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More scans from Dengeki Hobby Magazine June
May 3, 2010, 12:32 am
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Cat Haro. Interesting.

Comment by TTN

Thats Hanayo the cat looking Haro if thats what your talking about

Comment by MaxHD2490

Fon appears again then. Hopefully someone will start translating these things eventually so we can understand anything.

Comment by Amon

Look at the pilot.The face on the pilot is really scaring me -.-

Comment by Soulgain

not to mention that pilot also seems to know ali al-saachez in one point in the manga in 00F

Comment by MaxHD2490

Is he another Ali’s disciple like Setsuna?

Comment by akp47

Yup, Fon Spark is another ex-Ali underling… Interesting to note that Astraea is now GN Drive Tau-powered… Still cant wait to get the kit though… ^^;

Comment by plutoniumhunter

i want an mg of this 🙂

Comment by kingofhearts95

and fon spark looks awesome here

Comment by kingofhearts95


this isn’t the original Astrae, Fon took the black reproduction version he fought at the end of 00F as his personal unit. Therefore, it doesn’t have the F2 feature, but comes with GN drive T ^_^

Comment by zerg

well thats new, a 1/144 resin kit of Realdo in addition to new color scheme in the the new Gundam 00N sidestory

Comment by MaxHD2490

new robot spirit coming on august and september

Comment by gundaman


Comment by J-Lead

At least they finally stopped producing any more Astray side stories.

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Isn’t that Fon Spark?

Comment by refined77

@Freedom Gundam
But they producing SEED movie instead… I rather see Red & Blue Astray.

Comment by LM

but trouble is we haven’t heard anything about the gundam seed movie and hopefully that movie better not end up like the GSD kind of thing, and Top of that we have to look forward to the Gundam 00 movie.

Comment by MaxHD2490

man 00N how many side stories we gonna have for 00 series
it gettin ridiculous
Cat Haro is awesome 😛
Flag units and anything branched of them are ugly except masuarao

Comment by Ereos

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