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Tamashii Nation’s brand new Chogokin
May 18, 2010, 4:56 pm
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Tamashii Nation’s Super Robot Chogokin Announced.

Super Robot Chogokin line up:

Mazinger Z
Weapon Set for Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
God Raideen
Gear Senshi Dendoh
Sunvalcan ROBO

Super Robot Chogokin Daizenger

Super Robot Chogokin Ausenseiter

Super Robot Chogokin Cybaster

Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z РAugust, 3,675 yen

Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger РAugust, 4,725 yen

Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen – October, 5,040 yen


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So is Super Robot Chogokin is the same as Soul of Chogokin? If yes then wow! Alteisen!

Comment by amuro0093

I’ll get all of them if they’re fully painted, just like the newer Revoltechs.

Comment by red

There’s a mix-up. The 1050 yen is the price of the optional weapon set. The actual Mazinger Z figure will cost 3675 yen.

Let’s see what other figures will come out down the line.

Comment by AceWhatever

This looks so awesomes!

Comment by Virgo

Alt looks kinda dissapointing :/
Knee joints look horrible compared to the koto 1/100

I was hoping it’d be a SPEC since they tend to have way better articulation.
Least Dendoh looks good.

Comment by ed

Those special effect looks really nice, it really make them more dynamic and more awesome.

Comment by LM

Wow, really wasn’t expecting to see smaller figures of Aussenseiter and Dygenguar. I wonder if this means they’re going to make all the popular SRW mechs in this line?

Comment by Rygel

meh….they dont look all that good….
I stick with my SOUL OF CHOGOKIN……

Comment by srwisshitnow

I still think the Alteisen from Volks has THE best proportions.

Still waiting for Alteisen Nacht Mugen ver.

Comment by GlemtVapen

I saw the Raideen and God Raideen there and was hoping to find the RahXephon. Oh well maybe with this new line the RahXephon will finally get another figure.

Comment by MattoKaiser

What are the sizes of these? There are several I want.

Comment by foo136

Probably around 14cm., action figure size.

Comment by LM

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