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SRW OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental PV 2
April 7, 2010, 2:11 pm
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Now, official site has updated 2nd PV.

Download HQ PV2 (SRW PMC, 97 Mb)

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now long pv out.. I feel relief the animation is not stiff as what people complaining.. Grazon & Cybuster final attack so beautiful!

Comment by everywhereyougo


Comment by zeroel

Yeah, the beauty can be seen after an upgraded.

Comment by K'

New weapon system?

Comment by Sora no Kaze

oh god fuckin nice PV, especially Granzon vs Cybuster animation

Comment by Khari

Okay, this PV was so awesome that it made me get interested to play this game! I initially was only planning to know what happens in the story in relation to the Original Generation series, but now I want to play it! Man, Masaki’s and Shu’s final attacks looked so awesome in CG with their cut-ins! Banpresto made a nice move doing that!

So if there’s going to be an Original Generation 3, then does that mean that Masaki, Lune and any of the other characters should have all their weapon upgrades, such as Masaki’s Vanity Ripper? If so, I can’t wait to see those attacks in better animation!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

after see the 2nd PV, yes it’s nice

Comment by Seabook

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KamenRiderShinzo: That depends on how the story will be in OG3.

EX Route happens in OG3 – No upgrades like Ranbu no tachi, Engetsu Sappou and so on, but there’s no reason to not have any of the upgradable attacks like Vanity Ripper, they could even implement such system in OG3, since it never was something exclusive to LoE (old SRW already had it)

LoE cast shows up after LoE Part 2 – All attacks available

Comment by Anonymous

I’m still not impressed… CG Mechs and little Prerendered CG Animations for final attacks ?

I think i’ll stick to Pixel-animation SRWs….

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

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So, how would this game fit into OG? like, part one before OG1,2,Gaiden, then part 2? I wanted to play the SNES original, but I can’t understand japanese, so…

Comment by Craig Hale

1) they didn;t update the music, I think.. it doesn’t sounds much different from the collection I have on my PC
2) they got lazy with the animation on Akasitic Buster’s 2nd form. Cycbuster should have thrust the sword on the ground to form a large spell circle and call upon a bigger Phoenix.

Comment by realgundam

@ Craig Hale: in a sense, this is the first OG game.
LOE’s characters in SRW EX are the first original characters created for SRW. So they are the first original generation.
The story starts before OG1, and in mid way they go to the surface world with the DC war, which is in OG1 (where you got to meet Ryune, of course you don’t get to play that part in this game). and then the 2nd half is after the whole surface war ended (God knows what OC#, but in original it was after EX, then later version said it’s after 4thF, than… just revising) So that is why you start with Virsiona R, and you got to get super attacks at the end which does not exits in any other SRW (except one which I forgotten), such as the full moon slash.

That aside, there are nothing new but graphics so far. everything is the same as 14 years ago

Comment by realgundam

The PV makes painstakingly obvious how you are not getting the full experience without voice acting.

I think this time they’ve released LoE before EX because they don’t want fans to be shocked by the quality difference between them, which would make this already unfulfilling remake as it is sell less.

Comment by Anonymous

SRW: because everything ever needs to have voice acting because I demand it!

get over yourselves, it’s a SRW game that was completely unexpected until the info was leaked. a nice surprise, I think

Comment by Robert Weizer

Just because it’s a SRW I don’t have to bend over and like it when the game is lacking as a remake.

Good thing there’s the noisy ones that drive the developer to evolve their product, instead of bending over and being a yes man.

Comment by Anonymous

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