazinger? A SR series doesn’t need tossing galaxies around to be good you know.

And it’s Damn, not Dame.

Comment by Duran


you new SRW fans and your tengen toba gurren lagann (TTGL) fetish…

Does everything that is awesome has to be related with gurren lagann ?

I personally didn’t like it tbh…
nevermind ~

Comment by YaMi

[…] Source: srw hotnews […]

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Gurren Lagann is a really good show, It’s just that the childish fanboyism of the Gurren Lagann fans destroys everything…well I hope this will be good, liked the new Gaiking and the other “new”s like Jeeg and Mazinger.

Comment by itamaki

verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy coooooollllllllllllllllllllll.. cant wait to watch it on lauchinggggggggg………. ♥♥♥

Comment by Shu

mazinger much more cooler than fat gaiking


Comment by Amuro

Gaiking will go on a diet for us do not worry about this issue but the problem is Daikū Maryū I’m worry that it will eat me while I’m watching the movie

Comment by gronpas

LOL at new Super Robot fans that think TTGL is the ultimate Super Robot show

Comment by amuro0093

looks like Transformer….

Comment by Pandu Asuka08

Another typical anime being made into live action movie. This will be retarded like Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, G-Savior, and Dragonball.

No offense, but out of all of those movies – there were a lot of hopes by fans but it was nothing but a rage fest. Now that I see Gaiking being piloted by a woman, I am even disappointed since it won’t even be the same character from classical Gaiking. If Daikyuumaru is not there, I’ll just say this is just one of those live action movie that just failed ONCE AGAIN.

God, whats up with Americans/White people ruining anime these days.

Comment by Aldotsk


Gaiking: LoDM also did not feature Sanshiro.

Comment by Hiro

wow cool but fat -_-
need CG that will kill transformers please,Shin Mazinger or Gundam in 3D will be better 😀

Comment by GundamAria

Ah, You guys need to learn that it’s a Korean company known as Eight Peaks that during both Space Pirate Captain Harlock which was followed by their “TEST” run of GaiKing. It’s not going to be necessarily part of the movie since they were testing some stuff out. Anyways, what if it was part of the movie, don’t you think it could be the obvious, I’m going to find the suitable pilot cliche lol.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

I was hoping for Patlabor to be made live action.

Comment by pulge

@Pulge-Police Academy mixed with mecha?

A patlabor movie would be awesome

Comment by judge master char aznable

and, there is no pv for unicorn episode 2

Comment by ikki28

Well… they threw in a bunch of American jokes… that just didn’t work. Stay true to the character and the material that goes with it, don’t try to make a new AstroBoy who just sounds stupid filled with American Cliches…

And I would dare ask you to tell that to the guys who made transformers. That didn’t flop fortunately.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

The Transformer movies didn’t stay true to the character and material either.

Comment by da_guy

This is STAND ALONE, as in not connected to any other Gaiking thing.

Comment by Duran

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