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Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010 photo reports
May 13, 2010, 8:34 am
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HG Gundam Astrea

HG Gundam Avalanche Exia Dash


New anime project Mokei Senshi GUNPLA BUILDERS -Beginning G.

1/144 Beginning Gundam

MG V Dash Gundam Ver. Ka – July, 6,090 yen

MG  V Core Booster Ver. Ka – July, 2,310 yen

1/72 VF-25F Tornado Messiah Valkyrie

HG 1/144 Raphael Gundam

HG 1/144 Gundam Zabanya – August, 1,890 yen

HG 1/144 00 Qan[t] – August, 1,680 yen

HG 1/144 Gundam Harute – September, 1,680 yen

MG The O

HGUC GM Kai – August, 1,260 yen

HGUC Sinanju

HGUC Geara Zulu Angelo Sauper’s Custom

HGUC Delta Plus


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Was hoping for a DX. Ah heck. Still, The O is pretty good too. But Delta Plus is where it’s at. Fucking finally. Too bad it’s not a MG but who knows.

Comment by Amon

Suprising! The O, eh? I bet there is a fair bunch of those MGs will still be made of the ones they listed.

00 Raiser, especially. Though, it did come into third place.

Comment by DarkCode

Painting the HGUC Sinanju is going to send people into a murderous rage, I can see it now.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

@Brave Exkaiser

You’re so damn right. MG Sinanju owner here… lol

Comment by Virgo

pfft… MG The O… what a disappointment, seems like Bandai would like to hold on to their MG aces a little longer eh…

Damn and I so wanted an MG DX… >__<

Comment by JustPassingThru

I hope Delta Plus isn’t gold coated.

Comment by hiroy_raind

with the new RG line, 1/144 is more favourable. My wishlist keeps getting out of list now after this announcement.

I keep staying at Ngee blog for a while from the morning, today have much to do for updating blog with the fantastic news.

Comment by divinelight

Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G is also featured in the hobby show. But I think it’s kinda weird to have an anime about gunpla.

Comment by don't mind me

@divine: yeah true.. I wonder about the next RG Char’s Zaku..
and really surprised about HG Sinanju, HG Delta Plus, and HG Geara Zulu Angelo’s custom.. so.. I guess faddy and chubby was right to collect HGUC lineup eh?

I do wonder about the MG V-Dash, and of course the “maybe” MG V2 too.. hopefully Bandai will make V2 into MG consider he wins the MG wishlist pol..

Comment by MaftyNavue

I wish they’ll make a MG of Harute later. It looks funny.

Comment by guest

Where’s delta plus’s shield? It’s carrying ReZel’s rifle, what happened to the one original one? It better still be transformable, or it will be the ultimate fail for UC kits. What’s with people complaining about MG The-O? It’s about time that it gets released, being the main antagonist suit. Bandai probably already made the kit quite a while back but just wasn’t sure if it’s popular enough. Good thing the poll did the thing justice. WTF is 00 Raiser doing in the poll anyway, Bandai will make it regardless. Could have had 3rd place for something else more interesting.

Comment by da_guy

Agreed with most of all yours comments, guess no comment being made regarding the 00Q kits speak for itself- guaranteed purchase lol! Only see this pc piece on the shield connector on 00Q,maybe that’s the new raiser.. No castoff for Zaban, bulky; wish there’s functionality for the backpack of harute; Raph-2 missile banks on each side?/ bottom torso for hidden form?

Comment by gill at srw

About time they did an MG of The O. MG Hambrabi next Bandai…please? kthx.

Comment by AirMaster

@da_guy; the poll technically encompassed ALL mobile suits. Not that there were only a few pre-assigned choices. 30 options + the flexible “other” option. So given the poll title of “Which MS do you want as an MG next”, it’d seem that a lot of people want a MG 00-Raiser and soonish at that.

Comment by mystickskye

Happy that The O has gotten the MG treatment, but I am dissapointed that Nightingale was not listed as one of the choices to vote (not counting the “other” option). It is so obvious that there will be a 00 Raiser and V2 release in the near future, no need to put them on the voting list Bandai. Hopefully due to the size of The O as a MG a Nightingale MG will be feasible; that or they will change the proportions like with MG Hi-Nu.

Comment by R

Raphael has Twin GN Drives?

Comment by guarayakha

Wow MG The O… Finally for long waiting is paid… The thing must buy..

Comment by slotgerumeru

only harute and zabanya that made with serious design, the rest of it looks phoonny…….
Wat teh hackkk, hguc rampage attack…………….
Nice job Bandai, althought the MG is the O????????

Comment by M4jin

12,600 yen for The O, No thanks.
Delta plus is looking nice, do people really believe thet it transforms, there has’nt been ANY official lineart of its transformation.
RG RX-78 is where its at for me. Articulated hands on a 1/144, 207 pieces, hell yes!

Comment by ZR0

Gotta love harute
it looks awsome

Comment by Hallelujah

now all gundam have twin drive system 😀

Comment by Hallelujah

The Delta Plus is designated as a Tranformable Mobile Suit in its official specs. The Hyaku Shiki itself is designated as an Attack Use mobile suit, meaning that the Delta Plus can transform even if that form doesn’t have lineart yet. That said, the Delta Gundam does have transformed lineart.

Comment by Amon

I’m not really a fan of the O. I would have preferred a MG Sazabi 2.0. MG V Dash Gundam’s looking nice . Glad I pre-ordered it.

The MG V Core Booster makes me wonder why Bandai hasn’t released an MG Skygrasper, complete with Aile Striker pack.

The 1/72 VF-25F Tornado Messiah Valkyrie is also going on my Hit List.

Other than that, I’ll wait till MG Full Armour Gundam gets a second double-cannon and the 1/144 goodies get converted to 1/100 scale.

Comment by Hanzkaz

@ Amon. I think thats the Delta Gundam, what the Hyaku Shiki was supposed to be but it failed. Seeing as the HG delta plus does’nt have a shield yet sinanju had its equipment, i am very sceptical that Delta Plus actually transforms.

@Hallelujah. None of them have twin drive.

Comment by ZR0

The Delta Plus is a mass production prototype of the Delta Gundam. That’s why called it’s Delta Plus, not Hyaku Shiki. It’s the exact same suit with a few body and armour changes and without the beam coating. It can definitely transform. Whether the kit can is a different issue.

Hanzkaz : That’d be stupid. The first Strike Gundam came with the Aile pack, why would Bandai make a completely superfluous pack for nothing? How many vehicles are there in the MG line not called G Armour? At the point where anything like that would be a good idea, or when the Strike/Launcher packs were made, the Seed craze had long gone down. Let’s face it, anyone who wants the Aile Pack would have gotten the Strike anyway and making a Skygrasper would be useless as it simply wouldn’t sell.

Comment by Amon

Definitely getting that Avalanche Exia.

Comment by Quantum

MG The O ?? BANDAI’s gone nuts… they should’ve released MG Unicorn Banshee instead…

Comment by Sei

@ZRO “None of them have twin drive”

Then what are those two GN drive looking things on Raphael’s pack?

Comment by guarayakha

Those are just GN thrusters, since the leg/claws are supposed to be able to separate as giant bit cannons

I am pretty sure The O should have plenty of internal details (or it will be a huge rip off). Kits are usually priced by the amount of plastic used. The older big kits are cheaper because they don’t have a lot of inner frames.

Comment by da_guy

maybe MG The O gonna emphasize on the sabers inside it’s skirt.

Comment by hiroy_raind

MG The O interesting though i doubt i get it
isit me or that raphael gundam model has a GN Archer head?
though Harute and Delta Plus looks damn good
i bet ya they prob make a Delta Plus Gloss Version after with the shiny gold

Comment by Ereos

From nice pic of Quant, I can safely say that there’ll be wing parts on both side..;
it’s just a matter of time – notice the shoulder pads are purposely built to be comprised in an inner part and an outer part, for removal.

Comment by gill at srw

I have a feeling that Raphael might go do an “Armor Up!” instead of “Cast Off!” which Virtue did. Though I might be wrong… because the first episode of the second season of 00, I thought Seravee might do a “Gattai!” because of the face burst scene… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

Delta plus is not gold, its grey.

Comment by ZR0

Amon: We can always dream. The Seed craze may have died down a bit, but you can say that about most of the previous Gundam series. Take Gundam Zeta – I wonder how many people had an MG O on their wish list, but never really expected to get one. As for me, my long awaited MG Wing is in the post.

Personally, I’d like a MG version of the PG Skygrasper kit. The Skygrasper looks the best (and more sellable) with the Aile pack. Bandai already has the parts for the Aile Striker. It wouldn’t be too hard to add a few frames for the Skygrasper itself.

It’s precisely because of the MG G Armour and the forthcoming MG V Dash Core Booster, that I’m hoping a MG Skygrasper is possible.

This is Bandai we’re talking about, after all.

Comment by Hanzkaz

The HGUC ZZ Gundam and the Real Grade RX-78 are definitly on my to get list. Hopefully Bandai continues on the RG line if its good and makes models of more suits from the original Gundam like the Gyan because the HGUC version of it is way outdated seeing as it was made back in 1999.

Comment by Uncle_Starburst

Video, Bandai Stand – official Hobby media

+ Altri, Tamiya..

Comment by Debris

Hanzkaz : Just a few frames? You do realize it takes millions in design, protypes, materials, molds and final approval for a kit right?
What are the similarities between the G Armour and the Core Booster? That’s right, they’re iconic parts of UC MS. You know, the undisputed flagship Gundam universe, the one that makes the most cold hard cash and is is the most critically and fan acclaimed Gundam universe? You actually think Seed, a series basically dead and whose movie is in limbo for the past half decade, has half the importance UC as a whole does? Are you seeing a Strike Gundam real scale statue popping up somewhere in the next three decades or so?

Comment by Amon

Amon: I’m well aware of the status of UC in the Gundam franchise. I’d just like to point out that we got MG Turn A and MG Wing long after their respective series were ‘over’. It is possible for Bandai to toss a crumb or two for fans of the later ‘lesser’ series. (Or is it just Seed you’re not too fond of?)

Incidently, I’m a fan of UC, Wing, Seed and OO. I’m also hoping for a MG X and MG Double X.

Personally I don’t try work out how Bandai decides which models to come out with. As far as I’m concerned, all moble suit and mobile armour designs since the first Gundam came out have the potential to be released as model kits.

Like I said before, about the MG Skygrasper, it’s wishful thinking from a Seed fan – not a prediction.

Comment by Hanzkaz

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