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The Lord of Elemental was leaked ?
May 24, 2010, 1:19 am
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What the? It’s out?

Comment by judo0054

if you have the link for the game give us please

Comment by deathriders

Hopefully the game can be emulated decently enough. Can’t see why it shouldn’t since SRPG’s in general run pretty decently but who knows.

Comment by Amon

Just someone that got the game before the release date, no leak no nothing at this point.

Comment by Anonymous

I assume it’s an employee from a store that just got it.

Comment by Milkman Dan

waitng for the link cooool

Comment by KAISER

waiting for the D/L link…

Comment by Sei

Blonde and eternally seventeen …

Comment by Yuu

thats not leaking, honk kong gets it before us

Comment by Banjo

They could get us the ROM quicker too. 😦

Comment by Nerem

[…] Posted by Kincedou lupa tgl 27, bener2 dah gw liat disini, katanya udah leak The Lord of Elemental was leaked ? SRW Hotnews […]

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Following the discussion in 2ch and it makes me believe that this game isn’t a worthy remake in any way or form.

I like how the reasoning that being used to defend it is that it’s a “simple”/”half-assed” remake, like that serves as an argument for anything.

In the end the game is a disappointment as expected.

Comment by Anonymous

Good thing you can’t give us any details on what’s being said huh.

Comment by Nerem

I believe it’s at least not bad, people like to complain just about everything anyway.

Comment by LM

I figured as much, hence me asking about what he read – he has given suspiciously little info.

Comment by Nerem

woot a Mio screenshot.

Comment by Rockmanshii

Obviously and as expected the art isn’t even done by Sachiko, I don’t understand how this adds to the game when one can find drawing in the Internet, no redeeming factor whatsoever except for increasing the chance of OGEX.

Some spoilers: – Head change

Change in Memorial Day, Masaki and Ryuuse mention how after they’ve defeated Shuu Masaki got lost in an unexpected way, yet he tells how this is not the time to be talking about that (meaning most likely that its not important in the LoE context). Being a irrelevant to the plot surprise guest like in the old times? Could be ACER…

Mio’s familiar had their name changed.

And saving the best for the last, EX event happened, they say how the guys from Earth got summoned and whatnot, can’t wait for OGEX.


Also the blog was updated, and Terada is mixing ACER and LoE too much, possibly giving more hints that Cybuster is going to show up in it?

Comment by Anonymous

oy come on mr pirate, i’m waiting for the rom sir! patiently…

Comment by ultraman

Come ooon rom

Comment by K

since when is Acer part of SRW continuum… even if they want to but LOE in it, they dont have to fit LOE’s story to it… it is a SRW OG title after all.

Comment by realgundam

How does Battle DogdeBall, Battle Soccer or Super Hero Sakusen fit in the “SRW continuum”? Oh yeah, it doesn’t. Did that stop Cybuster from showing up in it as a guest character? Oh yeah, it did not.

Either way ACER was mentioned as a possibility, not a certainty.

Comment by Anonymous

Finally something to praise, map graphics seems to be ok.

Comment by Anonymous

oi games out! roooooooooooom!!!

Comment by ultraman

FYI, Cybuster and Masaki – along with Shuu and Bian Zoldark were the first Banpresto Originals created in SRW Original history. They made their first appearance in SRW 2 for NES.

Comment by Aldotsk

ryune appears after the final stage in srw 2

Comment by Banjo

– The pacing of the game is even worse then Impact
– You inherit money in the second gameplay, in the form of 1000000 + whatever you have at the time, meaning that the money that was spent on upgrades won’t come back.

Comment by Anonymous

Posted on 2ch, I can’t confirm, get it at your own risk:

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by LOLSDSD

Indeed it is.

Comment by -DARKSDE-

cant play with R4 T-T

Comment by natsaji

SRX in it?they actually added new content? ( though it might be small) wow…

Comment by realgundam

That is awesome.

For some reason, the ROM won’t work.

Comment by Anonymous

the emulations seems kinda slow in the map…

Comment by realgundam

thats just ryusei, who knows if there is srx in this game

hey guys support old fart terada so we get new f!kn game 😛

Comment by Banjo

Coollll… tx a lot10….

Comment by Shu

Super Card Slot 1 not play

Comment by T-T

cant see why people are complaining and insuling the game if they just dl the game without paying a single cent.

Comment by mlmonster

the art gallery is sooo beautiful,
MASAKI is the lady’s man
who did he end up with?

Comment by SHEHABXZA

More interested in the art works and dojisin than the game itself.

Comment by ding

The Artwork is so beautiful,I hope they make such artworks in the future console srws.

Comment by Itamaki

I think the difference in art is more of a older school nod to the art back then, since the original version is pretty old.

Comment by Duran

Also I believe in an earier ACE game, a Gespenst cameoed.

Comment by Duran

@Duran not only a cameo but also playable at the first ACE

Comment by wa

the game is bad, somehow i get this feeling that SRW series are in their downfall (by far the worst are SRW OG RPG’s, they’re nasty)

Comment by ultraman

j’ai pris le patch et une version qui marcher mais qui buger sur les degat je les patcher et il marche nickel la sur ac2i sur dsi

Comment by deathriders

is that you neo granzon

Comment by warning


Comment by KingLazerman

is that something wrong with your blog? i can’t see your posting here

Comment by Malik

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