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More Hobby magazine July issue scans
May 29, 2010, 3:08 am
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Mobile Suit Gundam 00V Senki


Mobile Suit Gundam 00N





Mobile Suit Gundam 00P SE

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oh 1 gundam has red eyes and 1.5 gundam has green eyes

Comment by ash Snow

It’d be nice if these 00 spinoffs would stop recycling designs and start getting some new ones like the Plutone when they started :/

Comment by ed

@ed: They’re prolly trying to connect everything together first before they start making new oness…

Comment by JustPassingThru

what they should actually do is just stop making these spinoffs and start something new! a complete new gundam series

Comment by Ereos

You do realize that the production team for 00 is not the same team that does the spinoffs, right? Aside from maybe the writer, who changes every series anyway, the teams are completely independent.
As for new designs, well, considering CB as a whole has a serious cash shortage and the previous designs were prototypes that were phased out as a whole before the series began there’s not much they can do. If you look at the tech chart on the PG 00 manual you’ll realize a good chunk of anything GN particle powered is related to another and that each reused design actually served a purpose. How many people here know that the Seven Sword’s Buster Sword is derived from the GNX-II’s Prototype Sword? Like in the real world there’s only so much you can produce until technology itself advances. What are they going to do next anyway, a 00 clone?

Comment by Amon

I’m with Amon for those don’t pay attention. Last thing everyone here doesn’t want is another flaming war in here. I have no comments and any idiot or douche thinks this is pointless, don’t brother.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Ever just think that Bandai would rather just have more recycled designs like that 1.5 so they don’t have to make totally new kits like what they’ve always done with Zakus?
And if you wanna get technical, ereos is right about making a whole new series. Even Seed only had Astrays going seriously after most of the spinoffs were super short.
A totally new UC story with a massive time skip would be way cooler :/

Comment by ed

Out of all the possibilities, you’d rather yet another goddamn UC series? Especially one that skips ahead so far there’s no point even calling it a UC series? Sadness.

Comment by Anon

A Crossbone would be nice or new AC, AW timeline maybe even a new in FC timeline.

Comment by LM

Considering that they’re including the Crossbone in ACE:R and GvsG Extreme, a Crossbone anime series doesn’t seem too far off, to be honest.

Comment by guarayakha

I agree.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

just no more kira or overpowered gundam and i will be fine, though it wouldn’t hurt to have a female protagonist once in a while.

Comment by oohater

@guarayakha: I agree.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

All these spin off’s are giving me a headache
every now and them a new exia or OO varation surfaces & the worst thing about it is that bandai takes the time to make their HG kits instead of making the MG of the OO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
and they are all ugly in my opinion and i am sick of seeing them in every hobby magazine.

Comment by The Spoiler

I am quite disappointed with Gundam fans these days – looks like that they simply complain and complain no matter what new stuff are thrown at them. All they want is a new series in UC series and Master Grade gunpla. Have people become so narrow-minded nowadays?

These spin-offs do have their own touch – I mean they do fill in a lot of background stories that enlivens the 00 world, even if they are not crucial to the main story (the anime series at all), e.g. for a military enthusiast I like how they have Anf used by various factions as well as being used for non-combat roles, and the various colour schemes used such as urban combat, AEU captured variants, or factory roll-out red prime paint scheme (like how late German tanks were painted for the base paint in WW2).

UC also has a lot of interesting stories thanks to a lot of side stories and background stuff (e.g. from games, MSVs, and absurd side series that very few seem to know about), yet we don’t hear much complains about them (well maybe for MSV-R) because it’s UC. Is it really such a pain to broaden up horizon or just not mind about these spin-offs? It’s not like that Sunrise and Bandai are forcing you to gulp them down like assignments etc.

Comment by Q

I wish bandai would release model kits in one go… for example, they should’nt have released 00 raiser, then 00 raiser with GN sword III, then 00 seven swords/g… i wish that they would build a complete kit in one go…

for short, for the upcoming “Raphael”, which has obviuosly a MS on its back, should be released with it, not after it…

Comment by KururugiSuzaku

I thought it was funny how they made a feature out of the Anf Leg. Tieren/Anf doesn’t get the love it deserves in 00. They need to make a GN powered tieren type. Not that horrific Ahead series.

Comment by da_guy

I can sympathize with fans who are frustrated with the recycled designs, however, I think it is better excuted in 00 & UC (Unicorn) than in other series. Frankly, I’m hoping they’ll roll out with the Cherudim SAGA, Arios Ascalon and the 3G Seravee. I wish they release more model ‘spin-offs’ of the grunt MS though…like the GN-X, Tieren or Over Flags. Of course, all of this is probably meant to whet our interests until the Movie kits are released.

,b>Remember, Bandai is a marketing giant, and between the recent addition of starburst colored display stands and trickle-down releases (e.g. when new features/weapons are revealed), consumers buy it. Heck, they’ve even tapped into the Japan-only limited online exclusive market, which p*sses me off to no end.

Re: 1.5 Gundam
Initially, I wasn’t a fan of Reborns Gundam…still not a big fan of it even after Reborns Origin. But seeing the in-action shots of 1.5 in the photo story jive me. At very least, it will make for a worthy rival to Rasiel (once I get around to building it).

Comment by BlueAleseides

Let me ask a question
Would you guys buy a MG epion gundam or a stupid reborn kit ?

Comment by The Spoiler

I’m not an epyon fan. imho, it has one of the most ridiculous transformations–though the transformations in Wing weren’t all that impressive to begin with. Still some good MS in wing, especially the ver ka. redesigns. Reborns actually doesn’t look too bad, there just aren’t a ton of fancy gimmicks.

Comment by BlueAleseides

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