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Another Century’s Episode R main theme song
April 16, 2010, 12:18 am
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Acid Black Cherry’s new song “Re:birth” will be main theme song for Another Century’s Episode R.

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Is that a guy or a girl?

Comment by -_-


Comment by Alex Breech

It kinda sucks that Hitomi Shimatani won’t do the OP again

Comment by Rayearth

I agree, I hope the in game theme songs are vocal at least.

Comment by 00unicorn

They already said that some of the themes will be fully vocalized.

Comment by Nerem

any link we can preview the song?

Comment by Ereos

[…] SRW hotnews la Theme song del gioco sarà “Re:birth” di Acid Black Cherry’s Inserito in Varie su […]

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I wonder how many theme song each series is gonna be in the game. Most of the animes here have more than one theme at least. I hope they let us pick the songs we hear during the mission.

Comment by 00unicorn

Hope that the theme of Gundam Seed Destiny will not be the 4th OP…

Comment by D4rKov4

That song from Chemistry sounds too gay to be a song to listen to during missions.

Comment by bt

It’s apparently a guy. I hate how vaguely disturbing genders are when it comes to Japanese musicians.

Comment by AnKylo

He looks like Micheal Jackson to me.

The white version.

Comment by glemtvapen

^You leave Micheal Jackson Out of this

Comment by judge master char aznable

more like a cheap wannabe-MichealJackson-imitator
fuck this guy, i’m not buying a japanese ps3 to hear him sing, i don’t want to hear him sing
yes, i am prejudiced against this abortion of a human being
fuck ace r, it doesn’t even have UC-suits as of yet

Comment by Kefinan

happy april fools

Comment by Kefinan

I used to like Janne de Arc, so hopefully this will be good.

Comment by hiroy_raind

its a man -_-
i love acid black cherry its very great, i recomended it

Comment by Fujiwara

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