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April 14, 2010, 11:35 am
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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental (NDS)

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Blurriest scan ever.

Comment by Nerem

Then go buy the actual damn magazine if you’re going to complain. Dumbass.

Anyway, interesting scene pictures in the the second page. Did the original game have that because I don’t remember anything like that.

Comment by shady123

No they did not. And I would if I could. I just don’t like eye-strainingly blurry scans. I’d rather see some decent ones that could possibly maybe be readable.

Comment by Nerem

there are new game under name SD Gundam: Gashapon Wars it’s sad that srwhotnews didn’t post anything about it until now

Comment by comar

This scene pictures is what SRWOG exactly needs. The intermission and events in SRWOGS and OGG would have been so much better. I’m just tired of the wall of dialogue and the small headshots. I’m not saying to eliminate the old formula (I do love the expressions the characters make) just that they should make these cutscenes for important and funny events. Many times I have tried to imagined what the events would look like especially the swimsuit event in OGS. Yum

Comment by glemtvapen

I’m not against having cut scenes, but I can’t be pleased when it is prioritized over stuff that would add much more value like voice acting, new enemies (one of the faults of the original is the abundance of Demon Golem when facing Volkruss side’s army, a new enemy unit or two would add a much welcomed variety), special battle dialog or even new attacks.

Lacking remake is lacking.

Comment by Anonymous

On a side note, and from what one can see among the blurriness Kelvin Blizzard is looking alright.

Comment by Anonymous

what was the element chart talk about? >.<

Comment by JakBoy

Nothing new.

Air – strong against earth, weak against fire
Fire – strong against air, weak against water
Water – strong against fire, weak against earth
Earth – strong against water, weak against air

It also mentions the elements having ranking, and how this influences the multiplier based on the elemental chart.

Nothing new.

Comment by Anonymous

It’s not a “scan.” It’s a picture taken with a camera. At least use the right term.

Comment by Milkman Dan

I see some LOVE LOVE happening between Masaki and Ryune! Attacking from different directions also gives more damage. That’s a neat touch and was in the original LoE game right?

Comment by F97 X-1


Comment by Anonymous

I still think this is more or less the mix of both LoE games.

Comment by Duran

There’s only one LoE game.

Comment by Anonymous


Note the question mark in the caption. The magazine making fun of the fact that Masaki’s got an unwanted harem. I somehow doubt they’re going to go the Rayblade route with this game (though it would be amusing for Bamco to copy an idea from the game that copied their game), meaning that despite the nice artwork, Masaki is basically only going to be interested in Wendy.

Comment by Mukaikubo

ryune >> wendy

Comment by Banjo

I agree but the writers don’t. Unless they add in a Rayblade-esque dating system (or you choose to go down a certain route) it’s pretty much Masaki/Wendy and everyone else is sort of left hanging… despite Langran pretty much encouraging Masaki to take advantage of his harem.

Comment by Mukaikubo

Actually, there is no route where you end up just with Wendy, he never makes a choice regardless of route. On the other hand with Ryuune… I’ll refrain from posting the rest since it’s spoilers, so those curious can check the route endings to see what I’m talking about.

Comment by Anonymous

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