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New Gundam 00 Movie screens
May 10, 2010, 7:00 pm
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wow! that gn-x looks so cool! it kinda looks like a gn-x with cherudim weapons

Comment by buff

fap fap fap oops (^_^) damn sexy

Comment by 00 Love

wow….now the GN-XIV had a V-Fin….

Comment by costriker

bloody cool looking GN-X… O_O

Comment by JustPassingThru

Trailer link:

Comment by Solidvanz

That is one sexy GN-XIV. :d

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

that GNX looks damn cool
why was it so fast and then the gundams are so slow lol

Comment by Ereos

Yeah the GN-XIV is awesomeness!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Dat Jinx.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

More like dat Jinxfor!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Goddamn that GNX is ****ing sexy.
This one of the cases I wish Bandai will rehash all the GN-X versions in MG kit form.

Comment by GlemtVapen

GNXIV got avaltor wings so isit possible it got GN Shield?

Comment by Ereos

@ Ereos

I thought they resembled Raiser parts.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Those look like violet coloured GN particles…

Comment by mystickskye

So what ? A new PV and the only new is that GNX, man, they reuse like all the scenes in PV 3

Comment by yasulong

links are down… >_<

Comment by greengreen


Comment by Hallelujah

sorry But the GUNDAMS are just to BUFF

Comment by Shindy00

I wish it just come out already and get it over with.

Comment by realgundam

i agree with realgundam LOL 😛 but hell i just cant wait lol/ nice pics and it looks like the new flags and the GNXs are getn raped lol expect GRAM of course

Comment by shindy117

hahah and not to mention WHO EVER they are fighting is a hell of a better shot then tha ESF guys are lol except Gram. i guess that means that 00Qan T, harut, Raphael, and Zabanya will have to kick some ass

Comment by shindy117

and as for the purple gn particles whhhooo cares the true GN Drives are tooooo awesome and buff

Comment by shindy117


Comment by Hallelujah

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