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SRW OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental TVCM
April 19, 2010, 1:37 pm
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Many2 pleaseeee Cybuster get a upgrade… It always cool look a robot change from one form to another form…^^

Comment by Shu

Given that Cosmo Nova only has one shot and as such can’t be used with the “Attack again” skill I hope they inflate its power to Shukutaihou level.

Comment by Anonymous

What makes you think there even is an Attack Again skill? There hasn’t been any news of a skill system so far.

Comment by Kouban

@Shu: It’s a remake of the original LoE, -and- Cybuster is already Masaki’s upgrade mech. Why on earth would it get a new form?

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

Kouban: Because I can read the future, or maybe because Terada said that he won’t be making any major changes, and you can see some of Tyutti’s skills in the official page. One can argue that one of the images shows her at level 39 and she should’ve learned attack again by then, but except that her skill count is the same (4, 2 learned and 2 to learn).

My guess is as good as yours, but the evidence points to the gameplay remaining close to the original then to see any major changes.

Comment by Anonymous


Masaki already upgrades from Jaohm to Cybuster and Cybuster is one of the most powerful machines Bamco has come up with (hello there Laplace Demon Computer and Full Possession) so an ‘upgrade’ would be redundant. Also, the Masoukishin are kind of important to the story…

Comment by Mukaikubo


One would think, but they’ve had plenty of opportunity to do so, consdering they remade the original SRW series TWICE for PS and Saturn before Alpha and OG even existed. It seems inevitable that Cybuster is doomed to play second fiddle in OG despite being the original Banpresto Original.

Comment by lol

But anyone noticed, the Laplace Demon Computer on the Cybaster has not come into much use in any of the games it has appeared in. I bet once Masaki activates it or figures out how to use it, then we’ll see the true power of the Cybaster.

Comment by bt

Actually, in the old games and even in the remakes Cosmo Nova justifies it’s one shot status by having a somewhat inflated attack value.

It’s just that in this game besides the problem described above, Cosmo Nova isn’t even the strongest attack Cybuster has (s little detail that I always hated on LoE and they corrected in Alpha).

Comment by Anonymous

@Mukaikubo ooo, didn’t know about it since I never play it even on it first realese 😛 thanks anyway, consider I just know him from SRW series & each time always in that form, so kind of bored watch it^^ always that form.. 😀

Comment by Shu

@Anon: I haven’t seen a scan that shows the word attack again, nor does the original have this.

Comment by realgundam

nor does the original have this.

Try again when you actually know of what you are talking about.

Comment by Anonymous

@Anon: my bad, I forgot.. too long ago. but yea you dont really ned to have more than 1 ammo for the nova, since you learn a almost as powerful sword skill ( optional) at the end anyway, which use EN instead.

Comment by realgundam

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