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Gundam 00 movie new PV
April 26, 2010, 12:04 pm
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Gundam 00 movie new PV(cam)

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Comment by isaac

Holy Lockon Stratos has some Huge funnel thingy and also shoots missiles too?!?!? AWESOME ๐Ÿ˜€

Comment by Soulgain

Cant wait to watch it, more cool if in 3D theater… ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Shu

freedom beam spam mode!!!

Comment by zeroel

Ike!! Fin Fu—– ups wrong ๐Ÿ˜›

Comment by seabook

now every meisters become innovator.. they can use gn-fang to the max~! new-type reborns~! cool movie, can’t wait to watch it~

Comment by maseko

[…] […]

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September is so far away…

Comment by realgundam

Hey hey hey, why is Lockon being treated as an innovator now.. XD have you guys forgotten about Haro? XD That rolling ball is prolly the reason as to why Lockon’s fight with Anew looked so cool… XD

Haro for the win!

I bloody want a Zabanya model… X___X I’m a sucker for either “winged” mobile suits or funnel-based ones. XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

New GNX has a V-fin, eh. Very nice.
Looks like Lockon found a few videos of Funnel action and decided to try it out.

Comment by Amon

Makes you wonder why they bother with meisters when Haros are obviously superior pilots and technician at the same time.

Comment by da_guy

What an insult to Lockon, turning him from a sniper into a Kira Yamato clone. Not liking where this movie is headed.
Are we even going to see the gundams behind all the beam spamming and fangs flying?!

Comment by ZR0

Don’t worry, Lockon won’t be a Kira Yamato clone.
I bet all but one or two beams even hit their targets and I doubt would get so cheap after the skills he showed at the end of Season 2.

Comment by Ertre

Is it really gonna be called Awakening of the Trailblazer? It sounds like some Indian folk story.

Comment by Psybuster

Sniper can only be used in some kind of secret assault operation, what is the used of being sniper in an all out war battle? Sniper must stay stealth, but being a gundam, Lockon is a first target, so like hell enemy will give him chance to hide and strike them out one by one ~~

Comment by atlans89

Lockon prolly would do this full burst scene just once or none if they decide to edit this clip out.

The movie ain’t shown yet and we’re all just getting small clips of what the movie’s going to be like so it’s too early to assume anything in this movie as of now.

In any case, I thought Zabanya had gone Macross with it’s missile-spam but then this! Missile+Beam spam, this certainly makes it look broken… XD But like I said, it’s still too early, he might not use his spamming skills like others so there. [With others I mean Kira, every main chara in Macross and Trowa]

you refer to a sniper as to what a real sniper does in real life, you should know better what everybody means when we say that Lockon being the sniper of the group. In any case if the term sniper does not fit you then just use artillery then. Afterall the Dynames line after all is technically a long ranged artillery mobile suit. Even though it says it’s a sniper mobile suit, but it’s role is more of an artillery one.

Comment by JustPassingThru

@JustPassingThru April: I mentioned this ‘cuz too many people keep complaining about how Lockon stop being sniper, no offense.
00 S1 Lockon being sniper due to immobilize enemy from far, and the gap in technology between Celestial Being and the world is quite large.
S2 is more like open war, and sniper couldn’t play many parts as it used to be, thus Cherudim is more like an assault unit than sniper. IMO Dynames in S1 to be hard to adapt in all out battle so Cherudim make a little change to it despite still holding sniper role.

Comment by atlans89

many-many remote weapon
and now we get…zabanya

this is trend!!..yeahh
forget that old gundam, now an era of 21th century’s gundam

old gundam???…WE DONT NEED!!..WE DONT NEED!!..WE DONT NEED!!..WE DONT NEED!!..~~

Comment by WE DONT NEED old gundam

@ WE DONT NEED old gundam

Then you realise the concept of funnels has been around since the original series in 1979.

Elmeth, Zeong etc.

Comment by haroharo

you rather have a gundam with remote weapons to use only to fight
there is really no skill in that… i be bored to death if all the next gundam series are like that
especially when you got a Haro doing everything what happened to old school… n00b pilot becomes pro aka… AMURO!!!!
then some n00b pilot aka Setsuna whom had always i mean always relied on his gundam … oh comon he didnt know half of the things he was doing

yea appreciate the old units because that sir are the foundations

Comment by Ereos

remote weaponry is cool and all that… but with UC (Universal Century, not Unicorn) around I’m guessing we’re gonna be seeing that no matter how advanced remote weaponry gets, it’s nothing when the newtypes begin activating there beam deflecting newtype hax. If I’m not mistaken, Unicorn wasn’t the first use this hax, Zeta and ZZ had this I think.

Comment by JustPassingThru

I prefer watching kamiyyu fighting with jerid with just beam rifles and swords ๐Ÿ˜›

Comment by Banjo

ok seriously everyone is doggin lockon WHOOOOOOOO CARES if he has funnels and wtf kira yamito clone ok whats he have to do with lockon i think all tha new rifle bits are sweet lol. btw they wont edit it out why would they that part looks FUCKING SWEET. Watch when tha movie comes out you guys will be all tripn and loven it just watch

Comment by Shindy117

In case you nitwits had forgotten, Cherudim had remote weapons too: Remember the Shield Bits? And the Rifle Bits of the Cherudim GN/HW?

And FUCK Kira Yamato. He’s pathetic.

Comment by T71X

i dont care about that lockon IDIOT statos

maybe his haroo more smart than him…
remember, cheruddin bit shield controled by haroo not that IDIOT stratos…

haroo is more valuable to become a meister than IDIOT statos..

yeahh now we have the most useless pilot in gundam era..
Idiot Stratos, super useless soldier, hermaphrodite Erde and dont forget our Setsuna Fuck Seie

Comment by (@_@)p

Even you say like that, 00 battle more interesting than previous UC series, excluding unicorn..

you want most useless pilot in gundam??

he is have brown curly hair, had ugly face and personality…

yeah amuro is a LOOSER,14 year in traumatic condition!!…this man realy2 LOOSER, no one can beat his record

Comment by Jaichow56

00=best nuff said

anyone disagree, burn in hell

Comment by seedfansSUCK

That’s Great. Nice Post….

Comment by

seedfansSUCK hahahah thats was funny as hell and i agree 00 is the best hahaha

Comment by Shindy00

00 is the best, whoever says it sucks your a moving target… infrared between yer eyes… 00 series gundams owns them all… amuro hair = funky ^^

Comment by 00jon

movie trailers on youtube are so cool, they even got trailers of the latest movies ::

Comment by Arthritis Pain Relief ยท

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