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More scans from Gundam Ace (May)
April 21, 2010, 8:40 pm
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Gundam Ace Magazine (May)

Mobile Suit Gundam Katana


MSV-R: FA-78-1B

Game’s MSV: MAN-05 Gromlin

MSV-R Catalog


SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

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Some pretty cool designs for gundam katana, whatever it is. Some decent MSV, but they’re still sporting those horrid retro shiny colors.

Comment by InjuredPelican

The Flying Gouf looks quite good, but I swear it looks exactly like a Rugby’s player…

Comment by NT

Alex got full armor as well, that’s nice.

Comment by K'

@InjuredPelican: I believe Gundam Katana is a manga.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

are these early designs or was added as a spin off to the mechas appeared in the anime?

Comment by pulge

Kinda weird to look at those MSVs and think that those were radical new designs back in the day ._.

Comment by ed

I’m not sure but it seems that the FA Alex will be piloted by Quattro Bajeena. Since it’s red, the title of the chapter is “The shadow of the Red Comet” and, at the end of the first volume, it said that he appears in the second volume.

Comment by Jefferson

fro55 here
is this manga or anime

Comment by fro55

I can’t believe how two MS that are basically the same can look so different just by designer.
More proof that Okawara needs to fucking get with the times and update that horrid style.

Comment by Amon

Gundam 0084 ? never thought of it there are other missing years like 82,85,86,89

Comment by sorompa

hmmmm gundam katana looking better than i first saw it as

Comment by Ereos


The pilot of the unit is not Quattro. His name is Shin Federal. Quattro did appear in a panel in one of the earlier chapters when the team arrives at Granada (before the giant mobile armor goes bonkers and attempts to annihilate the lunar city). He’s a spillover character from the “We’re Feddie Hooligans” manga series.

Comment by Deacon Blues

why is it call Katana if there isn;t one?

Comment by realgundam

I want manga explain where did char go at zz and how he became boss of zeon can one help ?

Comment by comar

is there are english version of manga “We’re Feddie Hooligans” ?

Comment by Maik


Comment by Deacon Blues

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