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Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. gameplay video
May 8, 2010, 7:31 pm
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That looks like an incredibly finished product. Hope they release it for PS3 soon so I can buy it.

Comment by DarkCode

Hold on, so its playing ON a PS3, not an arcade unit?

*little girl scream!*

Comment by Bob

Well, it’s on an arcade that is apparently built off a PS3.

Or something. Still. *joins him in a girly squeal*

Comment by Mentok_The_Mindtaker

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but in the fourth video with Cherudim Gundam, you can hear “Zips” by TM Revolution in the background if you listen carefully. If it’s coming from the game that we’re seeing, doesn’t that mean it’s in the game? If it isn’t, then it could be coming from another unit of the game. Otherwise, it must be coming from something else, which I wonder what it could be. If it’s in the game, then I guess it’s the song for the Astray series, since its promotional video had it in Gundam SEED Never Ending Tomorrow.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Anyway, the game looks really awesome! The graphics are really improved! I’m impressed!:D

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Can’t wait for this game . I want to play with Justice gundam

Comment by guest

Totally agree about Justice. I’m also very impressed with Cherudim. The graphics are so much improved, its shocking. The animation and speed of the suits is great, and the game from the higher angle looks just like the anime now, with beams and mobile suits flying all over the place. I also noticed they ahve straight up normal 00 Gundam this time. Interesting.

Comment by InjuredPelican

I agree with everything you said there, but there’s also 00 Gundam? Crap, I must’ve thought I was seeing 00 Raiser. I need to check again, because this IS interesting. It should play slightly differently then!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

What about strike freedom ?

Comment by guest


I think you start out as just plain 00 Gundam and can “switch equipment” in game to use 00 Raiser for a limited amount of time. Sorta like the Assault and Buster packs for the V2 or the Striker Packs for the Strike.

Comment by KyriosArios

Oh yeah, I see. That’s actually a better way! Thanks!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

for some reason i still doubt it come to ps3 but if it is


Comment by Ereos

It seems that “Zips” IS SEED Astray’s BGM! Yay!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Hate to burst your bubble guys, but in the vid where it appears to be booting off the PS3, I believe all we’re seeing is a gameplay video, and not someone actually playing the game. Notice how the TVs look nothing like the arcade machine.

Comment by TheRyuujinMike

But are you also noting the long boot time. Something utterly point to have if just a video file.

Its also running off the game section of the XMB, not video.

I want to believe!

Comment by Bob

Why is it so laggy in 2 of those videos.

Comment by da_guy

The truth is out there.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Now we’re making X-Files references?

I want to Believe

Comment by judge master char aznable

I hope O raiser isn’t just for a limited time, though I suppose that’s the best way to balance it. I’m actually a bigger fan of just plain 00 for some reason, so I would be happy with however it goes. Maybe when you aren’t in raiser mode, you get the O-raiser as an ally/attack, so changing modes has trade-offs. That would be cool.

Comment by InjuredPelican

God! This and ACE 3 really make happy buying PS3!

Comment by amuro0093

Hmmm…I notice even the supports have VA now…The videos make me cry,make me want the game even more.

Comment by Gnitx

Sadly, both will probably have to be imported an non-JP speaker/readers will have to deal. ACE 3 certainly because of all the legal hangups with Macross.

Comment by Bob

@Bob, I don’t mind. That’s the way it is. No SRW related games ever made it to US (expect OG GBA).

Comment by amuro0093

Yep, that’s the way things are. About the supports having voices now, that’s awesome! Thanks for pointing that out, Gnitx! I’m going to watch the videos again to hear them! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Haha, i noticed that from one of the videos with Forbidden Gundam,heard the Raider Gundam pilot kept on shouting as he appears…lol

Comment by Gnitx

it do got ppl plying the game instead of a video file, since the game run on Namco’s PS3-based System 357 arcade board so it is with a PS3 booting screen, The 1st video is the major screen which allow the public watch the battle of the 4 player in a better view,The booting screen probrably is connecting the 4 arcade, since running on the same hardware ther will b a great possiblity the game will come out in PS3 however so far still dint hav any official announce from bandai

Comment by LOL

damn… X___X I’m so loving this game now… I can’t wait for the official release in PS3… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru


Oh! I heard him too when I watched the video back then, but I didn’t realise that it was a support! You’re talking about Clotho, right? Lol, it was funny hearing him repeat “kiryaa! Hissatsu!” throughout the video. I guess they’re using the same sound sample from Gundam SEED Rengou VS ZAFT because it sounds the same, but I can’t say for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, because it’s only one line, although alternating dialogue spoken by supports would be better.

Anyway, hearing Clotho say that in the video reminds me or the good times play Gundam SEED Rengou VS ZAFT Portable! I want to play it again! It has that feeling and atmosphere that the Gundam VS Gundam and other VS games don’t have!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

it would be pretty genius is 00 gundam can switch to several equipments
—00 raiser
—00 seven swords
—00 XN Raiser

it be the same for impulse/strike gundam
touch of the square and x button to switch
then imagine online play
wow that be amazing

Comment by Ereos

I don’t see Impulse or Destiny D:

Comment by Elozth

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