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OG Crusade 2nd
April 6, 2010, 3:19 pm
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card game !!! where is og3 😦

Comment by srw4ever


Comment by amuro0093

i like the art on the card, it look cool

Comment by GX

I like that it has Granveil in the cover, the fact that they’re using another robot from the Masou cast besides the usual 3 could be a sign of Banco wanting to finally give them the spotlight (or that they finally sorted it out with Winky and can use them again, whatever you want to believe).

At least it gives me hope in seeing EX route happen in OG3.

Comment by Anonymous

Is there a way to download the card set? I like the art on the cards..

Comment by itamaki

I’m sure they’re going to give at least some insight to an LoE route. Even if Shu is gone (or possible gone, they get all these crazy revivals anyways) it still leaves many things left behind such as the upgrade of Valsione or where Masaki is from in the OG universe exactly (none of the cast knows where he’s from I believe).

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Wait holy crap? Gravatar works on SRW hotnews?

Comment by Sora no Kaze

is this series have same rules like gundam wars TCG?

Comment by Seabook

Fuck yeah Valsione!

Comment by Psybuster

Cool card game, want to collect it even can’t play^^ but expensive in my country.. hopefully there people willing to scan it… Hmm.. OG3? Hopefully in PS2 still 😛

Comment by Shu

i hope they are making some real game OG3 or whatever, ps2 or 3 anything just a new game!

Comment by Banjo

@Seabook Though not exactly like Gundam War, OG Crusade does indeed play very, very similar. Main differences are some keyword differences and no Operations or Gens.

Instead, any card with the symbol found in the bottom-left corner of the card can be played as a Gen. It will provide based on the colors of the symbol. (Here, Goddess provides Blue/Black, Valsione provides Red/Green) A forum for people interested in Gundam War or Crusade system. (Including OG Crusade!)

Comment by ZY

Unfortunately, I think that the game Super Robot OG3

Comment by Asakim Dowin

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