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New gunpla boxarts
March 29, 2010, 7:01 pm
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MG Wing Gundam

HG Gundam Astraea Type-F


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MG Wing boxart looks bright, nice!

Comment by atlans89

A shiny boxart

Comment by Tomson

My days, the Wing Boxart is just screaming nostalgia!

Comment by F97 X-1

Astraea blasting evarthin’!!!

Comment by gillatsrwh

Wing looks really nice hope to see MG Wing Zero too(after X Divider though).

Comment by K'

Both looked great.

Comment by Quantum

i just can say wow

Comment by AshStrike

“Astraea blasting evarthin’!!!”
It’s Heavy “astraea” Arms

Comment by Epsilon_013

They just keep adding more explosions into 00 series boxart. Soon we’ll just be buying something with just explosions on the front.
MG Wing is looking very much like it should, nostalgic!

Comment by ZR0

That’s a pretty funny criticism. Especially since Wing Gundam’s box art has the same amount of explosions, if not, more. Hah, not trying to pick on you or anything, I just thought it was funny.

Comment by DarkCode

Every guy loves big explosions, I would buy the kit just for the explosions on the box art.

Comment by itamaki

Hmm… MG boxarts always have explosions in the background so the boxart is not so attractive enough yet for me. HG Astrea is sure nice…

Comment by EXkurogane

Since the explosions in Wing’s boxart seem a little random, I assume they’re Leos being blown up just for having Wing Gundam flying around. Oh, the good old times…

Comment by Virgo

the head looks unnaturally small on the MG Wing box art.

Comment by da_guy

@da_guy: maybe it will make more convenient for transformation 😀

Comment by atlans89

I agree with da_guy

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Return of the retard!
What the hell does C.V mean when he says “without any values to the whole kit because it’s nothing more but an Okawara-face-giving faggotry”.
Its gonna be a good kit, retard!

Comment by ZR0

@C.V: what are you trying to prove with your way of insulting other people? Simply we have our way of satisfying our taste and make it good use to live through nowadays life. Maybe you have some hobby to become a center of people’s attention or becoming a punching sandbag for no reason, try another way you like. If you try to impress yourself, know to respect other first before asking for a favor instead making these nonsense.

Comment by atlans89

i thought he got banned since we havent heard his rantings for quite a while… anyway banning a person by IP wont work as IP can be changed… == just dun mind him…

Comment by EXkurogane


really? then why isn’t he trolling ngeekhiong there?

Comment by 00 hater

Lolwut? Weren’t you there when he was trolling NgeeKhiong? NgeeKhiong acted by removing the comment function altogether, leaving only the chatbox open.

Comment by guarayakha


i was referring to exkurogane’s “banning a person by IP wont work as IP can be changed…”. so if IP can be changed, why don’t cv change it now and troll NK NOW ( by now, I mean after the closing of comment function) ? or is there a function in chatbox that can monitor people’s IP??

Comment by 00 hater

I miss my old years building the Wing Series plamo.. I wish Bandai release the MG Tallgeese III & Geminass 01.

Comment by exia_r2

where’s C.V.’s comment??? i can’t see it…. O_o

Comment by renka0017

@00 hater
Hmm… you need to put some work and have some knowledge at the same time (softwares make it easier, if you have), usually ppl alter and put a fake IP for hacking purposes. So, to alter IP just to troll comments, if CV really does that he’ll be more than just a legendary troll… ==;

CV’s comments got erased i think.

I’m in campus, so if i am a troll I can just switch different PCs connectedto different modems at the cyber cafe… there are hundreds of them respectively in cyber cafe and library… xD

Comment by EXkurogane

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