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April 22, 2010, 11:17 am
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 Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (movie) A wakening of the Trailblazer


G.F.F. Composite Ver.Ka Lancelot Albion


Robot Damashii <Side MS>


Robot Damashii <Side AS>

Robot Damashii <Side KMF>


RG 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2 – July, 2,625 yen


MG Musha Gundam MK-II – May, 6,300 yen


MG FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam – June, 5,750 yen

Wing Gundam Zero Custom

HGFC God Gundam – May, 1,890 yen


HG Gundam Avalanche Exia – June, 2,100 yen


HGUC Gundam ZZ – June, 2,415 yen

HG 1.5 Gundam – May, 1890 yen

New Soul of Chogokin series

Robot Damashii <Side MS> Arios Gundam Ascalon (00V)


Megahouse Variable Action

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

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Mazinkaiser Skull, huh?

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

holy shit…i thought thats the new Mazinger anime.
but not kouji? so…mehh…

Comment by iwantMySRW4Ps3

@Brave Exkaiser
I think its more like Mazinkaiser with a monster hunter inspired sword which is nice touch to this mazinger mecha 🙂

Comment by MaxHD2490

wow so new mazinkaiser serie ova?? Awsome, but preferably new tv series >.<

Comment by dude

It will be great to see Mazinkaiser in a new anime
But the last show (Shin Mazinger) hasn’t finished it’s story
In should have a sequel?

Comment by SHEHABXZA

@SHEHABXZA: I don’t think the Shin. M manga got much further… or that was actually how the manag ended… and there was a Kaiser anime already. But yea I was said that it is a new series, instead of working Kaiser into the Shin story line

Comment by realgundam

So Mazinkaiser Skull is a new Mazinger anime coming out? Awesome! And those two look like new versions of Kouji and Tetsuya! Kouji on the right and Tetsuya on the left! But can someone confirm if they’re supposed to be completely new characters, or just redesigned Kouji and Tetsuya? If they’re new, then they seem to be inspired by Kouji and Tetsuya!

Also, like it was already mentioned, Shin Mazinger hasn’t finished yet, so what about that if there’s going to be a new Mazinger anime which is probably set in another universe? Unless Mazinkaiser Skull is going to be set in the Shin universe, but what’s the chances of that?

Anyway, Mazinger had enough anime for now, I would have prefered a new Getter Robo anime!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

nice HG avanlache exia
woooo that new mazinger looks G!!!
it wouldnt be the same if they didnt keep kouji

1.5 Gundam what a dumb release of a gunpla
FA Gundam looks nice i wonder what kinda color i could mod it
any ideas i dont like that green 😛

Comment by Ereos

I prefer new Grendizer instead we already got New Getter, Mazinkaiser SKL looks cool though but it didn’t looks better than Mazinkaiser imo especially its breastplate and arms.

Comment by K'

hip-hip huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa go nagai ^^

Comment by m4jin

avalanche exia, coollll yeahhhh
reborn 1.5 helll yeaaaaaaaaaaaa, tq bandai
more catchy exia, new rooster have been released, gotta re stock ammo of money =P

Comment by m4jin

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Anyway, yay for MG Wing Zero, like MG Wing the new model looks very sleek compare to the old released, that’s nice.

Comment by K'

Fun fact: 1.5 Gundam is actually written as

Comment by guarayakha

The Wing Zero is a mod, not a release. Next after Musha Mk II is the FA Gundam.
It’s really weird, this FA RX-78-1. It doesn’t have all of the detail of the shown Katoki version design but it doesn’t look much Okawara’s version of it either. I sincerely hope they don’t use the 2.0 frame for it.

Comment by Amon

Fun fact: 1.5 Gundam is actually written as IS(pronounced ICE) Gundam.

Comment by guarayakha

MG Full-Armor Gundam? Nice. I think I’ll pick it up sometime in the future.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

@Amon sad to say they are using the ver 2.0 frame

Comment by buff

So it seems but the second scan showing us the unarmoured frame is really shoddy. It seems extremely weird to use most of Katoki’s lineart for the design but use Okawara’s actual Gundam design for the base. It would be weird for Bandai to use an older frame obviously but mixing radically different designs is just mind boggling. Katoki’s RX-78 lineart is just far more suited for the design details here. I just don’t get it. What base are they aiming at here, the older purists who like the simpler lines or the the more Katoki influenced newer base that prefers the more intricate details to his work? It seems they’re trying to strike a middle ground but… Well, we’ll see.

Comment by Amon

this is so awesome! gunda, 1.5 and wing zero!
but i think the wings of wing zero are short

Comment by wartick28

Wartick, now that you say that, you’re right, they’re pretty short

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I wish that Wing Zero was an actual MG.

That and the wings are too short. This Wing Zero is a modded HG slapped onto the MG Wing Gundam frame.

Comment by Theron

I think tomino isn’t going to complete shin mazinger he saw that he failed on it story he doesn’t want to give A bad impression about mazinger so instead of that he started with new mazinkaizer

Comment by Akira nagamoma

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@Akira nagamoma: Yoshiyuki Tomino has never touched a Mazinger show in his life, much less Shin Mazinger.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

The illustration you see there is just a initial concept. I’m sure there will be an official line art in a few months.

Comment by Nos


That FA design is as Okawara as MG Gundam 2.0 . His original FA line art has (relatively) quite a lot of details as well . The proportion is modified to fit Gundam 2.0 frame that’s all. It doesn’t even have Katoki proportion.

Comment by da_guy

Goddamn you people Go-Nagai did Mazinger
also that mazinger seems to be involved in a new manga side story

Comment by VenomGundam

@ Brave Exkaiser
sorry I mean gongai I always fault between him,tomino and terada

Comment by Akira nagamoma

The Wing Zero mod looks good though I bet that if bandai will release an MG of this, it’ll have bigger & better looking wings.

Comment by Quantum

what scale is the G.F.F.N. Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

Comment by 2saisai

no full scans yet ?

Comment by Sei

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