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More scans from Gundam Ace (June)
May 6, 2010, 3:00 pm
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Gundam Ace Magazine (June)



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Awesome! I love the RX-78 section!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I wish they would released all msv in hg kits, not stupid resin garbadge!

Comment by refined77

[…] the latest issue of Gundam Ace, several pieces of Hajime Katoki’s reworked Gundam 0081 designs have been showcased. […]

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Would love to have FA-78-3 as a MG.

Comment by LM

RX-78-7 is lookin good, I don’t regret ordering the game and the kit right now

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Don’t really like the re-design of the tail stabilizer on this Katoki version. It looks over-detailed and not very functional compared to the original one.

Comment by da_guy

What are you talking about? The original version didn’t even look it had a stabilizer, just some random ass fin. This stabilizer can divide into several sections to compensate for the different weight in both sides of the Gundam, it’s far more effective and logical. It’s not even that detailed at all.

Comment by Amon

All the “chunks” on the fins are unnecessary and non functional details, especially the outer pairs that are just fancy counterweights. The style of the stabilizer unit is more similar to something from AOZ (Hazel boosters specifically) rather than OYW. Although, Gundam 7th itself is pretty non OYW being a retcon MSV, so I don’t think that’s a big problem and Katoki did a fairly decent job on the MS itself. The multiple fins are too close together to be any better than 2 simple fins like the original. It’s just a poor excuse to make it look like a feathered tail.

Comment by da_guy

Yeah, I agree about the tail stabilizer I think it’s too big but I still like it though maybe it’s also serve as an energy tank as well idk.

Comment by LM

I like the look of the MG FA-78-1 Gundam, but I hope we get one with two double-cannons, like the FIX version. If not, I’ll give it a miss – until they release one that does. Hopefully, we’ll also get a MG Heavy Gundam to go with it.

The RX-78-4, RX-78-5, RX-78-6, FA-78-3 and HFA-78-3 also look interesting. I wouldn’t mind if Bandai decided to release these variants, MG Zaku-style.

Comment by Hanzkaz – Organic Rooibos Tea – half life 2 cheat codes – Cartier Engagement Rings

Comment by owenoping

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