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Another Century’s Episode R new screens
May 21, 2010, 9:38 pm
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The new images rock!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Totally agree !!! I just hope there will be a video of gameplay soon!!!

Comment by guest

Too bad SF (wing) design come from the HG kit…
Was hoping for it to look like RD version, or at least MG. >.<

Comment by pled

Really cool!

Comment by amuro0093

The Strike Freedom wings are from the original Okwara design. MG kits always have slight proportion changes to make them leener. In this case, the leener and longer wings.

Comment by Amon

Gonna be interesting to see how the AS work in this since they can’t fly…

Comment by ed

There will be no problem at all since they have an equipped part that make them fly, I think it’s called Rapid Deployment Booster something iirc.

Comment by LM

The RDB is just a rocket booster, it doesn’t enable flight. Like the Vanguard Overboost for Armored Cores. Arm Slaves do no fly, period. The only exception isn’t even in the game.

Comment by Amon

Yeah and that’s not enough to called it flying?

Comment by LM

I hope they won’t use that to flying. We need ground battle on ACE

Comment by amuro0093

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