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Another Century’s Episode R PV
April 23, 2010, 12:50 pm
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Another Century’s Episode R official site has been updated new promotion movie.

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EPIC VIDEO. if only we have a ps3 T_T

Comment by setsuna15

Good song

Comment by HeatPhoenix

kinda hoped for gameplay video, but nice song and opening movie

Comment by amuro0093

The rendering is nice and all, but is it just me, or does anyone feels that the animation seems to be a tad bit weightless? I can’t sense any strong impact at all everytime a mech hits another. The Valkyries also seems to move slower and less agile when compared to the YF-19 featured in ACE3’s intro. That said, lovin’ the drenched cloak on Crossbone.

Comment by guarayakha


cant wait to see a gameplay pv

Comment by D4rKov4

Awesomeness! Really epic! This made my day and I can’t wait till the game comes out! I love the song, although I like the website’s music better, which I hope will also be in the game! I just hope that the game’s version of the opening will have voices in them like in ACE 2, but if it will be the same, then I won’t mind. The opening is awesome enough as it is! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Where are Z, Nu and VF-0A?

Comment by K'

Hmm, you’re right. Maybe it’s not the complete opening. 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

in Z opening video it doesnt have great mazinger, grendizer or CCA gundam

Comment by D4rKov4

[…] King Gainer (and other not-as-cool mecha) in the FMV promotional video for Another Century’s Episode R (PS3). Downloads here. […]

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too bad no Gawain… T__T

Comment by JustPassingThru

Is this PV available on PSN of Japan?

Comment by SHEHABXZA

This game I should try out. But it release in Japan-only. I said, “Coming Summer 2010” along with Ace Combat: Joint Assault (PSP) according to Namco Bandai Games.

Comment by MasterChiefSnake

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